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Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away


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Cyrain shook off her cloak, several weeks had passed since her raising, and the season was passing, and the last week rain had dominated the weather. So far it seemed that the summer promised to be a wet one, she sighed as she entered the inn. It wasnt promising, even if it didnt rain, heat on wet ground would make the air damp, not exactly perfect training conditions.


Cy moved to a table isolated in the midle of the room, isolated cause noone sat anywhere near it, as the maid came up she ordered a jug of ale. She folded her red cloack over the back of the neighbour chair so that it could run off and dry a little. She had plenty time, and hopefully the rain would give up before she left. She had been on duty since the morning, and only aten an aple all day, it was time to get dinner. A wiff of steak reached her as the kitchen door opened to let out another maid, come to serve one of the other guests. Cy caugth her on her return and asked to have a portion of the same, then a moment later sat back as her ale arived. She poured some into a cup, took a sip and then leaned back closing her eyes a moment while savouring the taste.

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