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Dancing Lady (attn: Christine)


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Talyn walked around the training yards watching everyone and noticed a woman practicing her forms alone. Shadow Dancing was something many people did around here, it was a good way to train and practice your forms. She was doing well from what Talyn could see, she was still early in her training. Her demeanor gave him the impression she was not just a trainee, perhaps a noble?


People came from all walks of life to train in the yards, he had a noble friend and he himself was mearly a farm boy. Things had definately changed since coming to the White Tower, it was hard keeping secrets from this many Light fools, but it was good practice. He hoped one day to be bonded to Raeyn Sedai, but they'd yet to discuss matters beyond their initial conversation.


Talyn stopped and watched the woman and decided to be bold. "Would you like to spar, maybe we can both improve our techniques against opponents?" Talyn wasn't good with women but he'd been told to be himself, so he offered a broad smile and "I'm Talyn Rashad by the way."




Concentrating, her body moved with her short sword as she attempted to keep the peace and calm nature she usually had. Usually, she had no problem concentrating on her steps, but today, she was having to clench onto the source to remain calm and keep her nature cool. It was horrid, being in the Green Ajah halls everyday, teaching lessons and studying. Yes, she knew she was a younger sister, but still, she was ready to leave the tower, and come into her full powers. She was stronger than alot in the Green Ajah Halls already, and yet she was still treated like a child. When would they trust her?


Her eyes half closed, she moved her feet, swinging the sword. If Aran saw her out here, more than likely he would come over and bother her until she hit him. That blasted teacher of hers... after dealing with him for six years, she still hated. He would never grow up. And if she so much as paused on a step, he would never let her forget it. Ah, well, she was trying to get better.


Footsteps walked up behind her, and she turned to face the person, her sword held high, ready just in case it was Aran. But it wasnt. Just some trainee or tower guard... more than likely sent here by Aran to bother her.


"Would you like to spar, maybe we can both improve our techniques against opponents?" What was this, a test by Aran? He was more than likely watching on already... ah, well, he didnt look like one of Aran's crew, so more than likely, it wasnt some bloody test.


He smiled at her, and she returned a small smile. "I'm Talyn Rashad by the way." Nodding her head, she returned her sword into the scabbard at her hip, and whiped back the dark brown waves of hair in her face. Meeting his eyes, she sized him up, deciding it might be a fair fight.


"Pleased to meet you, I am Christine Segreto. Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah." This brought a look of shock and disbelief to his face. Flashing her ring, and along with the fact she was wearing a green shirt and tan breeches, there was no way she could be anything other. Not even an accepted would be out here with a sword without their teacher.


Smiling softly at his shock, she whiped back more sweat. Light it is a hot day! I cant believe I am practicing, and now I am going to try and fight an opponent? Light help me... "I would love to spar, as long as you dont mind sparing an Aes Sedai. She grinned, hoping he would still be up for a challenge. Maybe it wasnt a fair fight, but she would try... no point in not, right?




Talyn was shocked to find she was an Aes Sedai, and of the Green Ajah. It seemed to him that most of the women of the Tower expected to be noticed as who they were even if they wore breaches and shirts, he sighed but was glad she had accepted his offer of a spar. Talyn didn't like using his sword, he knew how and was fairly adept at it but he prefered to fight with his staff. He smiled at her. "I don't might sparring an Aes Sedai. Though I think I'd mind if you channeled while we sparred." He grinned to show he was semi-joking. It wouldn't be a fair fight if she did.


Talyn grabbed his quarterstaff from his back and went into a guard stance. "I'm ready if you are."


Christine Sedai nodded and Talyn began The Creeper Embraces the Oak. Some of the forms were identical with the staff and he liked to use this first because he wanted to get a good look at his opponent. Circling around the woman Talyn looked for openings and flaws in her stances to take note of them. It was best to know your enemy, particularly if you'd have to ever fight them for real. And Talyn might one day have to do that, though not with Christine Sedai he hoped, he'd not have a chance if it came down to it and there would be no rules about channeling.




He gave her a dashing grin, but she didnt even bat an eye. "I don't might sparring an Aes Sedai. Though I think I'd mind if you channeled while we sparred." He grineed again, and she nodded. Perhaps he was there on Aran's calling. He was always yelling at her, even if he thought she was using it just to bring a bit of air to fan herself. Honestly, she would never use it in combat with a friend, but there had to be some perks to being an Aes Sedai.


Talyn went into guard stance with his quarterstaff, and she whipped out her shortsword. "I'm ready if you are." She went straight into guard stance, her feet apart, and her sword held in her hand. She was ready to move at any moment.


He began with The Creeper Embraces the Oak. She blocked him easily, and as he went around her, she quickly moved into a very basic move, and yet very effective. Parting the Silk, he easily blocked it, and she moved into The Boar Rushes Down the Mountain. No point in her wearing herslef out too early. This man was bound to know more sword forms than she did. He was also more than likely much higher in his training than her.




Talyn danced around his sparring partner, blocking and attacking as necessary. Christine Sedai was doing well, he could see a few things wrong, but he wasn't going to tell her. He really hated it when people lectured while they sparred. It felt condesending and Talyn hated to be like that. These people might be Light fools but there was no need to be rude to them. So they were raised wrong, it didn't matter, they were still people and maybe one day they would come to understand the Great Lords plans. He could only hope.


Talyn smiled as he pulled back a blow to Christine's left leg. But his overconfidence allowed her to strick his right arm with her blade. He could feel a small sting as the blade sliced skin. Maybe they should have agreed upon practice weapons. The wound was only an aggrivation, he hoped that she would continue the spar. It was good to be fighting against a person of his level instead of Rosheen.




He got a few nicks in on her, and she muttered a curse. She should have been watching him, and not just attacking, but blocking too. The light help her, she sometimes forgot the most important parts. Ah, well, she got a few more hits on him, so it was allright.


Her body ached, as she hadnt trained in a while, and she had half a mind to cheat and use the one power. But of course, this wasnt a real battle, so she couldnt do that. She saw him go in for another hit, and she blocked it as he moved his weapon to get her arm. Faltering for a moment, she started moving sloppily.


After a few moments, she waved him off, returning her sword to her waist. Bowing to him, she laughed. "I am too out of practice to keep going like this."


Glancing at their wounds, she ignored her own and looked at his. As a battle sister that was stronger than more. she knew how to heal many wounds, and smaller ones were no problem. "May I heal you? It was my carelessness that got you bleeding, might as well heal it before you get a scar." These warders were so odd... most were against healing, but she didnt see what was wrong with it. none the less, she always asked first.




Christine Sedai stopped sparring and Talyn let it at that, she had to give herself more credit, she acted unconfident in the spar and he knew most people were alot better than their first encounter with a stranger. It didn't bode well with him that she was like that, he hoped she'd grow out of it in time.


"Sure, it's just a little scrap though it's nothing to fuss over, it'll heal fine on its own." But he had agreed and Christine took his arm and he assumed channeled the one power as he felt a bit light headed as the wounds knitted themselves back together. Talyn nearly fainted, only Christines steady grip on his arm kept him upright. "I think I need to lie down or get something to eat."


He smiled at Christine, "Care to join me in the meal hall for a snack, I beleive there is some delicious chocolate creme left"




He nodded and let her come to him. She looked down at the damage she had made, and he agreed. "Sure, it's just a little scrap though it's nothing to fuss over, it'll heal fine on its own." She had heard sure, and he had yet to pull away, so she would not deal with any fool hardiness.


Taking his arm into her hand, she channeled the power, Healing him easily. She felt his body go faint almost, and wrapped the power around him, holding him up with such. "Whoa, there, its ok." After a few more moments, he started to seem to get some strength back.


"I think I need to lie down or get something to eat." She almost started to laugh. She remembered the first time she was healed, as a child. She had fallen into bed, and stayed there where she was fed for days, until they realised she was faking.


He gave her a smile, and she returned it. How could she frown at him? "Care to join me in the meal hall for a snack, I beleive there is some delicious chocolate creme left."


She looked at him for a moment, and then nodded her head. "All right..." He looked at her for a moment, and then bowed, and she grinned, and they began walking to the mess hall. After a few moments, she spoke. "So, tell me about yourself. Where are you from, and how long have you been here?"




Talyn smiled, he didn't really like talking about his past, he was afraid he'd slip and say something he shouldn't. But it was practice keeping his cover among these lightfools. If only he had someone to talk to about the Great Lord, someone to share in his secrets. Talyn wondered if he'd ever find someone like that in the White Tower short of the Black Ajah.


Talyn opened the door to the meal hall for the Aes Sedai and began a short tale about his past. "I've only been here two years, my trainee days are nearly over, in a few weeks I'll become a Tower Guard. Before coming here I lived in Cairhein, on a Ranch north west of the captial city. My Father works for my Grandfather there." Talyn picked up a bowl of the choclolate creme and a glass of milk. "We raised and trained horses there. I was a fair rider myself until Miss Cari came and told me of the White Tower and the glories it held here."


Talyn found a table that was empty and sat down. "Miss Cari showed me how to fight before I left so I wouldn't feel too out of place here. She was an odd character, but a good friend." He meant that in several ways, Cari had been a Dark friend as well as a friend to Talyn, well a friend that anyone could be to a nine year old. "Where do you hail from? How long have you been here?"


Talyn was curious how this Green had come to the White Tower. He knew he'd be shocked at her age but he wouldn't ask, it wasn't poliete.



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He smiled at her and opened the door, and she noted that. She always liked a man with manners... made them much more down to earth and realise that she was the Aes Sedai, and they were only a warder or tower guard. He spoke of his past slowly. He was so young, yet he seemed to be her age... ah, well, she was old. Just about 36 years old, but she felt so young. Thats what being locked up in the tower for 15 years does to the brain.


He got the food while he talked, and she picked up her own bowl and glass while he led her to a table. She sat down and listened, until he asked her for some information. "Where do you hail from? How long have you been here?"


She took a bite slowly, then answered after she took a swallow of milk, choosing her words wisely. She too often spoke without thinking first, and one day, her mouth would get her in trouble, as Sirayn always said. Light! that blasted woman...


"Well, I came to the tower when I was 16 from Arad Doman. High born family, just wanted something different. It was just over 15 years that i spent as an iniate in all, and then was raised to the green ajah. I have been a sister for just about 5 years... I still feel so young, but I am 36. It is days like today that I so easily forget my age and my position."


She smiled at him over her glass and took another sip, before taking another bite of the cream and patting her lips daintily with a napkin. "So, how often do you spar, and who was your teacher? I might know him..." and I might have slept with him... she thought to herself.

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Christine wasn't all that old compared to some of the Aes Sedai here, she was still new to the whole thing he was sure. Not nearly as powerful as Raeyn Sedai would be.


She continued to ask questions, about his training this time. He smiled at his mentor being a him, Rosheen would certainly balk at the idea. He answered with a smile. "I spar whenever I get the chance. It's part of my training. My mentor is Rosheen. She has been very good to me." He had emphasised she and Talyn could see a slight blush to Christine emerge, but it was gone before you knew it was there, Talyn could have imagined it.


While they ate they spoke of several things. There was one last thing Talyn needed before he could be raised to the Tower Guard, an Aes Sedai to participate in the ceremony. Here he had an Aes Sedai being friendly and recently spoken to, it was his turn to blush. "I have a favor to ask of you."


Christine nodded, with a curious look.


"I need an Aes Sedai to participate in my Tower Guard Ceremony. I know we've only just met, but I was wondering if you'd like to accomany me on this grand day?"



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She smiled at him, and took the last bite as he answered the question. "I spar whenever I get the chance. It's part of my training. My mentor is Rosheen. She has been very good to me." Christine almost choked, then thought back. She cleared over her face, and remembered the one time she had meet Rosheen. It had been a few years before, when she was an accepted. Bloody ashes… that was the weirdest trainee she had ever met. She was a Tower Guard now? Light… what was the yard coming to?


They continued speaking… some about training, some about the latest gossip around Tar Valon- nothing really big had happened lately. He looked at her for a moment, and stopped speaking. She didn’t notice it, glancing around at the different people in the room, then looked up and saw his blush. She raised an eye brow, and he softly asked her, "I have a favor to ask of you."


Christine nodded, and waited a moment as he spoke. She smiled as his request was announced. "I need an Aes Sedai to participate in my Tower Guard Ceremony. I know we've only just met, but I was wondering if you'd like to accompany me on this grand day?" She smiled. Accompany him? And why was an Aes Sedai needed? Ah, well.


She laughed and nodded her head, smiling. “Of course. I would love to help you, but what exactly do I need to do? Create a presence, or is something else involved?†They spoke on it briefly, and she nodded her head, acting as though she knew what was going on. She made a mental note to look it all up later… perhaps she should ask Aran.


She heard a bell ringing, then glanced out a window. They day was getting late, and she would be needed in a classroom soon. Christine was more than certain that some idiot novice was trying to prank someone, or that someone was completely lost in their studies. Light, she hated being a young sister… ah well, at least she wasn’t still an accepted, or a novice, for that matter.


Smiling, Christine rose from her seat, and glanced back at the window. She hoped she wouldn’t be in trouble. “I am sorry, Talyn, but I must be leaving soon. I will be needed in the tower. Please, let me know of all things I need to for the ceremony.†She thought about it for a moment, then laughed. “I forgot to say congratulations. Congratulations on being raised.†That was the proper term, right?


“Well, good day.â€

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