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Who comes before us as a candidate for Aes Sedai? (Seryanne)

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I'd join the excited jumping, but I'm not at my most graceful 6 months pregnant and I'm afraid I'd break something. :) I'll just bounce a bit in my chair and make happy noises. Wheeeeee!!!!


(And yes, Pookie is a girl :) Otherwise there would be some media and a few doctors/scientists wanting to check me out. lol!)


*BIG group hugs for the Grays*

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I shall take just a brief moment from writing report cards to take care of Sery. Two more days!!!


As Seryanne has been spoken for by members of this community who's words and deeds carry weight, and as she has already sworn the Oaths of a Community Aes Sedai, it is my honor and pleasure to introduce Seryanne Sedai of the Gray Ajah.


It's been so long since I've had to say this... A sister of the GRAY has come home!

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Guess what? When I set you up with Pookie, I kinda hoped you'd go Grey (and knew it was a possibility what with Pookie's awesome guidance). *g* And hearing how you guys got along, I thought, Ooh yeah, maybe another Grey!! :)


I'm so happy for you and for the Grey Ajah!!!


Congrats on finally getting there, you totally and utterly deserve it! *big hugs*



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