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Friends and Foes [Attn Tigz]


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Jodeen sat in a vacant inn of Ravinda, on the outskirts of Kandor.  The city was pretty much vacant aswell, but the inn especially so.  No one stirred, and even the mice lay dead to the corner of the stenched filled tavern.  Jodeen felt some trollocs wandering outside, and even the occasional fade scattered throughout the city.  The occasional scream was heard, but it was muffled out soon after.


An agent had told him that he was to meet one of his Brothers here, in this light-forsaken city.  It had been taken in the conquest for Kandor, and one of the easier to fell.  He sat at the dusted table, slowly picking his fingernails and glancing at the door every few minutes.  A fade would often come into the tavern every hour or so since he had been there, sensing someone inside the inn.  Apparentally, it was that hour.


The tall soul-sucking creature entered the room, and seemingly glanced at Jodeen; though it was quite apparent he didn't exactly have said tools to glance.  He crooked his head, and began to speak without actually moving his mouth, or rather what appeared as a mouth.  "What business does a Dreadlord have in Ravinda?" He had a coarse tone, and a raspy voice as if it had not tasted water in several weeks.  Or whatever they drank.


"Meeting someone." Jodeen said, and obviously in small frustration.  He hated being bothered.  "What business does a Mydraal have speaking to me?" The fade crooked his head to the otherside, staring lifelessly with those non-existing beady eyes; he could tell if they had eyes they'd be beady. 


The Mydraal made a 'Hmph'-like noise and left the room, the unmoving cloak behind him as he dissapated into the shadow of the door. Jodeen remained unnerved, and never seized Saidin.  "Filthy creature." He said under his breath.  Almost instatenously the Mydraal appeared from the shadows again, sword drawn.  He flung himself at Jodeen, but Jodeen had already seized the source.  Several strands of air were woven before the Mydraal took a step.  Half a step later, not even fully inside the door, the Fade was frozen mid air.  Jodeen stood, his eyes staring wildly at the disobedient Fade.  He sympathized for the creature; stationed in a desolate city with nothing to converse with but trollocs.


Jodeen pondered what to do, whether to let him go with a warning or to dispose of the unloyal creature.  Worrying whether or not he could sit in peace with this thing lurking on the outside, waiting for him to let go of the source, Jodeen decided on the latter.


A strand of fire was weaved and set the Mydraal on fire.  The Fade let a shriek, a chilling sound to any man.  One of the previous strands of air was bent to cover the mouth of the tortured Mydraal.  "Wrong move." He drew a handful on the strands of air and pulled tightly, crushing the rest of the Fades body that was not charcoal.  The creature fell to the floor, twitching; they seemingly never died.  Stubborn, Jodeen thought. 


The door opened again, and Jodeen held the source.  He looked up, and saw another man.  "Are you him?" Jodeen said with a smirk as he broke the weaves he had placed on the twitching creature.

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Tigara arrived in Ravinda with ease. Getting anywhere was easy with Gateways. His eyes searched the landscape with cold eyes. Kandor. It stood so long, but it fell, as they all would eventually. The Great Lord would have his reign. But he had a mission and so he opened the door to the inn, where he was to meet someone. Another Dreadlord. He hadn't been particularily friendly with the other Dreadlords. He wasn't supposed to be with them. The Great Lord told him to go to Moghedien, but he couldn't find the accursed woman! How could he follow orders when he was looking for the Spider!


"Are you him?"  he heard a voice say as he opened the door. He stood there on a bench, appearantly had been for a while.


"If by 'him' you mean your new 'partner', then yes. Who are you and where are we supposed to be going."He said with a chill to his voice. No love lost.

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The man glanced at the fallen Mydraal but seemingly paid no attention to it.  He looked to Jodeen, "If by 'him' you mean your new 'partner', then yes. Who are you and where are we supposed to be going."  Good, Jodeen thought, atleast he has a sense of humour.  He would like working with this one, hopefully he wouldn't blowing himself up like his last partner.


Jodeen grinned brightly, standing from the stool he had sat on and shook his pants to get the dust off.  He was wearing a elegant white button shirt, half done up but not all the way so some of his chest hair was flopping out of the top.  The strings were undone, and hung loose at the side of his chest.  His pants were blackish blue, a soft velvet feel that hung down to his ankles.  They fit in perfectly, hugging to him tightly to show off his posterior but not too much to be uncomfortable.


"Jodeen Via.  My name, that is.  You must be Ti.. Ti something; I can't fully remember.  The agent was a bit.. preoccupied." Jodeen quirked a smile as he cocked his head slightly to the right.  "Right, right.  Down to business.  Godan, Tear.  We're supposed to make sure that none of those damned Black Tower soldiers or the pesky Aes Sedai," he spat the conclusion of the syllable of 'Aes Sedai' as if he had ate a rotten apple, "..are occupying the area. Never know, might find a overzealous guard that wants to try his luck too." Jodeen grinned again, hoping at the chance to incinerate someone.  It had been a couple weeks since he had gotten to kill anyone, and Mydraals and Trollocs just weren't keeping him content anymore.


"Can you travel?" Jodeens grin had vanished, and it became it was time to leave.  He drew on Saidin, feeling the power rush through him.  It felt so good.  He drew on just enough and cracked his right knuckles.  "I can only skim, if you can travel it'll make it a bit easier."  He hated not being able to travel, it was a pain in his ass.  He grimaced again, making a promise that he'll try to open a rift when they got to Tear, to atleast try.

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"Tigara. My name is Tigara Kazim." he said brushing his long blonde hair out of his face. He was in black. Nothing but black. No reminders of his former affiliations. Black tunic, black trousers, black boots, and a black cloak. That was always his appearal.


"So it's Godan. I've never been that far east before. This should be entertaining." he said embracing the Source. "Can you travel? I can only skim, if you can travel it'll make it a bit easier."


"Why yes, I can indeed Travel. Shall we depart?"


He dug deep into saidin and deftly wove a Gateway. A thin line of silver about 10 paces high formed in midair and opened into a shimmering Gateway. He could see the famed Tairen stock grazing in the fields. He stepped through and waited for Jodeen to pass through before closing it. He looked around the field and then around him. A horse lay on the ground with it's derier and back legs separated from the rest of it. It would die soon. He glanced over to the other horses in the pasture. "Can you ride?"


Tigara Kazim

Killer of Horse Butts

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