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Accepted Day Out


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Dulcinea checked her hair in the small looking glass propped up on her nightstand.  A silly gesture, she admitted to herself, as the black curls she had so meticulously placed would be ruined in the steam of Mistress Elin's Shienaran Bath House within the hour.  But she would be seen coming and going, and that was what mattered.  She nodded firmly to herself.  She quickly scooped up her satchel and was out the door.


All the Tower initiates had been granted a free day, in honor of High Chasaline.  The Accepted were free to go into the city, as were the novices, with an escort.  When she heard, Dulcinea knew exactly how she wanted to spend her day: the spa.  Mistress Elin's was known for catering to the Tower and Aes Sedai.  It was rumored that there was a private room for each Ajah.  Fascinating if true.  But more important were the accomodations themselves.  Heated baths open to both genders, with a variety of scented oils and frothy bubbles.  Massages in styles ranging from Shienaran to Tairen to Domani.  Beauty treatments from all lands.  She even contracted with stylists at times.  A day of rest at Mistress Elin's was not to be missed.


Dulcinea arrived and changed quickly, a habit she had learned as a novice.  It always seemed that novices never had enough time for anything they wanted to do.  As the daughter of a Tairen High Lord, Dulcinea's early life had been one of indolence, even the simple act of dressing generally required at least two maids, and an hour.  Now, she was out of her banded dress in moments and wrapped in a fluffy white towel, with matching terrycloth slippers.  She hurried into the bath house and slipped into the steaming water, closing her eyes as she let the warmth and scent of jasmine wash over her. 


"Think only of the good on High Chasaline," she murmured


-Dulcinea Velasques


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Melianna opened the door to the spa reluctantly. An Accepted had invited her to tag along, so she had come. Not how she would have chosen to spend her free day. She would have gone to the docks, so smell the rushing water, so smell the boats. That's how to spend a free day, but she was up for a change. "Hello, Mistress...Elin. I was invited here with an Accepted named Dulcinea. Where might I find her?"


"She's this way. Come along." She followed the woman and came to a room with robes.


"She's not in here." Melianna said questioningly.


"Of course not, dear. This is where you change for your bath. That's where she is." meli looked dumbfounded at not knowing.She had been told that she was becoming more Brown everyday. It showed. She quickly changed into a fluffy bath robe and went through another door. There she was!


"Hello, Dulcinea! How is the water?" Meli asked as she threw down the road and dipped her toes into the copper tub.

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