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Good local or regional bands in your area


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Who here really loves music? I do. I just wanted to start a topic to find out about some good unheard-of bands that anyone has heard in their area. I especially would like to hear from some people in Europe as I live in the states. Im just kinda curious on whether the local music that is in other regions and countries is really different than here.


I will start off with a band that I saw this last weekend. They are called The Reverend Peyton's Big Darn Band. They are a 3 piece band that consists of an acoustic guitarist, a drummer, and a woman playing the washboard. Now I know you might be thinking that this band couldn’t be good (that’s what I thought when I saw them come out), but they had a great rhythm and the music was just phenomenal. They had a very folk rock/blue-grass/acoustic rock sound all rolled into one energetic show that kept you stomping your foot and clapping your hands.


Check them out here

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Oh fun


Ok, best Manx band (without exception) is Back Door Slam (and no thats not 'cause i know em)


If your stateside, they are probably touring somewhere near you soon (or failing that get to South by Southwest next year as they appear to be making that annually now). Absolutely amazing live (be it in an arena or just down the pub) and their main singer just comes alive when handed a mic. Theres also videos up on their site, and some music up on their Myspace. The music tends towards Blues-Rock with some great covers as well as their own material.


Next up we have the all girl Rock band Twisted Angels. Again, Manx band through and through, quite listenable to (songs on both official website and Myspace). Currently touring England i believe (and the tour bus is quite recognisable ^_^). Seen 'em live a couple of times, not as good as BDS in my opinion but still quality performance...


And moving down the pecking order we also have On a Friday, which aren't enjoying the commercial success as the other two, but are still progressing quite well on an English tour. Played my school repeatedly (same year as me) so they're alright. Music is on the Myspace, my advice is to check out Red Letter Day - also currently have an album out.


Moving on from Jeannaisais' CCM stuff i have a couple of British bands that might be worth checking out


First we have Crossbeam , having just released they're third album. (for sheer randomness i;ve just realised how many bands i currently know, albeit far removed - cousins best friends sister is engaged to the lead singer).


Next we have Delirious , one of the more well known bands out there having been around for a while. Again a new album just out. Yet to see these guys live, although some of my closest freinds have and say they are well worth watching. Music on the website, and tour dates.


Finally (for now  :P) is one of the most inspirational groups i've ever met, Boyce and Stanley (also known as CJM when originally started). Most of their music is pretty well known nowadays within the UK (Bread of Life being the most obvious), although i don't know if its trickled into America yet. Seen live repeatedly, and play their music on a twice weekly basis. (Ok so its not rock or anything as fancy as Delirious/Crossbeam, but it works so well).



And that concludes my "best bands at the moment who aint huge" list. Yay for posts of epic proportions ^_^



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The best unsigned indy band in the South.... Ugli Stick from right here in Mobile AL USA. Gonna see these guys play at the Bluegill Cafe (I can get a Grouper Fajita before the show!) a few days before my birthday in March.


Their music absolutely oozes Mobile. We're a port city and like New Orleans we have much more varied musical influences than one would think with us not being on the East Coast or Left Coast. Our music artists from the area have shown that repeatedly.

, Wet Willie, Shelby Lynn, Will Kimbrough and Three Doors Down to name a few. Ugli Stick show it too with Hip Hop, Rock, Folk, Alternative, Pop and Country flavors to their mix.... Give a listen..
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A local St Louis group....I can't find links right now, but you can find them on myspace....is Sediment House.


Also Auld, I used to have relatives near Mobile.  They used to joke that the town "Slap Out" got it's name from a store clerk decades ago who'd always say he was slap out of sundries....lol.


I can't for the life of me remember if that was the joke or if the town really was called Slap Out?

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Could very well be Sam... It is an old tale told round' here.. And likely true, if it ain't it should be ;) http://www.smuteye.com/name-smuteye.htm


I used to live in Arizona, filled with colorful names for towns. Happy Jack, Why (why would someone put a town there), Show Low ("this town ain't big enough for the both of us. Whoever "Shows Low" stays. The winner drew the deuce of clubs. "Show Low it is" he muttered. A 100,000 acre ranch was the stake), Punkin Center and of course Tombstone to name a few...



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I listen to a great deal of unsigned bands, many of which i know from my experiences networking through Myspace and playing on US tours with my own band Iimagine, we don't have recordings up on the internet yet. we end up traveling and spending our money in all sorts of other ways, but we do have hard copies of our music.

first I recoment Jument. hailing from Boise Id, be prepared to experience the soundtrack to the meaning behind their name 'Beast of Burden', very talented and choice techniques, extremely heavy and yet ambient, i used to live in a Northend house with these guys and their style is untouchable, the tuning will blow a circuit in your computerboard.

If your looking for an action adventure band I recomend Between the Buried and Me, their 2005 release Alaska is great for listening to while reading, and is a real detailed technical achievement. i highly recomend reading their lyrics as well, very unique and strong voice.

if you are looking for a reasonable answer to the very irritating question that is Modest Mouse, 31Knots is here to rescue you. they have i think seven albums. based out of portland oregon, incredible song writing, great lyrics, to a more easy going Indie style, i recomend 2003's High Time To Escape.

if you like regae, but like hearing stories of hardship and feel good advice through darkness, like serving prison time for drug trafficking as a peaceful dead head (lol) check out Dispatch.

Jesus Lizard is a legend.

Coalesce is hard core but very convicting and makes you want to get in touch with you inner zen of destruction as a form of creation, beautiful disasterology at its finest.

If you like Nirvana but want to see what else was happening, check out Neck.

Converge is a cult. :vengence is love:vengence is love:

Kayo Dot is an underground indie type jazz symphony, written by Toby Driver and his wife who plays a violin mostly, they have two albums with a third coming out soon, and a split with Bloody Panda, they are one of my very favorites. The prodigous couple also have a solo project, called Tartar Lamb-sixty metonymies, its a duet for voilin and guitar. I highly recomend the album Dowsing Anemone with Copper Tongue. Toby Driver is also in the group Tusk, good stuff.


for anything and everything incredble sounding under the sun, check out the myspace account of HydraHead records.

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They play multi-genre hick-hop/ragtime/punk/bluegrass/dirty any and all kinds . its all acoustic intruments, tho they mic up for performances, but no electric intruments. they have been heard on Bob and Tom and are based in Austin, TX. love these guys


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