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Approved WT bio for Tay - FL CC Yo DL in da house!


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Character Name: Tay Maorre

E-mail: departuresandarrivalschick@hotmail.com

White Tower


Physical Description: Tay is a medium sized girl with chin length,

light-brown hair. She is about 5'5, 120lbs, and has hazel colored eyes. She

looks fragile but she is truly very strong. Most would say she is pretty.


Place of Birth: Tar Valon


Age: 15


History: Tay has lived in Tar Valon her whole life. Her family is small,

only consisting of her parents and her older brother. Her father runs a wine

buisness and often the White Tower buys wine from him. Tay often helps in

her fathers work because it is usually only her father and her brother and

Tay is strong enough to help. Tay has been to the White Tower a few times

before when her father has brought her to help deliver wine. She's always

loved the Tower. Sometimes she will just sit and watch the Aes Sedai and the

Accepted and the Novices hurry through their daily tasks. She likes to

imagine what it would be like to be able to use te one power and to be one

of these powerful women. Because Tay, you see, meant not much more to her

family then a helping hand if things needed to be done. Otherwise she was

ignored most of the time and Tay spent that time alone. Tay didn't really

mind being alone, too much. She liked to be able to daydream all the time.


Daydreaming was exactally what Tay was doing one day while her father was

inside the tower discussing buisness. She was so lost in her dream that she

didn't even notice when the sister had stoped before her. Tay was shocked

when she finally snaped out of her daydream and the sister started to talk

to her. In no time Tay was being tested for the power. She didn't think that

she had it but the sister was just smiling down at her the whole time.

"Congradulations, child. You can channel." And that was the start of Tay's

new life.

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Guest Arie Ronshor

*smiles* there have been others.. *throws a light stick at james*



Welcome! ^_^


My name is Maegan Ryanne and I have been given the pleasure of being your mentor. I added you to my msn (arie_designs[at]hotmail.com) just so you know who i am. ^_^


*hands her some cherry pie and some wine*

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