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Special delivery for Lady Twinflower


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My Lady, please take a seat and have some refreshments and make yourself comfortable.


For there is a special delivery with your name on that should have been delivered some time ago. I take personal responsibility for this late arrival but I hope it will not dampen your enjoyment and I can assure you that the sentiment behind it has been strong and vibrant since the moment it first took shape in the minds of it's creator.


So without further ado...... This one's especially for you, Twinnie, from one that holds you very close to her heart :)












wait for it.....















Just a bit further....














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Totally confused and at a loss of what this is all about...Twinnie walks in and at Myst's directions..sits down and waits......


OMG!!  Aww Stef..that is beautiful!!  Of course I'm crying!!  LOL...thank you my dear sister..you have been a true blessing since you arrived and we banded on that wild rollercoaster ride!!!  THank you soo much!!  You know  I love ya..and you are in my heart and prayers!!!  *hugs tight*


Who made it?  It is absolutly beautiful!!  and saved in my album!!!  Thank you to the artist....


and thank you for the special delivery Mystiekins!!!  It was definitly special!!!  *hugs and grins*



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Guest Stefania Sedai

*hugs her sis*


I'm so glad you like it! It was supposed to have been in an earlier addition of the Hornsounder, but I think that you getting it this way is even better! *hugs again*


I just wanted to tell you how much you have meant to me. You were my first true friend on here and you have always made me feel welcomed and accepted. Then when I went through my difficult time in December, I always knew that I had someone who sympathized with me and shared my pain. Having you for a sister has been a God-send. You are a blessing to me!


*hugs some more* Thanks for just being you!

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