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Klaush's TG Ceremony


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Today should have been a day of excitement for her but she could not get past the fact that so much had happened to her and that she had changed so much form when she had first arrived at the tower. Dressed and ready to make her vow she left her room to head to the one place on the grounds that she had never been to. It was a breath taking place which made her pause and look at the entrance to the glade before continuing. The trees here were older and stronger than most on the tower grounds, larger oaks and evergreens surrounded a small glade. It was aptly named she thought as she started walking again, Glade of Remembrance, it made one want to stop and remember every thing that had once happened in your life to bring you to that point.


She looked around the small area and took notice of those standing back from the stone she was to kneel on. Brand stood directly across from her, he was still a little bit intimidating even after she had been in his office a few time for different reasons. She recalled one time; she sat before him like a kid who was caught raiding the cookie jar. Defiant in the time of trouble because she felt justified because she was hungry. 


To the left was a Sedai that she had seen before but never met. She heard a whisper of a name and almost faltered, Cemarillinin Sedai of the Green Ajah, Kalush was sure that she had seen her around. Cemerillinin Sedai over the past several weeks had been checking up on the woman walking in to the glade, she was not about to stand up for any one who did not meet her standards. The reports she had read and actually watching the trainee several times gave her all that she needed to know. It seemed that the child had a long line of trouble making that slowly stopped over time with her training and the experiences that she had been through.


Now at this time she could see that it was time to stand by her and add her agreement to the others that Kalush was ready. Their eyes met for a moment and there was a feeling of being weighed to see if she measured up to what had been found out about her. Wisdom and experience were there in her eyes and Kalush walked a little straighter while under her gaze.


To the right was Andular, her steps slowed as their eyes met, she tired to read his expression but as usual there were no hints. Her mind wandered to the night that they first met and she smiled a little, wondering if he had forgotten the dunking he had given her. At least now she could hold her ale a little better and was less likely to spill some ones dinner all over them among other things. Lessons learned and some of them painful, she nodded her head in his direction and then continued to walk forward.


There were several others standing back along the trees, some she knew others she had never met. It was strange to realize that there were so many who came to the tower, some long gone but still remembered. Their mark left on all those who follow the same path, her thoughts went to her mother and she thought that she understood more about her and who she was. Daemon caught here attention and she gave him a slight nod of respect for all that he had taught her and helped her grow as a person.

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Cemarillinin felt the sun on her back, and turned to look out the window, it seemed the time had went by while she read her reports. Raising from her chair she went to her room, her dark green skirt would do just fine, but her shirt had goten ink stains on it, and had become wrinkled. She took it off and put on a new one, it was light olive green with silver embroideries, she put a broche in her neck, and then doned her shawl. She put a comb through her hair, and with deft hand braided it, and then twisted it into a knot in the back of her neck, before sticking in a couple pins with flowers in the end.


Looking in the mirror she tucked a stray hair behind her ear and then turned to leave, walking down the stairs of the tower her thougths wandered. She had been into the yard a couple times to watch the intiate train the last week. Further her reports had satisfied her, while the girl had been a troublemaker, she had shaped up during her training, and seemed to be a worthy candidate. As long as she could control herself now, then some troublesome nature in her youth just showed she had a brain of her own. Cema was content, she didnt like sheeps, the girl would make a nice adition to the force.


She looked around as she entered the glade semi early, she always liked to be early geting there, it was a pristine place, and she valued the extra minuites to think. Others filed in and soon enough it was time, as the soon to be Tower Guard entered she followed her every move. She was satisfied by how she held herself as she came before them, and happy that the guard would have a new adition to their ranks that seemed so worthy.

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Finally she came in to the circle of light, kneeling before them all her voice was strong when she spoke.


“I come here unarmed, offering to give myself to the defense of those who serve all.”


Bran let the silence lengthen in order to let the importance of what was happening sink in to those who were there. His voice was forceful when he spoke to every one there.


“Who would speak for you?”


It was a slight surprise that Andular’s voice came next, the respect she had for him increased as he answered the question.


“I would speak for her, she is fit.”


“Who would trust you?”


A sense of purpose came as Cemerillinin Sedai added her voice to Bran’s and Andular’s.


“I would trust her.”


“Who would accept you?”


“I would.”


“Who would witness your oath whose word is beyond question?”


“I will”


Again there was silence before Bran started to speak again, Kalush knew that this would change her life forever. Being part of the tower was what she had wanted for a long time, to belong; of course she had to get past her temper in order to understand her purpose in this life.


“Do you understand that once pledged you are forever bound

to a rule of defense? Defense of all Aes Sedai, the defense of the

White Tower?”




“Do you understand that once pledged you are forever bound

to a rule of obedience? Obedience to your officers, obedience to all

Aes Sedai?”




“Do you understand that once pledged you are forever bound

to a rule of commitment? Commitment to serving faithfully, commitment

despite any adversity?”




“Then give your oath now.”


She gathered her self and spoke the words that hovered in her mind, sealing her self to her destiny and the place where she had finally found peace.


“I swear by the light and my hope of salvation and rebirth, as

a Tower Guard to defend the White Tower and all who call it home.”


“I swear by the light and my hope of salvation and rebirth, as a Tower

Guard to serve faithfully for as long as the White Tower requires me.”


“I swear by the light and my hope of salvation and rebirth, as a Tower

Guard to fight the shadow and uphold the light until my dying day.”


“We welcome you to the Tower Guard, you that were known

once as of .”


Cemerillinin Sedai came to stand beside her and put the crimson cloak of the Tower Guard around her shoulders. Deftly she fixed the clasp and then moved back to where she had been standing before.


“We welcome you as of the Tower Guard, our sister in

arms. Rise and stand as one among many.”


Andular came forward as she stood and presented her with a dagger that she had seen all the other Tower Guards wearing. Holding it in her hand she smiled at him as he stepped back. Her attention once again focused on Bran.


“You came to us unarmed, and as our mark of trust we place this steel in your hand. May you keep it as a symbol of the trust that has been

placed in you, and may it serve you well.”


Finally Bran came over to her and put his hand on her shoulder, she was so fixed on him that she did not realize that every one else had quietly left the grove. She was standing alone with only Bran, Andular and Cemerillinin Sedai, his words were a whisper for her only.


“Spare a moment for those who have come before you and to who you have become, as shall those who follow you.”


Kalush nodded her head and stood there thinking about all those who had come before and knelt here in this place. Her mother, Daemon, all the others she had met and trained with over the years. She did not hear Bran and the others leave because she was lost in her contemplation of what was to come and what had once been. It felt right being there, oddly enough she could almost feel the history and the presence of those who had been there and taken the oath. It was several hours later when she finally emerged from the grove.


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