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I'm writing an essay about robert jordan.


i'memberrassed to say i have not yet decided on the issue of the essay, but my teacher was very excited that i chose to write about robert jordan, so i figured the issue is a later problem. :oops:


uhm... any suggestions?

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simularties of Jordan to Tolkien


invinsion of fantasy realms




good vs evil


the messiah factor


the reversal of Eden (LTT plucking the apple from the tree of knowledge, rather than Eve)


differences of gender roles


that's all I can think of at the moment.

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gee, thank you very much! :D very interesting issues indeed!!!


though after talking with my cousin i decided to write about why a writer chooses to write fantasy and not ordinairy fiction. possibly maybe also why readers choose to read fantasy, but this is supposed to be a small essay, so there's not much room for that...


why i made that decision is much due to my assumption that sources are more available and more reliable for this more general, possibly less interesting, issue.

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three to four written pages, including conclusion/discussion.


so yeah, it's not very big :? but on the positive side it's quite manageable! :roll: :D

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