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Going Home


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Laughing, Aran tapped Christine with the flat of his blade and parrying her attempt to tap him back, he pulled to the right, away from his mentee. Travel had been a bit tedious and tit for tat poking had evolved into a game of tag using the flat of their blades. A bit dangerous, but there was rarely ever any fun without at least a little danger. Well, that and they didn't have time to dismount and fetch a stick, they were too busy either chasing or running.


Well, not running, galloping.


Their horses were enjoying the run at least, and they were less than a fortnight away from Tar Valon now. The worst of the stretch from Shienar to Tar Valon had been travelled, so there was plenty of time left over for such frolicsome shenanigans as they participated in now.


Holding his blade in a defensive posture, he caught her first attempt at trying to tag him. One of the more obvious rules of the game being no thrusting because swords are remarkably pointy, he had to block only slashes. At the same time of course, he had to watch where he was going, and of course, there was another consideration to be had.


Catching him on the forehead when he followed her feint, Christine tagged him, but the force was enough for Aran to fall backward in his saddle and his feet coming loose of the stirrups, he rolled on the horses back and fell flat on his chest.


The breath leaving his lungs, his gasping revealed something else. He'd perhaps been a little overeager, damn but it hurt.






Tower Guard

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