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Anyone here in the Browns?


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Hi ladies and gents, I am trying to figure out of I have any Sitters or Ajah Heads left. If you are a Brown and play either of those functions please post here. If you left DM please step in here and say you were ajah head or Sitter and won't be anymore. I can use all the help I can get, so I need to know who's around still. Thanks everyone.

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If he wants it.. I *checks*... I thought I had Salita's bio, but I don't... I'll have to get with you and raid what Brown Ajah bios you have archived, and get them archived on the Brown Ajah webpage/my hard drive as well :)

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Is the bio archive still the message board for the WT website?  *checks*  Yup!


I can always nab Beldeen, and possibly ask Shan or Ashara for Salita's bio.. I think one or both of them might have it :)


Also, I notice that my bio isn't archived - here's the super-old unupdated version of it... I'll add tidying it up and giving it some history to my list of things to do!

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Oh god, I rule at lame *giggles* 





Raeyn Priya Saethyr

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 125 lbs.

Age: 160

Hair: Dark brown (almost black), waist-length, slightly wavy

Eyes: grey-blue

Raised in: Saldaea


I was born to a poor Saldean farmer.. I am the oldest of 4.. two little sisters *Niella and Anaiya* and my baby brother *Jasean* I was considered an oddity amongst the girls in our village.. I always wanted to read instead of playing with the other children. Because of this, I became somewhat inverted and dreamy. The only thing that I did that was considered normal by everyone’s standards was practice the hand-to-hand fighting and knife skills that are so popular in my country.


I found out I could channel at the age of 16. I was with my father when we went up to Maradon to sell our crops. We were in the market, when suddenly I fell down. I was very sick all of a sudden, and it looked like I was dying. My father rushed me back to the inn that we were staying at, and asked the Innkeeper if she knew of a Goodwife to help bring me back to health. She did, and sent off for her. At this point, all the other patrons of the inn noticed our situation. Little did I know that this would change my life.


For amongst the patrons of the inn was an Aes Sedai, a woman using the presumed name of Marlenya.. She didn’t come to my aid then, but allowed the Goodwife to feed me her herbs and make me well. It was later in the night that she came to speak to me. I was feeling just fine after only a few hours, so Father allowed me to go down into the common room for food and entertainment. As we sat there eating our mutton, she approached us. At this point she revealed to us that she was Aes Sedai, but cautioned us not to speak of it. She explained to us that I could channel, but that I needed to come to the Tower and learn to control it. My father didn’t want me to go, as I will always be his baby girl, but her logic was sound, and off we went.


Since joining the White Tower, Raeyn's father died, sending her into a grief spiral that cause her to no longer believe in the Light. Upon her return to the Tower, the then head of the Black ajah already had her orders.


In time, she was found to be less bumbling than the majority of the Brown Sisters, and at the tender age of 99 found herself as a Sitter in the Hall.


After the mysterious "natural" death of Kathana Sedai, The Amyrlin Seat, Karana Sedai was raised to the Amyrlin Seat in replacement. Having been the Head of the Browns until that point, Raeyn found herself picked to be the new Head of the Brown Ajah.




As you can see, it's at least 100 years out of date, so I've got to do some minor updating... unlike most of the group that had their sisters this old, I didn't have Raeyn off adventuring that much *giggles*


Though I guess I should work Namandar.. or however that was spelled... into there somewhere... and figure out where exactly me killing Kathana fell in the stupid timeline of stupidness <3


[radio edit the 15th] And yes, it's on my list to get the bio up to speed - just wanted to fork over the current most current incarnation :)

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