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Alin Awards: All Rainbows and Fluffy Bunny's


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For today's award we're going to have contest, the winner will not be anyone who's done any sort of RP, but rather, the person who's managed to eat a bowl of Trix and Lucky Charms. The catch? You have to do this while dressing up as either a rabbit or a Leprechaun.


Waddaya mean you won't do it? I think its a great idea!


Fine then. *Eats six bowls of Trix and Lucky Charms*


*Looks a little sickly*


Alrighty then, here's your nominees.

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*eyes Barm*


I don't get it.  OH!  It is a play on the title of the Award. 


*slaps side in laughter*


Alright now... the nominees are...


Braxton - He-Man of the Universe: He grew up quite in a barrel and his knowledge of the world comes from story books. His middle name is gullible and no matter what happens to him, he is happy.



Conor - From Boy to Man: A simple man, who loves life, and takes great pleasure in banter, especially with women.



Dunbar - Training post: His cheeriness is infectious and he looks the part with chubbiness



Korrena - Nightmares and Dreamscapes: She is an incorrigible prankster and it is nigh impossible to bring her down.


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"I'll make it sweet and simple this time, just like our candidates ;)"


"Ze winner is Braxtonator, the man who thought that he had gotten pregnant from meeting a very special woman. This wonderful character was brought to you again by Sam, so sadly we cannot hear his hilarious Award speech."


"But thank goodness we have Youtube. How did we manage without it? So be your own self-help guy person and head there for some serious fun."


"That's all folks. Thank you so much for reading, voting and nominating... and most importantly, writing such awesome RPs. Keep it up and see you next year! Ta ta."

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