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Alin Awards: Its all fun and games til someone gets shot in the leg.


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I think Barm is getting tired. 


The Nominees are:


Emperor for Hosting the Alins

Emperor for Dressing up for the Alins

Emperor for being so hot in a yellow dress

Barm for making fun of Emperor


*opens envelope*  WHAT?  How did Arette win?  She wasn't even nominated.  That's so silly.  Silly Sally. 


No change in wardrope for this award as I have to prep another award in a moment. 


*turns around again as he is still wearing the chaps from earlier*


THAT never gets old!


And the REAL nominees are:


Aes Sedai, lend me thine ears: Never before has the august dining hall of the White Tower witnessed such a troubadour show



Dreamin of Herbs and such: Woods, chicks and fun



Eps1 Phantom Menace: Let not the somber beginning fool you; the funny part starts with the coconut.



"Fairy Floss" - Shadowspawn Class: Conor isn't taking an assignment quite seriously



He-Man of the Universe: How gullible can one be?



Interrogation class: If your sense of humour is a bit darker shade, the suggested innovative torture techniques are mirthful.



Make it to Val: "Not Tar Valon.  It is called the Val old stuffy dude!"



Rory's Celebration Bash: Prankiness condenses in groups



To Pass Away the Time: Two Accepted feeling bored leads to all kind of things




Arette will be around soon to announce the winner.

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"Thank you Empy. To keep suspense, we'll use the concept of 50/50 to whittle down candidates."


"Lessee, we could leave Rory's celebration, Phantom Menace, He-Man and Interrogation class. They have the uniting factor that they all involve the same player who won the Empy last year for the funniest thread or something like that. That's a pretty strong track record for comedy."


"In fact, the winning thread might have been the very same thread that you chose as the winner now. I will give you three hints: it contains words 'Except him', features a prostitute and last but not least, the Coconut."


"Yes, you got it right. The winner is Phantom Menace! Congratulations Sam. You can't receive your Award but that doesn't make your contributions to making DM a funnier place are any less."

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