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Alin Awards: Mad Adventure


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This time the curtain lifting reveals a stage set with a table and three chairs. Arette is hidden behind a screen which says 'GM' and Empy and Barm have in front of them papers and dices.


"Alright, we are going to play this really awesome adventure game where you loot treasure in dungeons and kill dragons."


"Wait, but there is only one Dragon and you can't just kill him or the Pattern will go all wonky. Or are we going to kill False Dragons? That I'm totally ok with."


"Oh, alright, you want to play in the WoT setting. I have created you pre-generated characters. Just erase the names and think up something more WoTish."


"I want to be called Rand al'Thor and I'm going to be the strongest channeler in the world and a blademaster too. I can kick ass of 6 fighters at the same time, just like in the books."


Arette sighs. "We are going to play 1st level characters. They suck. And you can do just one or the other, use magic or fight."


"I don't want to fight at all. I want to play a Tinker and follow the Way of the Leaf."


"But but... you only get experience when you kill things and take their treasure."


"But isn't that like murder and stealing?"


"Well, this is just a game. And besides the people and creatures you kill, they are evil. They need to die. And it's like pre-emptive self-defense. Kinda."


"Oh poo, this sounds pretty boring. I would much rather create a DM character because they can be so much more dimensional."


"Yes, we could have so much cooler stories too that aren't just about killing. Why don't you write a bio too and start roleplaying." All three turn to look at the audience and flash photogenic smiles.


"Please stay tuned. After a small break Barm will give you some prime examples of just what kind of awesome stuff you can do."

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Hmmph. Fine then, I won't follow the Way of the Leaf, be that way, but when I give you a paper cut, don't blame me! I wanted to follow the way of the leaf.


Here's your nominee's:



Laurel Crown: Two big battles are fought to free Illian from the grips of Forsaken


- Act 2: The Hive: http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,17578.0.html

- Act 3: Hornet's Nest: http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,22386.0.html


Sweet Thoughts in a Dream: 'Shaneevae's sex scene with that guy in the forest. I certainly won't be trying that.' - quote from the nominator



Watchers Crew - A Routine Patrol: Thirteen Sisters are sent to observe what they think is a small group of male channelers but they find out they have taken a lot bigger bite than they thought.


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Would it suprise you in the least if I say I never D&Ded. 


*the crowd begins to go angry*


Or played with those silly cards to... err. steal other people's cards. 


*things begin to fly onto the stage*


Or understood what the appeal was to Pokeman.  Well other than the lovable Pikachu.  Aren't they like trying to steal each others powers and become the greatest Dragonball Z character ever... like Guku or whatever that crazy haired kid's name is.


*notices the fans throwing chairs*


I am just kidding... I love that stuff.  I throw the dice all the time.  *sees the crowd calming down*  I play a level...err... 25 wizard that owns the dice.  Then I hit 7 and I am on the pass line and win!!!  I get the womens to blow on my dice before I throw em.  Big money BIG MONEY!  OHHHHH Craps.... I mean attack the wizard! *shifty eyes*


Moving on... ahhh you noticed my outfit.  Yes... it is much more tame than my last few.  I just figured dressing up like Indiana Jones was the most logical choice.  I have my whip, my hat and chaps... I just didn't know you had to wear pants UNDER the chaps.  *turns around to show the audience*




Now on to the winner....


What in the hell.  Sorry winnerS... as there are many.  I hope the stage is big enough for all of them.


Watchers with Muirenn, Dalinar, Maegan, Serge, Estel, Ged, Lavinya, Rion, Shaneevae, Covai, Eqwina, Isha, Emperor, Faile, Linten, Serena & Arath



What... oh... I figured there were so many I could slip my own name in there as well. *g*


Congrats to the winners!



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*peeks out on to the stage cautiously*




*runs up and snatches the award*


*clears her throat*


“None of my other cohorts seem to be around, so I will accept this on their behalf. The RP was amazing and I felt very privileged to be a part of it. It was the collaboration of a group of amazing writers that made it all possible and I am sorry they could not all be here. This is for you guys!!” 


*blushes and walks quickly off the stage*

I hate public speeches!


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