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Sitter Duties OOC and IC

Rasheta Ardashir

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OOC duties:


Until further notice GLO duties are incorporated into Sitter duties,


      1. keep track of Aspies,

      2. Keep track of birthdays,

3. OOC relations with other Ajahs

4. OCC relations within Green Ajah

5. Recruit! Recruiting means within white tower and newbie board.

6. Be involved in Discussion in both hall boards

7. Help Jade whenever she asks.


IC Duites:

1. RP three oaths, initiation, battle oaths when needed, midnight vigil when needed, second petition.

2. Political Rps within the hall.

3. Any Ajah classes, Ajah chores etc to promote recruitment.


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Here it is sweetie! *G*

Name :


Age :


How long have you RPed at DM?


How long have you been RPing all over?


What kind of IC positions have you held on this site or others?


What do you think my expectations of you are?


Do you have any leadership experience at DM or RP in general (references)?



What sort of plans would you have for the character you wish to play?


What ideas do you have for the ajah OOC and IC?


What are your talents (ie website building skills, spreadsheets, gaphics, etc)?


How much time can you devote to the position?


If you are applying for MON, please submit a sample rp of your writing as MON.

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