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Alin Awards: Aaaaand Action


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Ok, here's what we all need to do, we all need to Karate Kick that picture Emperor posted in the horror section, cause I think Arette is still twitching from when she saw him walk by with the picture in hand.


Speaking of Karate Kicks, this leads into high paced car chases and... *presses finger to ear* ok, maybe no car chases around here, but lots of action anyways.


*Attempts to Karate Kick the podium, pulls thigh muscle*


*rolls around on floor in pain*


And now, for the nominations...


*Gets dragged off stage by a White Bengal Tiger*

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I know you are all sitting in anticipation of my next costume. 


What screams action when you think about it.... hmmmm...




Excuse the fast photo shop as it is time for me to go home.  I just always wanted to be Xena, warrior princess. 


....ok.... moving on.....


And the nominees are: 


Adalon Tower: It's never boring in the Blight



Dark Dreams: Dreadlady vs. Aes Sedai in the Dreamworld. Which one would you bet on?



Fall from Grace: Tempers flare in the Tower Yard and the quarrel is resolved with steel



I Warned You!: Dreamworld is not a safe place for a newbie



Knife Point Confessions: Contains Black Ajah suspicions and a confrontation powered with an sa'angreal



The Power of Delusion: A badly shaken Aes Sedai returns to the Tower and tries to hurt herself



The Wolf and the Phoenix: Another Dreamworld battle where some inventive weapons are used


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*eyes Empy's leather clad feminine bottom with an appreciative smile and hums quietly tugging her earlobe*


"Blood and ashes Lews Therin, you just have to stop that. This is my body. Mine! Why me? It's so hard to share my mind with a madman long since dead. Especially when our taste in women / drags is totally different."


"Ahem, but there was something I had to do. Ah yes, Barm, thank you for kicking the ass of Rocky Horror. You are my hero!"


*notices the patient looks she is given* "Was there something else too? Ah, yes."


*fishes a letter from her bodice* "I get to tell you the winner." *scans*


"You know, I really liked that thread with a chick with a big sword. That's the winner."


"Shut the *beep* up, Lews. I'm in charge here!"


"Ne ne ner ner, catch me if you can. How about that other thread then, the one with woman getting attacked in the Dreamworld and another one saving her? Makes me want to cuddle and comfort the poor her."


"I swear that I'm going to shoot myself/us if you don't stop this instant. The winner has chicks and fighting, so it should satisfy even you, Lews. I happy to announce that the Knife Point Confessions featuring James, Andrea and Arette got the most votes."



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Guest Arie Ronshor

About time someone came to pick up one of these . . .


*Strolls up*


It seems that I am favored by the wondrous Lews Therin Kinslayer. (That's what, two Rps referenced?)


*Blows her Ree a kiss*


Thank You everyone for Voting for this RP. Sadly one partner-in-crime can not accept and the other announced it (Is that even allowed?). I must credit them as without them there really is no story, and I would lack my muses. And of course We could not have won without your votes and your reading. I'm thrilled that Many enjoyed our little story..




I never was good at these speeches. (Probably because I never win these...) :P


*Blows kisses to all the fans*


In the words of the late Estel.. 


Good night and Adieu . . .

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