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1st Alin Award Ceremony Thread - The Loftiest Light Lover


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The buzz of the audience quiets as a pompous fanfar sounds and the lights of the grand gala room begin to dim. The curtain of the stage rises revealing a scantily clad blond woman basking in the limelight. She is flanked by males in pink tutus and the music gathers tempo as the singing starts. Or well, it is more like moans and sighs and occasional suggestive lines that match the sensual writhing MTV calls dancing these days. Once the performance is over and the audience applauds - some politely, some more enthusiastically - a circle of light follows another woman emerging. As she takes her place at a podium in the center of the stage, she thanks quietly the Light that the low cut dress of the singer didn't lead to any kind of mishaps. Nipples most definately would not be PG13.


Her voice is carrying and steady. “Welcome to the very first Amazingly Lovable Immensely Nostalgic Award Gala! I am Arette, one of your hosts for this year's ceremony. Please welcome also my partners in crime, Emperor and Barmacral." Circles of light follow the two men as they make their dramatic entrances and Arette waits for the applause to die down before continuing.


“Dragonmount has offered a fun and interesting place for role-players and fans of Robert Jordan’s books since 1998, and over the years we have become the largest Wheel of Time community online. Our Dragon Reborn Portal Stone World is the closest thing to an official Wheel of Time roleplay that there is, so there are big expectations to fill. 2007 has been a good year writing wise for us and the 57 threads nominated for these Awards are prime examples of what we are capable of. We are all storytellers and talented writers who love our characters. We really breathe life into them and I am confident that our interpretation of RJ's world would meet the approval of the Creator himself."


“These Awards are paying homage to what we have accomplished together. The most wonderful thing is that tonight’s nominees are only a portion of the incredible stories written this year. I hope that next year many more people will stand in this stage as winners and that there will be completely new talent among them."


"But I am certain that you are already anxiously awaiting us to get to the part where the winners are revealed. So I'll leave the floor to Barm, who will present our nominees for the Loftiest Light Lover of 2007." Arette claps her hands together with enthusiasm among the others and steps aside as Barm steps behind the microphone.

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*runs off stage for his first costume change and comes back out in a yellow dress, taking the stage next to Barm* 


I think the makeup was a bit much... but the dress really flatters my figure.  Is then when I sing the opening number? 


Oh right... we nixed that. 



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I dunno Empy, you should go with purple next time... suits your complexion a little better.


But without further ado, nominee's tonight go out to:


*starts digging into his pockets, finds nothing, rips through his whole outfit*


Crap, left em in my suit. I'll get you for this tutu some day Arette, someday!


*shakes fist*


*runs off stage, gets list, comes back*


First up is... *cue's TV screen thats not present* Annais in Knife Point Confessions: How much does an old friendship count for when you suspect that your friend might be a Black Sister?



*flips off non-existent TV with a non-existent remote*


*empy wisper's something into his ear*


Wait, you mean we had multiple nominee's? Well crap.


*runs off stage, gets the rest of the list, comes back*


And the rest of the nominee's tonight, *again, cue's TV that Empy forgot to set up* are:


Conor - From Boy to Man: 'Oh, he's a lightfool alright Tongue' - quote from the nominator



Lillian - Black and White: It takes some serious conviction to stay strong and sane when a Forsaken is torturing you.



Rosheen - Palaver: A Dreadlady and a Forsaken try to shake Rosheen's faith in the Light and Aes Sedai she had great respect for, but she remains steadfast.



Now, without further ado, we'll let our pretty boy Emperor (you should get a wig, bald doesn't do it for your feminine figure) present our winner!

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Maybe we should clear up what I whispered in your ear and why you had to REALLY run off stage.


Or we could leave it up to the audience's imagination.  Maybe they will write a RP about it someday.  Oh if you do will you write me in with one of those big southern hats and a nice umbrella that I can twirl in my hands.  Oh my, that would be lovely. 


Alright... I will move on instead of getting lost in my own fantasies.


Without further ado, the winner for Loftiest Light Lover.... Loftiest Light Lover.... mmmm just slips off the tongue.... is...


*opens the envelope*


Oh my I should have practiced sounding out the names.  Why can't you be named Mark or Sally...


Well the winner is....


Rosheen (played by silhouette)


*holds out the award for the person to accept*







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My arm is getting tired from holding the award.  So I am just going to set it down on the stage here and let you pick it up when you get out of your row or come back from the bathroom.  It is not like we are doing a freaking award show up here!!! *g*

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*walks onto the stage, all fabulous and mohawked as usual.*




Yes, I'm late. You thinka mohawk like this just makes itself? You thought it was just there when I get up out of bed? Well, it isn't. It takes time, effort, and a lot of that goop that Cairhienin women put in their hair towers every day. But you have to admit, the result is rather impressive.


Ah, I still remember the day when I first walked into the yards. Some runt of a boy mistook me for a trolloc immediately, and then I got into a fight with the Master at Arms and spent the rest of the day running.


Anyway, without further ado... *smacks Emperor on the head*


oh wait, that's not what I'm here for.


*picks up the award*


This does mean a lot to me, despite the fact that I've officially left Dragonmount already.  I'd like to thank everyone I've ever written with. Without you this world would be a lot less interesting.


Take care everyone, and who knows, we might see each other around again in a different setting, where men don't wear yellow dresses.


~Rosheen Tahn Sakhr


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