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Extending out march


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because of my being sick, and changes in staff and whatnot, and easter coming up with LoAs surely and all other jazz, i am extending the offer bellow for Initiates


if you have or are planing to make a new dreadlord, and is worried about not finding a teacher for intro to saidar, then contact me, and we'll work out a deal where you can lend lessons from another post basicaly copying them and then respond. However this will need to be preaproved.



---------------old post bellow----------------


oh yes...you hate squishy love? well deal with it because in celebration of Valentines the staff have descided to give you all a treat or surprice from us


so *drumroll* what is it


well for the entire month of february we are lifting all non-mandatory req's for the 3 first tires of both the DF and DL req system


so happy valentines ...we hope to see all of you active and bussy during the next month


okey sligth edit, rereading the reqs the DLs dont have any mandatory in tird tier, to not get to skip this tier entirerly i'll say you need to do 5 of the 15 choise RPs





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