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RP opertunities - Talents


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have you thougth about wheter you could add an exciting twist to your chars plotline...by making the char talented?


we have many unused talents, and to the effect that this is logical for a char to have an extra strong skill in they are open for all to aply to


mayhaps for some reason your char has a strong interest for working with the earth...why not give him the tool to be extra good at it by making him an earth singer


but this is but one example, and you guys know your chars best, so maybe another talent likewise suit another char


and yes most talents do crave someone who can use OP but not ALL...so DFs can also be talented


intrigued? interested? curious?


have a look here



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the table is not fully updated, i need to check out something for sure, but one of the dreamwalker slots may be open


also for DFs who do have extreme good plots, there is the option of negotiating other talents...this is not an easy route, and its not an everyday aproval...but it is doable if you have an extreme good plot, it just takes even more then the everyday talent aplication


but yes as said, most are DL talents

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yes you can not just say i think a talent is cool, but if your char could fit with a talent its often not a problem, sit down and look at the rps you already got planed, would the talent fit into any of those?, are there other things you would like to do with it


or if you just think it would generaly suit your char start there, and then if need be come explain why to the staff and ask help brainstorming

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