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Enchanted Glen - A New Home [open]


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Toss and hive, hot and dry longing for water and whiping sweat of the brow. Edges of rock cuting into his hands, splinters wrigeling their way under his skin as he pry's the wagon loose of the holes. Sand lurking its way under his clothes, stinging and itching in the most unbelivable places every time the horse stamps up dry sanddust.

Tired evenings after long days, working with saidar to travel back and forth from the citadel, brushing down and washing the horse as the final act of every day. This had been the rutine of Aslans life from the moment he had descided to stay, and with duties in the afternoons he needed up early in the dawn to make the most out of every day.


In this moment his horse was grasing in another part of the glen, peacefully chewing lush green grass and waiving away flies with his tail. After emptying his water he sat down to dig in his lunch, this consited of cold tea, spiced cheese and some oatmeal bread. He enjoyed the meal while listening to the birds singing in the forest around him, the buzzing of flies, and all the other forest sounds. His thougths went to his family, and foremost his father, and the shock that would crease their face if they could have seen him now, and known what he had become. Or mayhaps he contemplated would it have been fear instead, though he wasnt mad, not yet anyhow.


Brushing the last crumbs of his hand he faced his descided construction site, air and eart, tingled with spirit for binding made out his shovel, and out of the ground rose a square crest around a hole. The rest of the morning went to manual labor, this to make sure he got his physical training as well, laying one rock at the time down to make a solid founding, before filling in with hardpressed earth and small rocks to make it all stable. He was content when he stood in the midle looking at the relativly flat grounding that his floor would lay upon, the only exception being 6 holes ment for suport beams.


Steping down he lead his stallion through a gateway back to the citadel, he had other duties for the rest of the day and would have to come back the next day. Being in a rush he left the horse with the stableboys for once and hasted off.




Two days later once again he was back at his site, today he would finish the job of making the frame. 6 sturdy trees was picked from around the sorounding forest area, and after they had been debarked and -branched, he cut them in equal heigths before sinking them with help of saidin into the 6 holes and making sure to fill in with material around them to make them steady. New trees where treated the same way to make the frame for the roof, and before the sun went down in the horision the roof was fully constructed over the framework of the rest of his hut.


In the days to come, new trees would come down, being debranched but not debarked, being cut in two and make out the walls of the hut, holes where made and nails of wood used to jam them into place. The end result a hut purely out of the natures resources, and a roof with a grass and moss beding, basicaly a hut that in every way sliped rigth into the soroundings. A fence had been constructed behind the hut, and rows of mold turned up to make it ready for plants and herbs of use to be put down.


Aslan let the sun caress his face as he looked at his new home, it lacked furniture, but the forest around him was plentyfull of resources, and he would build them as he had time, it didnt mather, it was his home, one that suited the person he had become. The sound of boiling water had him turn to the fire and pull the pot to the side before dumping tea leaves in it. He leaned back against a tree to rest as he waited for the tea to finish.


ooc Aslan is one of the asha'men stationed with the band, the glen was discovered by him when showed around the area so he could get to know it in case of needing to help travelings, its somewhat remote and would be placed somewhere in the forest in the whole mantherean area as it was called of old in lack of a better name for it. Any travelers want some fun, feel free to jump in

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