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To My Beloved Division

Guest Estel

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...or well, to those few who are left.


I was never the greatest DL--personality flaws on my side and you all deserved better to be honest.


I'm not fishing for compliments here, I won't even check this thread after this.


I loved this division, I really did.  It was one of my first divisions and I've always loved the fun atmosphere of the place.


But I can't bring myself to stay after everything that's happened and so I'm leaving the site.


Carai an shen an calhar!


Love to you all.

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*offers Estel a M-G Battle Brew*


And it is a shame (and I still feel a mistake), but sadly I and others can't seem to persuade you or the others otherwise, especially with what was going to be a fun activity between the two Bands taking shape.


All the best with whatever you end up doing.


Oh, and there is a place over in the BotRH ORG should you want it. ;)

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Estel, this place won't be the same without you! I was ready to leave the last time, though I figure if I managed to stick it out after Kristen was shafted I can certainly stick it out this time. After all, none of my best friends have been shafted this time. I'll rp with you on the other side though! And everything you did for the div (hell you were ADL since I started) has been awesome, you're a large part of why I love this div. *hugs*

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