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Challenging YOU!

Guest Arie Ronshor

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Guest Arie Ronshor


This is a Happy Thread, fyi. :)


This is my challenge. So many of you are flocking from all over the globe to look are what a mess DM is in (again).


Are you a reader?

Check out our ALIN Awards and send in your vote. It links to many of the wonderful RPs that we have all participated in over the past year.


What about the Writers?


We have Kandor slowly being revived. All the lovely gory fun of fighting Shadowspawn and Shadowsworn. Gateways opening everywhere and *gasp* the Shadow is winning!! Jump on in. :)


For a little more lighter fun, A Bubble of Light is still running. It's had a very slow response because of NaNo and the christmas holidays, but it's not too late to jump in and partake in happy fun. :) I know we all need it.


Not up for these RPs? Pull in someone that's been posting and ask, "Hey, i'm tired of reading these threads, want to RP with me? I have a bottle Wine IC and a few darts. Or we can prank an NPC, or sneak away into TV for the night, or prank a Child of the Light ... " It's endless on the ideas! :)


Objectively we're here for the RPs, not the Drama or anything else, but the RPs and the community with each other.



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Guest MoonLily

*giggle* I don't know who I need to ask, or what specifically I need to ask about RP wise, hence why I started off with a bang and then I went....




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