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And your favourite character is...


spigots or caudrens  

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  1. 1. spigots or caudrens

    • spigots
    • caudrens
    • pie spoon
    • washer woman. shaped washer.

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While i can't help identifying with Rand. i put my vote up there for Gareth Bryne.



I wonder if him, Bashere and Mat will work together for the last battle.

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I love so many characters it's hard to pick--

tie with Egwene and Mat (picked Egwene on list)


Also love:  Asmodean, Birgitte (She and Mat together are hilarious), Gawyn, Chiad, Gaul, Elayne, Nyneave, Perrin, Faile, Lanfear

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Gosh.  Its real hard to pick just one.


I love Nynaeve, simply for how she's evolved.  She use to really annoy the heck out of me and seemed ignorant and pig-headed, but she has grown a lot throughout the series.  Her amazing relationship with Lan, her identity as the wife of the last king of malkier, the awesome job she does helping Rand clean the taint (that was sweet), and lastly, her actions at the end of KoD gave me chills just reading.  I'm serious, when I read the last few line's from her in KoD I sat the book down, took a deep breath, said "wow........", and a tingle shot down my spine.  She is a very strong, likable, and loyal female character.  Probably my favorite female in the entire series.


I've always loved Moraine, but she "died" too early in the series for me to grow too attached.


Mat I've always loved.  Great character, hands down, and his interaction with Tuon was up there as some of my favorite stuff to read. Probably my favorite male character.  I always enjoyed reading Rand's POV, but thats partially because RJ started to starve us as the series progressed and when you finally reached a Rand POV it was like a long overdue treat.  I don't know if it was just the fact that I liked reading his POV, as much as being deprived of it made me more fond of it.

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Well I've got to go with Mat, been my favorite character since book three.

Tuon takes a close second. She is one of the most powerful/influential characters is the series and she dose it without the OP. Sure she could learn but I really hope she chooses not to.

Third goes to Brigitte, yet another competent women who doesn't need to channel.

And forth is Oliver simply because he is going to be really cool when he gets older. I mean just look at his teachers, Thom a master of the game of houses, Mat the military genius, as well as a number of other people who are all experts at what they do.

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Mat always. :) Funniest character, funniest chapters.


I've always liked Lan too, but sometimes he acts like a moron. Examples being, the Rand-Nyn-Lan scene in Caemlyn and the Lan-Mat scene in Ebou Dar (in the carriage on the way to the Rahad).


Perrin was the favourite in the earlier books, but the whole Faile storyline, or rather the Faile character, totally ruined him.


Other than that I like Cadsuane, few characters are so in control as her.

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Mines Perrin for sure, of all the characters hes the one i can most relate to, although i didnt really catch on to it until The great hunt, I like Min alot too but i voted for Perrin, shes another i didnt really like as much until the great hunt, afterall she didnt have a big part in EOTW. Thom would be my third....always found him interesting

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