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Aran Rory Part 2 (easier to keep track of)

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Teehee—pants! That’s right. You heard her. Rory Sedai, still not over the pants revival and why should she be? Sure, she looked swell in a dress, or so Saline kept telling her, but when you needed to deliver a swift foot-to-groin manoeuvre, dresses only got in the way. This wasn’t to say she expected to have to use one on Aran, but preparedness for any situation was the key to the lockbox of Green Sisterhood. And Rory was all green!


Shawls were for nanas and Rory wasn’t old, not by standards in The White Tower. Saline had been horrified when she caught Rory trying to take to hers with a pair of scissors. After a brief physical struggle she relented and made her green sash out of some other material. Something bought, and certainly not raided from one of Saline’s drawers. Besides, and this was just Rory’s  roguish side kicking in—still intact despite her White Tower education—Saline’s bedclothes did not suffer from several inches off the hem.


She was waiting in the yards early as usual, being prompt had definite advantages, Darienna didn’t disapprove for one and there were times when Rory Sedai felt the familiar shadow fall across her and still spun about as though she were doing something she shouldn’t. She may know Darienna more now, perhaps not enough to call her friend, but that woman sure unnerved her! Of course, Rory had almost killed someone and you don’t tend to live those things down.


Aran was late. Rory did not know what the time was but she knew he was late. She could feel it. It wasn’t just that she was getting inpatient, but it was that she knew he ought to be here by now and wasn’t. And it was on purpose. It was slightly vexing, yes, but in the end she knew if all went well she would live for about a hundred years more at least and Aran most definitely would not; she could wait him out if it came to that.



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