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Please welcome back Perine!

Guest Arie Ronshor

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*hugs Perine my former 'sorta' mentee*


Yes, for those who haven't figured me out yet I'll reveal to my former ajah sisters that this is Telcia.  I'm playing a new novice too and I'm not sure I'll go red yet but there is a definite chance of it (as I'm here on the super secret cherry-berry board)


Anyway don't go yelling my identity from the roof tops or anything, like I said earlier I'm looking to play a novice for a while and just kinda fall back into an rp groove again if it's possible.  Maybe after a while I'll pick Telcia up again but since she's with the Kin, I don't think you guys will be seeing too much of her either way.


For now, get to know my new character Miya and don't be scared to say hi... least of all you Perine.  I've missed you sooooo much!



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