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Red and Black - Thera


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There was something to be said for afternoon siesta, Aran wasn't one for normal sleeping patterns.  Napping a few hours here and there, that suited him far better than the set patterns that others had.  People that slipped into routine were people that became complacent and his habits were ones that weren't about to die anytime soon.  But, since he wouldn't be able to retreat to his room without incurring the wrath of Captain Paranov, that meant he would be dozing out in the sun instead.


His tree waiting for him, Faith, Aran was surprised to see Thera a short distance away working on her forms with a lathe.  Not particularly concerned and not wanting to distract her, he went and took a seat against his tree and relaxed as best he could.  All it would take was a lack of focus and he would be able to drift away easily enough.


Yet for some reason his rest was eluding him.  Maybe it was too soon after lunch, whatever the reason there wasn't going to be any rest.  Sighing as he opened his eyes, he saw that Thera was still going at her forms.  If he couldn't sleep, he could entertain himself and maybe Thera could use a bit of a break.  After all, she had an entirely unhealthy obsession with her work out of late, over practicing was as bad as not practicing at all.  All one drilled into themselves was bad habits.


"You're swinging your hips too much!"  That got her attention, which Aran greeted with an insolent grin.  "Its very pretty dancing, but do people actually fall down when you flail at them like your sword is a featherduster?"


Yep, this will be fun. . . .




Tower Guard

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