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Red Ajah Raising Ceremony [For Saline]

Guest Arie Ronshor

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Guest Arie Ronshor


An example:


Rayne : http://arie-designs.net/WTArchive/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=486





The Entire Red Ajah


Candidate - Saline


Highest - Maegan Ryanne


Advocate General (AG) - Perine? -  This woman speaks on the behalf of the Candidate. Pledges for her “Heart for Heart, Blood for Blood, Life for Life.” Also becomes a mentor to the new Sister, and instructs her in Ajah protocol, history, and answers any questions the woman has. This should be someone she’d least expect to speak for her or at the very least someone she doesn’t know.


Grand Inquisitor (GA) - Maegan? - Like the name implies, the Grand Inquisitor interrogates the Candidate, questioning her presumptions, her motivations, and her desire to be a Red Sister. Eventually pronounces her fit to continue the ceremony. This should be someone the candidate has a very personal relationship with or is at least known by to create a sense of “doubt” in the canidate.


The Ceremony:


First, the Candidate is brought by the Highest to the chamber where her testing/cleansing is to occur. The Highest gives her brief instructions, and then presents her to the rest of the Ajah in one of our secret chambers. She asks for someone to speak for the girl, at which point the Advocate General comes forward.


AG: “Highest, I would speak for this girl.”

H: “Will you pledge for her?”

AG: “I pledge myself to (candidate’s name) Heart for Heart, Blood for Blood, Life for Life.”

H: “I do accept your pledge. What say you in favor of (candidate’s name)?”

AG: (Tells why candidate would make a good Red Sister, speaks on her strengths)


After that, the Grand Inquisitor gets to do the dirty work.


H: Good qualities to have in a Sister of the Heart. But are there any present who would speak against this Candidate?

Grand Inquisitor: “Highest, by the charge of Bonwhin I ask leave to question this girl in accordance with the mission of the Red Ajah.”

H: “And what is the mission of the Red Ajah?”

GI: “To serve those who most require of us service, to protect those who cannot protect themselves, and to ask nothing in return. We pledge ever to watch, and ever to guard.”

H: “For what do we watch?”

GI: “We watch ever for those who would seek to harm this sisterhood, the White Tower, and the world.”

H: “Against what do we guard?”

GI: “We guard the world against a second breaking.”

H: “You have my leave to question the candidate.”


The Grand Inquisitor now questions the Candidate, usually rather harshly drawing off shameful things of the Candidate’s past. If you would, I’d like three mini-speeches about the Red Ajah Misconceptions, Motivations, and Desire to be a Red. Then three open ended questions for the Candidate to do some soul-searching on and answer. Below are the sample ones…


GI: The charge of the Red Ajah is no childs game, girl. No flip-skirt and half-hearted fool can carry our task. The testing ground is not within these Tower nothing N-O-T-H-I-N-G can ready you for what you will endure should you be found worthy for the shawl crimson Red.


No woman but those who carry the Red of blood on their shoulders can know the true weight of it. No woman can know what it is to love the world so much, to give so much, to birth into it the very mercy that is our own lives and then to be denied its love in return. No woman or man was so great, as to know what it means to be denied and then, to go back gain looking for the chance to be rejected again. To find love where there is none for we are the Mothers of a world who is yet so infant that it can not understand our sacrifice not even those who number as our Sisters;


The Lore Seekers (oc: browns) for all their knowledge know only that which can be measured in figures and text. Unable to deal in the harsher immeasurable things of this world.


The Healers (oc: yellows) only know what they can heal and all else pains them too much to bear the weight of. And thusly is forgotten lest the grief send them to their own graves with the effort theyd expend in frustration and fury.


The Warriors (oc: greens) know only what they can fight and all else to them is lost and buried within the breast of the earth once more, their rage for that they can not defeat would consume them and their Brothers in Battle long before they discovered that their carnage won them nothing at all. And those who lived to see that bitter moment would be consumed in their own self-hate a fate worse than that which they sent their victims towards.


The Philosophers (oc: whites) can only theorize on that which they have not the strength and courage to live for themselves.


The Peacemakers (oc: grays) can only barter with that which has something to give in return and can accept nothing that has nothing left.


The Champions of Causes (oc: blues) know only how to endeavor and toil towards that which can not be. Their hearts so filled with passion that the heat would consume them if they dared to chose the path of Red. For this reason alone do we find them most difficult of all to face for these Sisters alone know what it is to feel so strongly but haven’t the calling, the duty, the strength to dare take the steps upon the road we have. The road to prevention and not just cure. The road of protection for thy fellow human being, nigh the world itself and not hubris which comes with the fallible belief that any one woman alone might change the direction of the Wheel itself.


They will tell you that you do not love those whom you must seek. And though you may try, you will convince them not the otherwise of it. Instead you must seek out and find your quarry wherever it lays hidden from the eyes of the world.


He will tell you that he hates you. That you hate him. He will beg he will plead. He may be a boy, a son, a father he may be your blood or another. He may be all things and nothing to you but your way must not falter no matter what price you pay. No matter how dear the cost.


You will feel him dying watching rot. Nurse him through the sicknesses, the pain the death. And with his dying words he will curse you and somehow, you must have the strength to love him and the world enough to smile back at him so that the last sight of the world he has is one of great love.


When your task is done, the world will look at you differently. You will feel dirty. You will feel as though you’ve failed. For all your power, pride and hubris (candidate’s name) you will be no greater than any other Sister who has come before you and when you seek the comfort of the Sisters of the other Virtues and Quests you will find none. For none can bear to do as you’ve done. None can stomach the wretchedness of how you and your Red Sisters could bear to stare into the eyes of those without hope, without love, with strength of their own and watch them die begging you for mercy that you could not give.


In a world that can not accept a Servant of All for what she really is you will be most laothed among those some would called wretched witches.


You bear the mark of Mans blood shed. And none will know what you have done here in secret none will know the true reason of Red upon your shoulders. In your eyes, in your words, they will only taste death and destruction of life. For men seek someone to blame for that which they can not understand, can not cope with, can not endure and you are the only symbol they have.


And despite all of this somehow you, if you are to be of the Crimson Banner, must endure. Tell me child how do you think you will fair? How will you face the foes within and without. The demons that lurk in your heart and mind, in the hearts of your sisters, and on the lips of those who you claim to love and want to help most of all?


Remember, little one there is yet time to run, fast, hard leave this place behind you. Run to the Banners of another cause. Something safer. Easier. There is no shame. No crime in it. One may aspire to an Ajah and change her mind there is hope. There is the door. I will escort you myself to the Ajah of your choice. Come now surely you do not wish to endure all I’ve described, do you?


(( Candidate should post insisting that she can do this… thinking deeply about what has been said and the effect of hearing the GI say it. ))


GI: Hmmm. A woman of the White Tower can speak no words that are not true. In this I find your words worthy. But there is much more than words which comprise the whole of who a Red Sister is.


You speak brave words about standing alone to face the horrors of the tasks a Red must carry. You commit yourself to duties alone that few women could. Yet in your words I do not hear what I seek to know most of all from you. Your words were agreeances which any Sister could give with such near honesty to let the ideas pass her lips as a truth. What I did not come to feel in your words is a certainty that you know just how you’d manage to survive these things with your sanity in tact. That you know without a doubt what one factor alone saves we Red Sisters from a fate worse than death or the rot these men suffer. Or… the why of it. Why exactly you’d endure this.


Tell me young woman, for what reason do you choose to petition us today? Is it our size, our power? The fear that others will feel in your presence because of the shawl you wear? What makes you feel so strongly towards the Red Ajah that, even in the face of all I’ve told you, you would want to be one of us?


(( Candidate should post about her positive reasons for wanting to join… thinking deeply about what has been said and the effect of hearing the GI say what she did. ))


GI: (Should post thinking to themselves about how hard this next part is… she knows she’s going to basically make the aspie believe she’s been rejected … something no other Sister in the History of the Tower has ever had done to them before. This is suppose to be a shattering moment for the new Sister, either she’ll run away crying proving hersel too weak or she’ll show her mettle and stand her ground in one way or another. In all the years of this ritual NO ONE has ever run off… the reds don’t draw weaklings to their ranks and the GI knows this, but still… it’s hard. What is said is truth however, her words were nice and the right thing to be said… however what she’s said thus far was not all the Sisters are waiting to hear and AT ANY TIME, the aspie could have left so telling her she can leave isnt’ a lie. Careful wording in this part keeps this intense and powerful.) Your words are pleasant to the ears but they were not all we needed to hear Sister… You may leave.


(( Candidate should post about the shock of being rejected… post honest heartfelt thoughts on this rejection which NO OTHER sister has ever gotten… then decide just how she will show her mettle. Will she yell… scream… go silent and refuse to be moved… there is no wrong way, so long as you DON’T leave. ))


After the questioning and the Candidate NOT leaving, the Grand Inquisitor finally pronounces the Candidate fit to continue the ceremony.


The Cleansing:


After the Questioning, the GI & AG prepare the candidate to be bathed. The Ajah Head explains the significance of the ceremony. For you Christians, it is a lot like a baptism, the shedding of the old, and a new beginning. A cleansing of the ’sins’ of the past. After she is bathed by the GI & AG, she is pronounced clean by the Ajah Head, set apart from the world and now able to act as the Hand of the Red Ajah in the world, as the Hand of Justice. For those who would administer justice must be pure in both body and spirit. She is then asked to swear to the Red Ajah, ‘Ever to watch, ever to guard’. After she swears, the Ajah Head anoints her head with oil, marking her as one of us.


Palm Cutting:


This is the final part of the ceremony, which binds the Candidate to us. All the Sisters are involved in this part. Starts with the three who helped in the ceremony first.


The Highest pulls out a dagger


H to AG: “Do you accept this woman?”


AG takes the knife and cuts her left palm:


AG: “I take this woman as Sister of the Heart.”


She also cuts the Candidate’s left palm, and they press the cuts together.


AG: “May Heart’s blood bind us, now and always.”


The AG passes the dagger to the GI.


AG: “Will you take this woman?”


GI does the same.


GI: “I take this woman as a Sister of the Heart. May Heart’s blood bind us, now and always.”


GI passes the dagger to the next sister and this continues until at last it comes to the Highest, who is the final one to complete the ceremony.


The Highest then presents the Candidate to the Ajah as a Sister of the Heart, a Companion in Arms, an Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah. She is then given the new spiffy shawl that was sewn for her by the Highest, as a token of Sisterhood. At this point, everyone can now hug/congratulate her & celebrations can begin.

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ummm... I promised Saline that I'd allow Perine to be ressurected for this rp. But the timeline issue is a bit freaky again... (I hate timelines)


If Maegan is Head then Perine should be dead. :(  But then again for Perine to be AG, she cant be head either. So will this raising take place before Perine was head? over 100 years ago?


Just trying to pinpoint where we are...

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Guest Arie Ronshor

After talking to Lily, I suggested her asking Muirenn to be Highest, as she was just before Perine was. If not, than we 'may' have to think of something different.


Like Perine as Highest, and Mae as the AG and then an NSW as GI?

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Guest Arie Ronshor

If that is the case, than Thank you Muirenn. :) If you don't mind that being the case in future raises that will save me a lot of headaches. :P

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