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How to Improve the White Tower

Guest Arie Ronshor

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Guest Arie Ronshor


I am taking a page out of Matalina's books and opening up a thread to encourage some feedback as to how people are finding the White Tower and navigating through and around it.


As quoted:


Now is your chance to tell us what is wrong or right with the division

and let us know how you think it could be improved.


This is not going to be a discussion about each concern,

and I or the staff may not address them this go around,

but I'd like to know where you all stand with the division as a whole,

how your training is going, what could be improved in the division, with your requirements etc.


Things that are under consideration (or will be) are:

  • White Tower Weapon Scores
  • Website Navigation and Structure
  • Ajah inactivity & possible IC position openings
  • Sticky Structure
  • Possible "N&A Quarter" Rp Board



Floor is Open...

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I say we paint the white tower a new, up to date colour! White is so Age of Legends. I get it, white symbolises purity and virtue, well, let's be fair, no one here really fits that description. How about red, with a big curtain? A curtain for the big giant dish we're going to have so we can block out the sunlight every time commoners get lippy.


The floor is open? Oh no! I'm going to fall through! Ayyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeee.

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