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Repost - Where is your Father?


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This RP was eaten, it took place over email in May.


Cari had been trying to find Mr. Grant in Cairhein for many many months.  He was kept out of everyone's view and no one knew where he was.  Cari inquired subtly with his neighbors and with some of thel ocal underground folk, but no one knew where he was.  She'd even been paying a man to find him for her and he couldn't find him.  He only reported the comings and goings of his daughter Shelia and then losing track of her.  Cari had seen much the same thing, though she hadn't thought much about it until she saw the woman carrying a basket of food last night.  Cari tried to follow her, but she moved quickly and through the throng of people like it was nothing. She'd been doing it for a long time.  Cari tracked her as best she could but in the end the crowd of people was too think and she lost track of her.


Cari waited outside the woman's home in the shadows.  It was far easier to get her than her father, and so Cari waited to capture her new victim and take her someplace quiet.  The girl came home and Cari easily knocked her out and waited in her home until daylight.  It would be harder to leave, but less suspicious if she left at daybreak with her sister instead of at night with an unconcious woman.  Cari drugged Shelia into an incoherent state and left for the Ranch.  It was a days ride and would be difficult with the girl, but it would be better than staying in Cairhein where too many ears could hear the things that were about to happen.


It was very late at night when Cari found her way to her house on the Ranch.  The children were nestled away probably sleeping with Sam or Demus - which ever they felt like bothering that night.  Sometimes there father was gone with out notice and other times they just wanted to be with Demus.  Either would care for the kids fine.  Fawne was probably in her own bed however and Cari knew she would have to be quiet.


Her basement contained a room with very thick walls to keep the screams as quiet as possible.  Unlike the rooms at the ranch, there was absolutely no place other than the door that sound would escape.  Cari had dug the tunnel to the room herself and hidden it in her basement behind a shelf that was easily moveable.  Cari was the only one who knew about it, but that wouldn't last long.


Cari had placed the incoherent girl in the room and locked it's door behind her and moved up the tunnel only to find Demus standing in the doorway to the tunnel.




The dreams had come again.  Having a place in the world, having a little bit of safety and surety had seemed to have banished the nightmares from his mind.  For a small period of time, Demus Nolorean had slept peacefully.  Something had happened though that brought the nightmares back.  He had been almost a man grown when his mother had died, but he didn't think he would ever forget her pained death bed, or the callousness of the man that had thrown him out of her home almost as soon as she had drawn her last breath.  He had long learned to sleep through them, but with the break from them, his resistance to their terror seemed to have broken as well.  When he woke from sleep, his heart pounded and his mind raced.  He climbed out of bed and made his way to the porch, hoping that the night air would settle his heart and mind to rest.  The porch was cool under his feet and a light breeze danced across his naked chest as he looked up at the stars.  He pulled the void around him, feeding his emotions to the flame until he could be at peace again.


He wouldn't have heard anything if he hadn't had the void wrapped around him so completely, but he did hear something coming from Cari's house so he made his way over.  As he stepped into the doorway he saw her bags thrown down in a haphazard way which was unlike her.  It meant she had something else to carry that was more important.  Or she was with someone that was more important.  She might not like an intrusion if it was the latter so he moved quietly through the house to make sure it was indeed Cari come back in the middle of the night.  When he reached the source of the sound he was amazed.  He hadn't known about the tunnel.  A small smile reached his lips, another surprise from the woman.  There was no doubt it had to be Cari even if he couldn't see her.  No one else would have known of a tunnel and when he heard someone coming back up he kept his place at the doorway.  He leaned against the side casually as she came into view.  "Good to have you back Cari." He said lightly.  There was no knowing how she'd react to him knowing about her private tunnel but it was always best to start out lightly with her. 




Cari smiled at his greeting and admired the sight before her.  He was half naked in front of her and yet she was not in the mood to be having the thoughts that started racing throug her mind.  He stepped into him and tip toed then planted a soft kiss on his lips.  "It's nice to have been missed."  Cari gently pushed Demus so he'd move from the doorway.  "Move, so I can close this so no one else finds it, particularly the children."  Demus hadn't moved when asked but at the mention of the children he did.  He knew her well enough to know when she was serious, or so she hoped.


Cari took Demus' hand and made her way back to the kitchen in her small home.  "The children are at Sam's."  She was letting him know they could talk safely and she knew he would want to know what was going on with the tunnel.  But Cari was tired and she needed some warmth it had been a cool ride the whole way and she was chilled to the bone still, the damp tunnel wasn't helping her aching bones.  Aching bones, that was something she had never thought about before with the bond, how her life had changed.


Cari fixed a pot of tea and poured two cups, offering one to Demus before sitting down at the table.  "I figure you want to know what that was?"  Demus sat down and Cari knew that was an indication that he wanted to know.  He always wanted to know more about her.  She smiled and took a sip of her tea.  It felt good going down and Cari was glad he had greeted her almost immediately, she had missed him, she always missed him.


"Remember the lesson you learned not too long back.  How to make someone talk?"  Cari knew it was a bad reminder of what had happened between them, but it had also brought with it good, something concrete to their relationship, something solid for her to hold on to in the depths of her insanity.  And she knew that it would be one of the links that kept her here in this world longer than she would normally have lasted.  She knew she was careless of her own safety as long as it didn't put the Great Lords cause on the line, she knew when to take heed. Cari continued, "It's my own private room to get answers from.  Tonight I brought home someone who has the answers I need to complete a mission and her is the best place to obtain them and if necessarily let Glen have a little bit of fun if she doesn't talk quickly enough.  My deadline draws too close and I need answers quickly."


Cari wasn't sure how he'd react, she wasn't sure if it really mattered in the end, but it could do her pupil some good as well.  "We can work on your techniques if you like.




There were times when he had to question his life.  He was a Dark friend, living in a Ranch full of other Dark friends.  He was an assassin, involved with another assassin.  The woman he thought most of in the world had just come home, brought someone to torture, and asked if he wanted some practice, when the only person he had ever tortured in his life had been her.  Yes, there were times to question his life and times when he had to laugh.  He never doubted the path he was on but at times it was necessary to wonder about the prudence of living among so many others of his kind, as it was to wonder about the woman before him.  But on the other hand, there was a freedom in knowing that Cari was like him.  If she was given the order to kill him she would, and he was pretty certain she knew he’d do the same, but it didn’t matter.  In life they could be something more together.  If death came by Cari, then at least he’d have been happy for a little while with her before the end.




It was just like her though, to always think of his training.  It was the woman she was and the reason why he had thought so highly of her in the first place.  She had a dead line and a need to get some work done and instead of just marching into her hiding place, she was going to make a lesson of it for him.  He smiled, ignoring the memories of having to torture Cari the first time around.  Those had been painful but they had both come out alive, and though he still felt guilt at having broken Cari, he had gained something valuable in the end; an end to the constant questioning of their relationship and a more solid idea of who she was and what they could be together.  “I do have to admit that my training in that area is sorely lacking.  What can I do to help?”




Demus Nolorean


Cari smiled before taking the last sip of her tea.  She was tired and his training would have to wait till morning, and after the children had left for school.  Cari got up from her chair and seated herself in her lover's lap and kissed him softly.  "Well first you can stay the night to keep me company, traveling alone is always, well, lonely."  She didn't intend anything other than sleep she was that tired, but she wanted his warmth and company, it was nice having Demus around.  "And then tomorrow you can meet me downstairs and we can begin some work.  We don't have alot of time so we will be aggressive in the training, and hopefully we won't need to resort to asking Glen for help."


Cari hated asking Glen for help, he was a bit too eager to put someone to death and Cari didn't see the need of it.  Granted this woman wouldn't live after this, she would find a grave somewhere, but there was no point in killing her prematurely, there were several uses for her presense, and training was one of them.  Cari knew she was probably far more dangerous then Glen could ever think of, she wasn't merciful for the victims sake, but she would be if it suited her needs.  And this one might suit her needs very well.


Cari stood up from Demus lap and took his hand.  "I need sleep, will you join me?"  She put her other hand to his head, "You look like you need some comforting yourself.  Dreams keeping you awake?"




Demus smiled as she asked him to spend the night.  He’d spent more than one night just sleeping with Cari and he had come to see the difference between a night of sleep and a night of more imagination.  He wasn’t sure about Glen and he hoped they’d keep him out of it.  No matter that he let Cari teach what she could to him, he had no desire to show Glen how little he knew of the art of torture.  Or anything for that matter.  There were people you trusted, but somehow he didn’t think Glen would ever make his list.  The days work and training sounded interesting though and he looked forward to whatever Cari found to teach him.




He was surprised by his last words, but then they’d been together often enough that she was bound to have noticed his nightly tossing and turning.  He took a deep breath.  “Old ghosts.” He said with a sad grin.  “Thought they’d decided to leave me alone but they’ve come back.”  He stood beside her then, wrapping his arms around her, just for the feel of her there for a moment.




Demus Nolorean


Cari closed her eyes at his touch, she had missed him. They made it to her room and slept peacefully that night. Cari wasn't sure if she was that tired to not notice his restlessness or if he was calmed.  But either way Cari woke up refreshed and was thankful that Demus had stayed.  They were both up and dressed before the children wandered into the house.  Aiden and Kate ran and gave Cari a hug before settling down to breakfast.  It was a nice family breakfast, and Demus was inlcuded in that family, at least for now.


Cari saw the children off to school and waited for Demus in the basement after they'd both finished a few of their morning chores.  Cari had informed Nathan she'd a bit of "business" to attend and Demus was going to receive some training.  Nathan only raised an eye brow at that mention considering Demus had been thrown into the hot water to swim by himself before and done a rather decent job of it.  Though Nathan was very surprised about their relationship afterwards.  He hadn't expected it to strengthen their ties.  Had he made a mistake he wasn't intending?  Cari wouldn't know and she wouldn't ask.  Not that Nathan would tell her anyway.


Down in the basement Cari lit a small lantern to take down the cold damp tunnel and to use to light the others in the room they were about to enter.  Cari had had another room like in her last house, but it wasn't nearly as private as this one was.  It was of Cari's own design, it was cold and dark and damp but it was a place screams could never be heard.  When they were both inside Cari closed the thick oak door behind them and moved into light the rest of the lanterns hanging on the walls.


The girl was huddled in the far corner and was whimppering softly to herself.  "Crying isn't going to help you here.  Answers will save your sanity, if you are lucky."


There was no point being nice.  "My friend here is relatively new to the game, so forgive him if he hurts you too bad.  Me on the other hand, I am will not be so nice."


Cari asked pointedly before even touching the girl.  "Where is your father?"


She of course didn't answer and Cari turned to Demus,  "We will work her an hour or two and then let her rest with a bit to eat.  We can't have a starving girl until we have our answers."  Starving only made them weak, and weak victims died sooner rather than later and sometimes with out answers, Cari needed this answer.


Cari gave Demus a evil smile, she would enjoy this, she only hoped that it wouldn't scare Demus off.  Cari grabbed the girls wrists and pulled her blouse away from her body and ran one of her daggers cleaning down the front before chaining the girls hands above her head with the chains hanging from the support beams of the room.  "Where is your father?"  Only a whimper answered.


"Where shall we start?"  It was a retorical question as Cari ran her fingers gently over the woman's body.  And in a quick flash of her dagger she drew a line down the middle of her stomach barely deep enough to draw blood.  Cari spoke to Demus while facing the girl.  "A little salt or alchol added to a minor wound can be more painful than the deepest of wounds.  Cari asked again and she didn't respond.  Cari took a jar from a nearby shelf and took a small pinch of the fine dust inside and rubbed it into the cut.  The girl twitched but didn't let out much of a cry.


Cari turned to Demus, "What else do you think we can do to this small wound that will get an answer?"  Cari had a few thoughts, some were more gruesom than what Demus might be ready for, but she knew it would get there eventually.  "Only your imagination can limit you in this, there is no right or wrong answer."


Cari wanted Demus to think for himself, not to just rely on the training he received but to think of new inventive ways to get the job done.  Training was one thing, but it can be thrawt by an uncalculated surprise.




The morning came and found Demus much better rested that he would have believed before he had found Cari home and they wasted little time getting through their morning routines.  Demus was always an eager student, much more so when Cari wasn’t instructing him in how to torture her personally.  He didn’t think he’d ever do it to anyone without seeing Cari before him, but then that was a boon.  If he could break her as he had, he didn’t have to worry about if he had the stomach to do it to someone he’d never known.  Seeing Cari’s face before he began would only remind him of what he was truly capable of.




With that in mind, he made his way back to Cari’s and forced himself to follow patiently as they went into the tunnel.  The girl was on the verge of crying and before Cari could say anything he assumed the Void.  It pulled around him instantly and he smiled softly at Cari as she started with the girl.




He watched the words Cari spoke and the way the girl responded.  He made a note of other things as well, such as her words about not starving a victim.  When the first blossom of blood showed against her skin, he took interested in it, watching as the blood feel down her perfect skin.  Cari added a little something to the wound and the girl jerked away, though there were no screams yet.  That, at least, boded well for his training, he hoped.  If she screamed and gave in too soon he wouldn’t get much out of it and he doubted Cari was likely to bring another back for him to play with anytime soon.




Demus came up next to the girl, his eyes taken in her form as he ran a hand down her stomach.  Her eyes looked wildly at him and he knew the fear as he saw it.  His smile was a bit wicked as she continued on his perusal, his hands moving softly to the cut that Cari had already started.




“I could imagine small crisscrossing cuts would increase the pain a bit.  Add alcohol once it’s all cut and it would do a bit of hurting I’m sure.  Pressure would increase the pain as well.  Of course, you wouldn’t want something like that to fester and infect.  A heated poker across the cut might do some good.” He said, trying to think about it.  In truth his first session with Cari had started with the whip and had changed abruptly when Nathan had slit her open.  His instruction at the time had gone from basic to deadly with little room for the subtleties of the work. 




Demus Nolorean


Cari smiled, his last comment was more to what she was thinking but there was still pain to push on that one little cut they'd started.  Cari handed Demus the dagger.  He had his own but there was no point bloodying another one.  "I know you know how to inflict mortal damage but can you control your blade precisly.  Cut another shallow mark as long and deep as the one I made, a half inche away from the first."  There were other things that could be done with small hair line cuts.


Cari watched as Demus worked on the girl.  Cari asked her again, "Where is your father?"  She only whimpered in response.


"Make two more marks at the top and bottom of the two cuts to form a box.  Then peel the skin inside the box away.  It will be more painful if you go slow."  Cari turned to the girl.  "We can peel much more than that bit away, Where is your father?"




Fascination pulled at the Void as he listened to the stillness is Cari’s voice as she worked and instructed.  He knew how to use a dagger well and her instructions were followed easily.  He’d been at his business for a while now and the right amount of pressure was certainly something he’d learned in his first days working on his own.  It just left it to him to show this to his instructor.  The girl’s whimper made him smile a little, though he wasn’t sure why.




The box was made at Cari’s next instructions and he used the dagger to peel a tiny bit of skin back.  He grasped the skin and gently pulled, letting it come at it’s own pace which was slower than anything he would have purposely done.  Her whimpering stopped and a small sob escaped her.  He looked back at Cari, his smile there again and he realized with a bit of surprise that the void was gone as he did so.




Demus Nolorean   


Cari watched as Demus followed her instructions.  His smile caught Cari slightly off guard.  She hadn't expected him to enjoy this, Demus was definately not the nice kid he sometimes acted like.  Cari knew that but to see it in action was something all together different.  His smile made the darkness in his eyes seem even darker.  He was truly an assassin, and she was beginning to think that he enjoyed this, maybe as much as herself.


Cari returned his smile and then turned back to the girl.  "Where is your father?"  She didn't say anything.  Cari was begining to wonder if she could make any sounds, it was time to make her scream.  Cari light the coals in the corner and placed the iron rod in the soon to be hot coals.  "Save yourself the pain of what is to come.  Where is your father?"  Still nothing.


Cari took Demus over to the coals and showed him how to use the bellows and the basics of keeping the coals red hot for the duration of the session.  The room would only be smokey for a short time as it tricked through the small air vents, and once the flames were gone it would no longer smoke.  But the coals would be hot and stay hot for several hours.  It wasn't like blacksmithing where you needed an exact temperature to tend the metal, flesh was far more plyable.


Cari took a glove and handed another to Demus.  She picked up the iron rod and walked over to the girl.  "Where is your father?"  The girl only looked terrified at the red hot rod staring back at her.  Cari didn't cauterize the wound they'd been working on, she was going to leave that for her assistant.  She placed the end of the rod between the girls breasts, not touching the skin, but it was hot enough to heal the area as if it had been touched, the girl's pain tolerance was high, she hadn't let out much more than a whimper, that was until Cari placed the red hot iron on her flesh.  The stench of burning flesh permeated the small room.  "I'll stop if you tell me what I want to know."  The only thing that came from the girls mouth was a scream.  Cari smiled.  "So you can make a sound, this will be easier on you if you tell me where he is."  Nothing.


Cari turned towards Demus and started a small lecture on the different implements in the room, starting with the forge pit and the irons.  There were several different types, meant for different things.  The various powders and salves on her selves meant for helping and hurting, she would explain the most dangerous ones later.  They were on the top shelf, and usually only meant for killing, but small amounts could be useful in torturing, but that was a different lesson.  She showed him the various other implements in the room, he was familair with the whips, but there were other weapons, things for crushing and breaking bones.  Other types of cutting implements.


Cari wanted Demus to use his imagination.  "Short of everything on the top shelves feel free to use anything to extract the answer.  I want to see your creativity with out me overlooking you."  Cari handed Demus the iron rod.  "Cauterize the wound we've made at some point, but you've an hour to play with her.  I'll be back then to see what you've acomplished.


Cari walked over to the girl.  "He's a novice at this, tell me where your father is and I'll spare you his learning curve."  The girl spat in Cari's face.  Cari wiped the spital off and turned towards Demus with a smile.  "Do your worse, Love."  And then tip toed to place a light kiss on his cheek.


Cari shut the door behind her and leaned against it, her heart was pounding and she needed to calm down before going to her chores.  It was one thing to enjoy your job, but another to be thinking more passionate thoughts about a new found interest in her cloest friend and lover.  It brought some interesting ideas to her head.




Demus had long ago walked away from the light, long ago taken the first steps that had led him to this moment.  He had killed with his own hands, had poisoned people from afar and planted information that would make their peers kill them for him.  He had slit throats, had slit wrists after making his target write his own suicide letter, and had never balked at a job.  But as he stood before the girl, he felt the stirrings of power.  He hadn’t felt it when he had been on this end with Cari strapped up like this, but it was the completion of that which made him feel it now.  He had broken Cari somehow and there was a power in knowing you could do it.




Power.  He could feel the fear from the girl though her whimpers had come back when Cari left, no longer the screams that his lover had ripped from her.  Her eyes watched him and though he was obviously the student it made no difference to the pain and she knew it.  He looked at the iron in his hand and sat it back into the coals to heat up.  “I think this can wait.”  He said as he walked towards her, taking the glove off and setting it in easy reach when he was ready for it again.  Anticipation would make the pain worse and since Cari had just marked her it would give her time to remember.  And fear.




He walked around her, his fingers trailing lightly over her shoulders and across her back.  “I think I will keep that face of yours pretty.” He said in a whisper as he stood behind her, leaning slightly in so that his lips grazed her ear.  He continued around then, fingers still trailing to her collarbone and down the wound Cari had inflicted.  “I think she would allow me a little fun for all the trouble you’ve caused, my toy.” Her eyes filled with a new fear and Demus smiled warmly at it.  “She might save you from that if you make it easier on her.  Where is your father?”




Wild eyes, but nothing more.  He didn’t think something as basic as fear of rape would loosen her tongue when everything else had, but it had been worth a try.  It gave another dimension to fear and time would only tell if she’d crack under one point of pressure, or if many would be her downfall.  He smiled again.  “Good.  I had hoped you’d keep your tongue.  You would be a poor lesson if you broke easily and I do think we’ll have a good time later my toy.”




He walked among the implements that Cari had mentioned and ran his fingers over them, as soft and caressing as he had her skin moments before.  He stopped at the whip but he knew it’s uses already and didn’t pause for long on it.  Knives with different types of blades called out to him and as did the various pinchers that lay before him.  With a smile, he found a small set that would fit her delicate fingers just fine.






As the hour drew to an end, Demus came back to his victim, a cruel smile on his face as he brought the iron before her eyes.  His hand cupped her face and she tried to jerk away but there was little she could do.  She didn't fight like she had before when his hands had initially touched as he went about his work, trying to scare her into an admission.  He let his hand fall lower, brushing her breast on the way down to the would that Cari had initially started with.  Blood covered his hand from other things but this one had already tried to begin it’s healing.  He pressed the hot iron into her flesh and she screamed again, the sound much harsher and ragged than it had been in the beginning.




He put the iron back and found a small pitcher of water in the corner.  He got a cup and forced her head back, making her take a drink.  “It doesn’t pay to hurt that pretty voice of yours my toy.  I’m afraid you’ll never quite play a harp, but we still need you to sing.” He said in the same soft voice he had used throughout her torture.  “Where is your father?”




She didn’t answer and her eyes jerked back to the doorway, seeing Cari’s return.  He looked back at her then smiled at the girl.  He walked behind her and whispered softly in her ear.  “She doesn’t look pleased to see you.  I think you had best sing now my toy, before I ask for my favor.”




Demus Nolorean     


Cari's desires didn't subside much before she returned to the chores, the work had only damped them slightly, she was eager to return to Demus' side, more to be with him in this particular state of mind he was in than to find the answers.  She wondered what he'd been up to but she knew he'd prove himself worthy.


She returned to the room below her house and saw that Demus had done well.  His smile and her fear only implied he'd done well, even if she'd not spoken the whereabouts of her father.  She would in time, and perhaps the girl would live a bit longer to see her beloved father before they both were sent to their Creator.  Demus whsipered in the girls ear from behind her, Cari could only wonder what threats he was giving.  Cari smiled at her lover and walked up to the girl and stood on the girls feet to reach her lovers face with a small kiss as Cari laid her hand on the seared skin between her breasts and dug her fingernails into the burnt flesh.  The girl screamed and Cari pulled back from Demus.  "My love has done a good job of seeing to your pain, have you come to right decision yet?"  Cari dug her hand into the wound again and the only answer she received was a howl of pain.  Cari's smiled widened.


"Perhaps I should let my love have a chance at you?  or he could watch while other more unpleasant things are tried in your most sacred areas."  The girl squeaked at the thought.  Cari wondered if Demus had already threatened her.  Cari drew her other dagger from her sleeve and drew it down the side of the girls skirt, slicing it and all other things below it cleanly away leaving a line of blood down her leg.  Cari stepped back and then walked around the girl.  "A pretty thing, don't you think love?"  Cari moved in close to the girl and licked her neck then ran the dagger softly over the skin there and licked the trickle of blood clean.  The Shadow awoke and stirred in Cari's mind, but Cari was still in control, the shadow knew it was long before blood would be spilt.  Marosa enjoyed Cari's antics and wanted a stab at it, but Cari wanted the control, she hungered for the desire to hurt this girl.


Cari backed away from the girl.  "What do you beleive we should do next?"  Cari was careful not to say names here, if she got away it would end the, but she wondered why she'd taken to love with Demus.  It was a shorter version of what the Shadow called her men when it was being threatening.  That brought a fear to Cari's own eyes, was the shadow that powerful in her own mind? Cari pulled the void up around her but she felt empty, she wanted that feeling, even the fear was worth living with if she could feel the darkness inside.




Demus hadn’t expected the kiss from Cari, but not only was it welcome, but it worked into the girl’s ever growing fears.  Her screams were getting worse but there was still not the level panic that came from the broken.  Soon, he thought.  He hoped.  The look in Cari’s eyes was something different and he was more than willing to add her to his list of things to learn about today but that would have to wait for the work.




He was still behind the girl and he leaned closer to her, his hand coming up her newly naked thigh as he laughed.  “Yes, a pretty thing.  I can think of a few things I would enjoy doing to this one.”  She shivered when his hand continued to slide across flesh.  “Perhaps the young lady would like a warm bath?” He asked.  “I think we have been remiss in our duties as host in that aspect.”  He was thinking scalding salt water if Cari said yes, but on the other hand, a bath was a comfort.  Sometimes comfort could break people as well as pain, though he doubted they’d had her long enough for that yet.




Demus Nolorean


Cari smiled.  He was definately using his imagination, and she nodded her head.  "I do beleive you are correct.  A bath it is."  She was curious to see what he had planned for the girl.  She was an attractive woman, and if circumstances were different things could have played out a bit differently.  Though Cari wondered if Demus would go through with his threats if she didn't break before they ran out of things to do.  Cari had no qualms about doing said actions, she couldn't rape the girl as he could, but she could bring in someone who would at her asking, if he did not or could not follow through, tho Glen was not someone she wished to bring into this situation.  Cari was enjoying Demus' darkness and wanted it all to herself.  Of course she knew he had it in him when he was torturing her, but now he was free of concern himself and she wanted to see what he would do.


Cari pulled the tub she normally used to douse the victims until  nearly drowned.  That could be done while he bathed this girls pride away too.  She watched as he heated water over the forge fires and then added salt.  Cari wanted the girl to have the pleasure of the salt and while he worked she took her dagger and began drawing fine lines over the girls skin.  Doodling much like Kate and Aiden did with their colored wax Nona had given them.  Cari watched the blood trickle down her skin and listened to the girls whimpering as she did so.


Cari was sure the girl was afraid of Demus, a woman torture seemed less threatening, but Cari was sure she could do worse tha he could in the long run.  But it wasn't a competition she wanted him to learn, to use his imagination.  Cari walked up behind her lover and put her arms around his waist and stood on her tip toes to whisper in his ear.  "I've prepared our little girl for her bathe, are you ready love?"  Her hands caressed his chest.  Her dark desires presenting themselves to her lover for the first time, and she hoped that he'd not balk at them.  It was not something she'd ask of him, at least not yet, she didn't think he'd overcome the situation they'd been through before together.  But she hoped he could play to her darker fantasies one day.  Glen would be even more angry at that and Cari smiled.  Glen would lose his toy to a much younger man.




As the water was properly heated and he had just tested the amount of salt, he felt Cari’s arms around him.  Her whispers sent a shock of need through him and he resisted the urge to see how far Cari would allow him to take it before her captive.  “Yes, I’m ready… love.”  It didn’t keep him from turning around and kissing her hard though.  When he pulled back from the kiss he pushed her back a little, putting space between them so that temptation didn’t disrupt his concentration.  He did it with a smile though to take any sting away just in case.  He really didn’t want to risk upsetting her.




Demus began to undo the woman’s arms and she struggled against him uselessly.  She was too weak to get away from him and if she did she had to get through Cari.  As one arm came free she slumped a little and Demus realized she wasn’t quite as weak as he thought she might be.  She was shifting her weigh slightly and Demus was sure she was getting ready to make some move when the next arm would be freed.  “Will you try to get away my toy?” He asked her softly.  A soft sob came from her but nothing else.




When the second arm came free, Demus let his grasp loosen slightly.  She took advantage and ripped free of him, reaching for the knives on the table.  He had been ready for it though and even as she reached out he grabbed one arm and twisted.  He pushed her forward, throwing her against the wall with him still holding her arm behind her back.  He pushed his own body against hers, catching her second hand as well.  “I think my love will be more than happy to give you to me if you keep that up my toy.”  He said.




Before she could respond, he pulled her away from the wall and scooped her into his arms.  As she squirmed against him, he dropped her into the scalding water.






Cari was surprised to have him kiss her and with the depth of passion it held.  Her own desired surged and he was clearly trying to stay focused, so she let it die a little, when they were done here things might get interesting.  His threats never died down and Cari was beginning to think he might actually enjoy this girls feminine side.  In a normal person it might have brought up jealously but Cari was far from normal and she knew that, it excited her more that he would than if he'd not follow threw.  Threats were only as good as the follow threw.


Cari watched as Demus handled their new pet.  She hoped now that the girl would still have life in her after she gave up the information.  Cari could have fun with her, a new toy to play with, for them to play with.


Demus dropped the girl into the water and she screamed.  Cari closed her eyes at the sound.  The salt crept into the fine lines Cari had carved in her flesh and the scalding water burnt her skin.  She was red in all the places the water covered her.  Not nearly hot enough to make the skin blister, not yet.  Cari walked over to the girl and pushed her under the water, waiting several seconds before allowing the girl up for air.  "Will you tell me now?"  The girl didn't respond she was gasping for air but her whimpering was slowly turning towards sob.  Cari pushed her down again leaving her longer this time before asking her again.


Cari dunked the girl longer and longer until she was sure that any longer the girl would drown herself.  She stopped and the girl only sobbed in the hot water.  Her skin was almost to a blister.  "You find my love attractive?  You must really want him to ravage your body."  Cari pulled the girl out of the tub and laid her on the cold dirt floor and sat on her so that she could move her arms and legs.  Cari could handle this fraile flower.  She leaned onto the girls shoulder pushing them into the mud and put her face close to the girls ear.  "He can be a gentle lover, but for you I think it will not be.  Tell me what I want to know and I'll spare you that pain."  Cari whispered things into the girls ear that she would tell Demus to do to her body and how she would watch.  The sobs became harder and Cari knew she feared for her life now, feared what Demus would do to her.  Cari didn't want to ask that of Demus, not yet, she wanted his passions before this girl.  She wanted much more than she'd asked of Yrean, much more .and she was begining to beleive Demus could and would deliver under the right circumstances.


"I think our pet has had enough for the moment."  Cari took a chair and placed it over the girls body, pinning her to the ground as she sat on it.  "Shall we let her eat and tend her minor wounds before we continue? "  Cari looked over to Demus, "I think we have something we need to talk about...a few wonderful things."




Demus had to admit that Cari had a talent.  The dunking followed with whatever she whispered into the girl’s ear seemed to be doing the trick.  He couldn’t hear, but the way the girl’s eyes darted from Cari to himself, he felt he knew what threat his lover used now.  Interesting.  He had set that threat into motion unsure of how Cari would react to it, unsure if she would even allow such a thing, and yet here she was, playing into it.  A half smile crossed his face at that.  He’d never been a party to rape before, never saw the reason to take life out on some poor woman, but this wasn’t rape… this was torture.  There was a true distinction in his mind and that distinction made him capable of one, but not the other.  His oaths to the Great Lord might require him to hurt someone, but he’d never be the sort of person to hurt people for no reason.




As Cari put the chair over the girl, Demus smiled at her.  Desire was a reason to hurt, he decided as he watched his lover.  Something in her eyes, something dark and deadly pulled at him and he thought perhaps the line between pain and pleasure might just be something he’d enjoy exploring in the near future.  “As you said earlier, we wouldn’t want her to lose strength on us.  I’d like a little fight left in in case I have to ask a favor…” He said.  The girl’s sob made him smile but he kept going.  “It is your toy of course and I wouldn’t want to break her too badly that you couldn’t use her.”  He figured Cari was smart enough to understand exactly what his favor was so he didn’t say anything else about it.




He was curious about her talk though.  Something wonderful?  He had no idea where she was going to go with the conversation, but he’d have much rather just closed her toy off in this room and taken Cari upstairs.  Light, but he’d take her in the tunnel if that was as far as he could get her.  “But I’ve interrupted.  What did you want to talk about?”






Cari lifted the chair from the girl and knelt down next to her grabbing her hands roughly and binding them tightly with nearby cords, she did the same to her feet.  "Not here love, one second while I prepare her a meal."


Cari set to the task of preparing the travel rations for the girl.  They were simple rations used by travelers from the inn.  She kept a store of them in her basement and a few in this room for this purpose.  She set a bowl of water down and the plate on the floor.  Cari stood behind the girl and pulled her head back at a sharp angle by her hair and spoke clearly.  "Eat like the dog that you are.  Food is a privledge meant to keep you alive.  Not eating will only force me to make you eat, so trying to rebel against in that way will only cause you more harm than good.  So eat it all, or you will be forced to."  Cari shoved the girl forward on her knees and held out her hand to Demus and started walking out of the room.


When they were both in the tunnel Cari closed the door.  There was only a few candles lighting the tunnel, it was mostly dark but they could see enough of each other to know where they stood.  She smiled, he couldn't see it.  Cari put her arms around his neck and pushed her body eagerly up against his.  "I have two questions for you before I let my desires run."  She squirmed up against him pushing her body closer to his letting him know what she meant.  Cari kissed him deeply and pulled away breathless.  Only inches away Cari put a finger to his lips, let me ask both questions before you answer.  If push comes to shove will you follow through with your threats of ravishing her body?  I don't ask because of jealousy, I ask as your teacher.  Your lover only wants your attentions first."  And Cari ran her hands down his back and pulled him closer to her, holding his midsection to hers in imitiation of what she wanted from him.  Cari put her finger to his lips again.  "My second question..." Cari took a deep breathe and leaned into his ear.  "Would you ever...If I asked you to ... hurt me to pleasure me...force your attentions on me as you have threatened this girl..."  Cari wanted the answers to be yes, but she wouldn't look badly on her lover, she knew her desires were far from normal.  "Not now mind you, but someday if I asked could you?"  Cari didn't want to push the desires and make him feel obligated, she started to pull away so he could answer freely.




Demus watched as Cari made the preparations, keeping an eye on both women.  He thought that Cari’s toy was beyond anything too extraneous but you could never really tell what sort of reserves people had just from their appearance.  When Cari motioned for him to follow her out the tunnel, he followed quickly.  Before he could speak Cari’s arms were around him and she was pressed hard against him.  He didn’t mind either anymore than he minded the kiss that followed.  He had his arms around her, holding her even tighter by the time she broke this kiss off.  He was about to ask when she put her fingers to his lips.  He listened to her questions, both of which surprised him.  When she pulled away he realized that he was free to speak.




He took a deep breath, not to think about the answer because he knew them already, but to make sure he said it right.  It was important for her to realize the difference in what he was explaining, but he wasn’t sure he could explain it.  He’d try though.  For Cari, he’d try just about anything.  “Yes, I’ll follow through with the girl if she won’t talk.  There is no point in threatening if I can’t go through with it and I won’t ever be that person.”  He said.  “If I tell you I’ll do something, I will.  I don’t condone rape, but this isn’t rape.  It’s torture and I won’t back down from that.  I started that particular threat knowing that I might have to back it up.”  He gave a small smile that he doubted she could see.  “Your… part… in this whole thing has certainly made the idea more appealing though.”  He added.




Her second question was both easier and harder to answer; easier because there would be less confusion in his intent, but harder for himself to realize.  He had tortured to try to keep her alive, but in the end he had nearly killed her.  He’d helped to split her again and so far she had never blamed or threatened him for it.  He knew she never would either.  What was a little pain if it’s meant pleasure?  What was a little force if she asked?  He moved then, pressing her back against the wall of the tunnel.  His face moved in to hers, but stopped just short of kissing her.  “As for you…. Love….” She had called him that inside, something he wasn’t used to, but it seemed to be almost ominous coming from his deadly lover.  “I’ll make you scream all night long if that’s what you want me to do.”  A laugh came up from somewhere deep inside.  “Ask it of me, and the attention I’ve shown this girl would be nothing like what I would do to you.”






Cari wasn't surprised by his forceful nature, nor either of his answers.  She glad he would follow through, she hoped it wouldn't come to that, the girl she wanted to play with more even after the answers were given.  Mr. Grant might regret the day he went into hiding if he loved his daughter any.  Sacrifices were normal but to lose a child for your action was not something even Cari wanted to endure, and she hoped to never come to that.  Cari smiled at her lover, the only word that made her thing twice was his use of Love, she wondered if it was just the toy phrase he was using or if there was something more to it.  There had been when she used it with Alex, and she wondered if her own words meant something more.  But her thoughts didn't stay on the subject long as Demus' body pressed against hers.  Her smile widened and she leaned in to kiss him.  After the kiss Cari whispered.  "Then I will ask it of you one day when we are alone again.  Right now I just want you."  Cari reached between them and loosened his belt.




The tunnel was dirty and they came away even dirtier from the sweat.  Cari was thankful that it was still well before the children would be home, her volume was hardly low, not the screams he had promised, not today, she would ask when he wasn't nearly so dark, she wanted it to be for her and her alone, not because of the torture.  She wanted him to hurt her just because she asked.  The new personality sobbed in her head, the mere actions they had just finished sent her into histerics.  We need to call her something if she's going to be here with us. *She'll learn to understand Cari soon enough.* -It's not Cari she's crying because of its because of Demus, she fears him.  He wouldn't hurt us.- Yes he would. The admission sent the girls crying into overdrive and Cari wished she could smack the girl, but it would hardly do any good as she'd keep crying anyway.  *Meeghan would suit her well, she is soft.  it means gentle too, and I'm sure she is, that's how we are going to have to treat her.*  And so she was named.




Two days had passed and the girl was still not giving up the information needed.  It was time to push things farther, into more deadly territory.  Cari hadn't asked for Demus' threats to be fullfilled but they had played on them to the point that the girl sobbed nearly anytime he touched her, Cari wished for his touch, and this girl cried at it, how ironic.  "Love I think it's time for something a bit stronger than the little disfiguring we've done."  Cari grabbed a butcher's knife and tied the girls hand to the table.  Cari drew a small line over the girl's pink finger.  "Where is your father?"  She only cried.  Cari pushed the knife over the line she'd drawn and removed the girls finger with a scream.  "Where is your father?" Still nothing.


"What would you do now love?"




Demus wasn’t sure where to go with the girl.  His instincts told him that he was the way to break her, but he didn’t want to push that edge unless he had to.  Once that card was played you couldn’t go back and few things caused more fear in a woman than that of rape.  It could break her, or it could make her useless to them.




He looked at the girl, her sobs of pain passing through him without any response, except to note that it was pure pain that she cried from, not the panic and hysteria than he could wish for.  “I don’t see the knives breaking her.” He said in a low voice for Cari alone to hear.  “We can continue cutting her, take her fingers, even her hand, but I don’t know that it’s going to get any more results.  I feel like it’s time to follow through with my threats.  I haven’t tried to break anyone like this before though.  Do you think it will break her?  Or do you think the threat of it hanging does more damage to her than the act of rape would?” He asked.






His mere suggestion of raping this girl made a shiver run through her, not one of pleasure but one of jealously.  Ironic it came from a woman who slept around with other men, and the mere thought of Demus havng this girl made her jealous.  She let the look show on her face for him alone to see that she really didn't want him to do it or have to do it, but her words spoke the truth, "There may be no other way."  Cari looked over at the girl sobbing into her bare chest. She would have been fine to look at for all the scars that she now possed. Cari moved in front of Demus and  took his hands in hers.  "Love..."Cari knew at that moment that there was a semblance of truth in that one word.  "Love, the choice is yours. I will not ask it of you.  I can leave or stay no matter your choice."  Cari whispered in his ear.  "I will not look badly upon you in either event."  She kissed his ear lobe softly to convey the truth, and her feelings for him, this was hardly a matter of their relationship, but yet she felt it meant alot more right now.  Perhaps it was her jealousy perhaps not, but it was his choice to make.




Demus nodded to Cari, thinking for a moment about whether he wanted her there or not.  Part of him wanted to have her leave, but no matter what else this was, it was training for him and Cari was the only one that could help him with that.  Still, the way she was speaking to him was different than before, as if something had shifted and he wasn’t sure he liked it.  Different personalities were one thing, this was something else.  Well, Cari was a woman and they liked to keep things shaken up after all.  Cari was a master at it and he tended to enjoy everything she’d thrown his way so far so he decided to just move forward.




“I want you to stay.” He said, looking her in the eye as he did so.  Her kiss left him with a certain amount of heat as did the look in her eyes but he didn’t try to move towards her again.  Instead he pulled back and forced a cruel smile onto his face.  He walked over to the young woman and cupped her face in his hands, forcing her to look up at him.  She jerked her head away but it had been long enough for him to see the fear in her eyes.  Demus walked around her, his hands roaming as they had so often since this torture had begun.  He stroked her wounds with gentle caresses and whispered in her ear from behind her.  “I am pleased with you my toy.  No matter what we’ve done you haven’t given in.  And for all your resistance, I have been granted my special favor.” He said softly.  He would not ask her for the information again.  His path had been set and he intended to see it through.




Her whimpers began anew and he nodded to Cari, wondering what was happening between them as he did so.  He had no idea if this new development was good or not, but like everything else in his life, he was willing to ride it out and see.  Cari had been the best thing to ever happen to him really and he had no intentions of leaving her anytime soon.  Not if he could help it anyway.  He looked down at the girl then and continued the circle around her, waiting until he was in front of her to begin undressing.




Her pleas didn’t take long in coming.  His instincts had been right and though he had taken it further than he would have thought possible before, he hadn’t actually had to rape the girl to get something out of her.  Her sobs were broken by “light help me’s” and “Don’t let him..”  Her eyes seemed to plead with Cari while avoiding him completely.




Demus looked back at Cari, still relieved that he hadn’t had to commit the final act, but also reassured that he would have been able to if she hadn’t broken.  He didn’t bother dressing yet though as he waited for Cari to get all the information she needed.




Demus Nolorean


Cari resigned herself to watching, she didn't want to but it was her job.  She wrapped the void around her as Demus paced around the girl.  She wasn't mad that he would do this, she was mad at herself.  Mad for falling in love with him and mad for being jealous of this job he was about to preform.  Cari let the anger float around the void, as she tried to focus her thoughts on the task at hand.  But her thoughts kept going back to her feelings. How could she love him?  It wasn't that he was a bad man, more that she wasn't ready to have that for him, or for anyone.  Finally over Alex.  Thats what bothers you most of all.  Maybe that was it, but Cari didn't want to be in love, they had a good thing before that four lettered word got in the picture.


Cari wasn't surprised the girl pleaded with her to stop.  Demus looked back at Cari and she stepped forward.  The void wrapped cleanly around her, his naked body was nothing more than that as she placed her hand on the small of his back.  No electricity, just skin. Cari looked at the girl and ran her finger over her cheek.  "Where is your father?  I will let him continue if you do not answer me."  Cari gave Demus a  gentle nudge for him to step towards her, her hand still on the small of his back.  The girl started babbling. Cari put her finger to the girls mouth.  "Slowly."  Demus didn't need another nudge to step forward her words came out in a high pitched squeak but they were slower.  He was in a safe house in the middle of the city.  A place that would be hard to get into but it hardly posed a problem.


Cari walked between Demus and the girl.  Cari whispered, "You can get dressed now."  There was no emotion in her voice, the void sapped everything full of meaning from it.  Cold and quiet, the former warder spoke as if nothing had changed these past 9 years.  Her emotions bottled up inside where they were safe for the time being.  Cari busied herself with preparing a meal and the salves to put on the girls body before the bandages.  While she was gone she didn't want the girl to die, she might need her again.  And then she would be a useful training tool for Demus and others to come.  She knew they would come eventually, they always did.


Cari didn't exactly ignore Demus and she hoped it would not take it as her being angry with him.  It was hardly that.  She understood duty and following through with your threats.  Cari was angry with herself.


She tended the girls wounds, trying to keep her thoughts on the task and not on her self or her life.  There was enough time for that and she didn't want to feel anything right now.




Demus was surprised by the emotionless voice that told him to dress but he recognized the Void from the time she had trained him in it.  He didn’t know why she had taken to it now, but it bothered him so he dressed quickly.  He watched her go about her business in silence, continuing to loom like a threat to the young woman that Cari whose wounds Cari was treating.  It wasn’t until she was done and they headed back into the tunnel that he felt a little tension leave him.  Whatever was happening with Cari had happened in that room and he was glad to get out of it.




He waited until they were back in the main part of the house and the tunnel entrance was hidden again before putting a hand on her arm.  He couldn’t seem to get her to make eye contact with him and it was bothering him.  “So what next?” He asked.






Cari dropped the void as Demus put his hand on her arm.  She hated hiding in the void.  She looked up at him, and could see the worry in his eyes.  She smiled but it didn't reach her eyes.  "Now one of us gets to fetch Mr. Grant and bring him here to bid his daughter farewell."  It wasn't something she would normally do, but she wanted the man to know that his hiding put his daughter in danger and that she would die badly in the end.


"The choice is yours, one of us has to stay to tend our girl here, we can't have her dying on us before her father is dead."


As Cari waited for his answer she looked Demus in the eyes, she really didn't like feeling this way, not now, and definately not being jealous.  You were jealous of Elia, but this is bad girl.*It's also alot different.  Elia was someone Alex cared about this girl means nothing to him.*-I'm sorry you love him.-I don't think I am.


Cari missed his answer from the exchange in her head.  "What was that? Sorry voices."  Cari pointed to her head.  Cari knew something bad would happen now, he'd freak out or say the same back and then where would they be.  He was younger than Jeffery Kincaid by a year.  She was old enough to be his mother.  Cari had to look away from her young lover.  The pain of dealing with her feelings was getting too much for her.  She hoped she wouldn't miss his answer this time.




text - is Marosa *text* is May text is Cari's own thoughts, -text- is Kayla


She tried to turn away but Demus grabbed her arm and pulled her back.  “What is this Cari?” He asked, his voice showing concern but his eyes held more anger than anything else.  Blood and blood ashes!  He’d done everything she’d asked of him and had promised to do more if she asked.  He’d thought they were past whatever barrier was springing up now.  Or was this something new?  He didn’t know, but Cari wasn’t acting like herself.  She wasn’t even acting like one of the others… just… different.  He was sure it was something that happened in that room and for once, he was going to press the matter.




“You said you weren’t going to be angry no matter what I did in that room and I believed you.  I still do.  That means this is something else and I want to know.  Why are you turning away from me?”  By this time the concern in his voice had disappeared and it was anger alone that spoke.




Demus Nolorean 


Cari was taken aback by his anger.  He had taken her distance and gotten angry, about what she wasn't sure but she wasn't going to lie to him.  That was one thing she never wanted to do, he was the only person in the world she could be honest with, now was not the time to start lying to him, and definately not about this.


Cari didn't try to take her arm back.  "You're hurting me."  He didn't lessen his grip, his anger was too much she supposed and he wanted answers.  "I'm not mad at you Demus. You did exactly as

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