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Our Ajah Paragraph


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Ok so I am working on the paragraph for the welcome letter to newbies and I would like help from you guys. Can you guys read this and see what we should change or add?


The Green Ajah

The scent of lightning fills the air and the sounds of the dying permeate the day sky. Your dress is covered in the blood of your enemies, your bones ache after hours of fighting, yet you are standing strong against the onslaught. This is the life of a sister of the Green Ajah, we stand for passion, for the last battle, and glory in the joy of life. The Green Ajah is known as the Battle Ajah - their Sisters on the front line of every fight against the Shadow. Only Greens bond more than one Warder and their constant war against the Dark One is the reason behind it. Their Sisters learn and use battle weaves and devise new ones while preparing for Tarmon Gai'don, the Last Battle. As the Ajah of Sacrifice, the Green sisters are willing to risk their own lives, and those of their Warders, to protect and help those in need. The Green Ajah stands ready. 


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