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Old SL returning (Open all)

Covai Seriba

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Covai nudged his horse along the path in the direction of the Black Tower's main gate. He had been absent from the tower for what was probably close to a year know, although sometimes he found it hard to believe, looking around now make it all the more real. The old wooden fence that used to encompass the tower grounds, or the Farm as it was know then was little more. Stone was used more often than not, providing a much stronger, and more intimidating defence.


Whilst he couldn't see it all, Covai as almost positive the grounds would have expanded. Rumours and talk of the Black Tower had spread everywhere it seemed. Some spoke of it as just another evil, like the White Tower was seen to be, simply with crazy male channelers in place of Tar Valon witches.


Scratching at the stubble of his beard, Covai grinned. Since leaving the Black Tower and his rank of Storm Leader, he had come to see the world as a very different place. He had also gained an insight to why people feared Aes Sedai and Asha'man alike. Whilst he knew people feared thing the didn't understand, it was different to view the fear, and even hatred, from the sidelines instead of as it's target.


Brushing the hair away from his eyes, Covai wondered what his return would bring. He had kept his Storm Leader robe, complete with the silver fork of lightning on the sleeves, as well as his Asha'man pins, and wore them now. Not for any claim to prior rank, but for recognition. Besides, there were very few foolish enough to wear such an outfit with the skills to back it up. His grooming at the moment however, or more correctly, the lack their of, probably hinted at it as well.


The edge of Covai's mouth twitched in a smile when he was stopped by a Dedicated at the gate and questioned. The man recognised the uniform, but not the face, and was obviously being cautious. "Covai Seriba." Covai spoke in reply. "Now either take me to the Inn for some food for me and my horse, or fetch Dalinarius or Dashiva."


Covai almost felt sorry for the man as he hesitated for a moment. He had no idea whether it was his own name, or that of Dali or Dash being used with such familiarity that caused the hesitation. But... Covai thought to himself and he leaned back slightly in his saddle as he waited, it'll be interesting to see which.

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Nakor was on guard duty today and none too happy about it. He would much rather be back at his house or one of the training grounds practicing his weaves, but somebody had to stand patrol and it was his turn. So far this morning nothing of interest had happened. That is, nothing of interest until now.


Riding toward him was a man on horseback, but there was nothing special about that. What was special was that this man wore not only the black uniform and pins marking him as an Ashaman but his sleeves were clearly marked as a Storm Leader. The only one with that rank in the Tower right now was the M'Hael Haran Dashiva.


And yet, and yet why would this man be wearing these things if he hadn't earned them? How could he have even gotten them? Nakor decided to play it cautiously and see what happened. He'd give the man the respect the rank entitled him to but still not let him in right away just in case.


When the man came close enough Nakor spoke, "Morning Storm Leader. If you'll excuse my ignorance I'm still rather new and I don't believe we've met. Can you please identify yourself?"


"Covai Seriba. Now either take me to the Inn for some food for me and my horse, or fetch Dalinarius or Dashiva."


Well, he knew some names then, that implied that he'd been here before, but didn't yet prove he'd earned the rank he wore. "I'll escort you to Dashiva and we'll see what happens then."

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Dashiva looked up as the door to his office opened and half reached for saidin before he saw a man in the Towers black uniform saluting with a Dedicated's pin.


It took him a moment to remember the man's name, and frowned as he looked down a moment to look at the day's duty roster. "Dedicated Nakor, I believe you had Gate duty today so I'm sure you have a good reason for being here instead of your post."


"A man claiming the name Covai Seriba is here, he's just outside," Nakor said.


Dashiva blinked once in surprise, he hadn't heard anything about one of his few friends, and his oldest one at that in some time. "Send him in, and return to your post," he said pushing away the roster.


Quickly thinking, he pushed his chair back and stood, despite the lack of word Covai was an old friend and shouldn't be greeted by him sitting behind his desk.

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OOC: Welcome back.


IC: The wind was blowing with reasonable strength this and it made his balancing exercises quite difficult. With his sword raised above his head and one foot lifted off the ground it was difficult enough without the wind threatening to blow him over every second. His cloak blowing hard with it made things even more tedious. Why in the light was he wearing the thing? But what caused him to lose his balance in the end was in no way due to the wind but due to recognizing an old face he'd almost forgotten. As he picked himself up off the ground he stared hard at the face of Storm Leader Covai Seriba. He hadn't known the man all too well but he had known him. Drenn couldn't recall exactly how long it had been since Covai had left but he knew it had been long enough for the Tower to near change completely. What had brought him back?


As Drenn drew closer hoping to have a few words, Covai disapeared into the inn, being lead by a dedicated. It looked like Nakor. Following them inside he realized they were going to see Dashiva. it would hardly have been appropriate for him to follow into Dash's office so he contented himself to wait until their business was concluded.

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Covai nodded to the Dedicated as he indicated for Covai to enter. Closing the door behind him, Covai looked to see Dashiva standing his desk. The man's face showed as little emotion as usual, but Covai knew him well enough to detect some small changes. The lines of his face seemed a little more worn then they were a year ago. Covai's eyed passed over the paper work on Dashiva's desk. Well thats new... Covai thought. It explained a few things though. The creator only knows how I'd deal with that much paper work..."


Covai didn't know what he was supposed to say at a time like this, but he could see his friend was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt for the moment as he wove an eavesdropping ward around the room. Dashiva slight pause after was, Covai knew, his way of giving him an opportunity to speak first. Truth be told though, Covai felt he'd be more confortable answer questions than trying to ramble on to explain things all at once.


"Long time no see."

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Dashiva looked at Covai as he entered, and watched his eyes carefully, before seizing saidin and weaving an eavesdropping ward around his office. He didn't want some soldier or Dedicated listening in and letting the whole Tower know.


"Long time no see.", Covai said and Dashiva waited to see if he said anything else.


"Yes it has," he said making a small effort to keep his voice from being flat in the Void. "Be seated," gesturing to one of the few chairs.


Waiting for Covai to sit, he sat himself behind his desk and leaned back, propping his boots on his desk.


"All that time away, and not one bit of contact. I know your... Talent isn't much good since I'm sure both Dalinar and myself ward our dreams. The least you could have done was send a letter."


Exhaling heavily, he shook his head and calmed himself. "So, what brings you back? Anything to justify my fighting to keep you off the traitors list?" he asked.


Weaving air to pour two drinks of wine and floated one of the cups to Covai and sipped from his own cup while he waited.

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"A letter? You know my handwriting is horrible." Covai replied. Truth be told it was. "As for fighting to keep me off the traitors tree..." Covai shrugged. "If I was concerned about being hung from the tree do you think I'd bother coming back after a year?" Covai let the question hang for a brief moment before continuing.


"I've been absent from the tower for reasons of my own, as any Storm Leader.." Covai raised his right arm, showing the silver lightning on the sleeve denoting his rank "..is able to do."


"Its been about a year since I last visited the Tower, true. But the first three months of my absence was in the roll of a Storm Leader in case you've forgotten. I've been to Tear, Cairhein, Caemlyn, and other cities as well checking on our recruiters and giving them a hand increase our numbers here at the Black Tower"


"After that I spent some time travelling doing some research and discovering information about Tel'Aran'Rhiod. I even looked in Tear for a Ter'angreal that could help, but I turned up empty."


"And I will point out I have kept in contact. I've sent messages to the M'hael informing him of my progress."


Covai leaned back a little in his chair."As for the rest of the story...well thats not just to be discussed with you. If you like, you can accompany to see the M'hael. If he permits, you can hear the rest of the story."

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Dashiva sat back in his chair, and folded his arms. So you've been in touch with Dalinar while gone have you old friend, he thought before stamping it out.


Letting the eavesdropping ward drop, he didn't release saidin and gestured to the door. "Let's go then, I'll pass you over to Dalinar and then I have more paperwork I need to look over on matters of training," he told Covai muttering oaths about some instructors before he stopped himself.


As they left his office, he paused to carefully ward it with both visible and inverted wards before he wove a Shield very carefully inverted as he wove it. Covai may be his oldest and probably only friend at the Tower, but he was also gone a long time and people changed.


Walking along the Tower grounds, he returned salutes from passing soldier's and Dedicated, and nodded at Asha'men. Knocking on Dalinar's outer door to give him some warning, he stepped through and waited outside his office's inner door for Dalinar to open it.

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OOC: here you go Dash :)


~ Racelle ~


Racelle gave over on her lunch some time ago and was now pushing the vegetables around on her plate. She wondered how much longer Dash would be with his work. About an hour ago he had nearly pushed her out of his office with instructions for her to help herself to the kitchen. He said it was too much of a distraction to keep her in the office with him. She smiled at the thought and her mind went back to the night before sitting in his lap, kissing him and talking with him. They had never actually had any sort of conversation that wasnt strictly necessary. She had very much enjoyed it. However, the rest of the night was extremely awkward. Sleeping in the same bed seemed more personal than it ever had before, yet in a good way. She certainly enjoyed his arms about her. He had never done that before. They had had nights where she had forgotten herself and instinctively snuggled against his back, but he had never before acknowledged her existance in the night except when she made any sort of movement to get up before dawn. But then, that morning when he had woken just before daybreak for his training, he was his original distant self again.


Her mind was then brought back from its reminiscing state by a familiar face. Nakor had entered the inn followed closely by an Asha'man she had not yet laid eyes on. The pair strode through the common room and toward Dashiva's office. It irked Racelle that she hadnt met this man before, as he was obviously an Asha'man just by his demeanor. Silent, stern and intimidating: his eyes watched everything and nothing at once. They disappeared into Dash's office and in a few moments Nakor was heading back towards the front of the inn. Racelle stood and almost made for Dash's office but she thought better of interrupting him and instead hurried out the door for Nakor.


Running up to his side she asked with breathy curiosity: "Nakor, who was that you brought to see Dash. I have never seen him before." Since her last futile attempt at escape she had paid more attention to the men of the Black Tower. In her mind she knew that she wouldnt attempt to escape again, and not just because of the oath she had sworn to prevnt her, but she was still much more comfortable when she knew that there were very few above the rank of Dedicated that she did not at least know the face of. The manner in which she had met Nakor would not reoccur.

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Guest Dalinar

Dalinar was dishing up a good serve to the young Soldier who stood before him. Several penances had not yet disciplined the teenager appropriately, and he continued to be reckless and dangerous to others in his training out of pure overconfidence. Dalinar did not sit well with cocky fools.


When the knock at the door came, he cut off his lecture, which he suspected was falling on deaf ears in any case, and looked over expectantly.


"Come in," he said shortly, more shortly than the guests deserved, surely, but the Soldier had put him in a sour mood.


Dashiva stepped into the room, followed by another man who it took Dalinar a moment to recognise. Covai! He looked worse for wear, and rougher round the edges than when they had last seen each other. Dalinar supposed he probably looked older too, and more care worn than he once had. Time changed anyone, even an ageless Aes Sedai.


He gestured curtly to the Soldier. "I expect that you'll be eagerly reporting to M'Hael Haran Dashiva later in the day. You're dismissed for now."


He beckoned to Covai and Dashiva. "Come in, come in. It's been a long time, Covai. Can I get you a drink?"


Dalinarius Traachanshield,


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