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The tatoosist and the Green...not all is what it seems (Tia)


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Tiassale had often come to the Ogier Grove during the first years of her Sisterhood, seeking not only quiet and solitude but a respite from overpowering and often stifling atmosphere of the White Tower. She pointed it out to Mysti now, soaring over the city and then led the girl in the opposite direction, toward the Shining Walls, another awe inspiring sight.


They explored Tar Valon at length, visiting each of the six bridges and marveling at the fantastic shapes and carvings the Ogier had wrought. They visited the fish markets but left fairly quickly, wrinkling their noses at the smell. The docks were swarming with ships from all over the continent offloading their goods. Captains haggled with merchants and sailors tied off innumerable ropes so quickly and competently their hands blurred. For Tia it was like reliving her very first moments in the city, alone and afraid and she was sure, as wide eyed and innocent as Mysti seemed to be.


She had managed to glean a few facts from the young woman but she was more wary than Tia had expected about revealing her past. She was much more enthusiastic about the future.


“Will you be staying in Tar Valon long? I must show you the Eldone Market, across the river. Perhaps tomorrow?â€


Tiassale Morobin

Green Sister

Bonded to Andular Rojvas



Mysti tried her best to reply to the questions asked without revealing anything about her past. She had no intentions of her parents learning where she was, to stand the risk to be sent back. No, never back, what was in the past was in the past, her life was with Gladius now and when her father coundnt accept him then he where no father of hers.


It still hurt to think on, her father had been allowed to do what she had been denied, but it wouldnt help her thinking on it.


She agreed to seeing the market the next day, Gladius probably had work for a few days, she did most work and earned best moneys in the evenings, as such she had the days off.

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