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D&D based.... feel free to add.


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The party stocked the shoreline of the island.  Many were well rehearsed at keeping their heads down, but the dwarf -to his companions’ horror- might as well have not even attempted the feat.  He might as well have bellowed "Dragon!  Here we be!"


Marlow Vanderhof crept along the shadowed perimeter of the forest, just up the beach from his cohorts.  He had been drawn to this area by a bush that looked unnaturally shaded.  As he ghosted next to the shrub, he recognized one of the hired soldiers that had been with them earlier.  During the initial attack many of the hired soldiers had been slayed from one deep, exhaling breath from their dragon foe. Fewer still had run for cover.  This lad, for he was barely a man, lay still in what appeared to be shock.


The companions circled around the poor boy.  Boedin, the cleric, laid one hand on his head.  Grasping her crystalline holy symbol with her other hand, she prayed to palor to heal the young man.  Soon, the boy's trembling slowed and then stopped.


Once regrouped, the party prepared their magical armor.  The mage cast a spell of fire protection on each of her companions.  Lastly, Boedin- with the help of her God- summoned forth a hero’s feast.  ALL partook of this beneficial meal; feeling stronger, more confident, blessed.


Later, inside the dragon's lair, the poor boy disappeared.  All the companions thought the boy had lost his nerve.  However, only a few short moments later, behind a pile of crumbling rock, they found the poor soul's body.  The cleric rushed to the young man's side.  As she inspected his health, her determined visage turned into a perturbed frown.  The boy was cold as ice.  Dead for hours at the least....................


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