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The Enchanted Glen - Hicking [jocelyn]


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Aslan checked his bag once more, he had everything in it, and suply for the horse in the saddlebags. He was ready and walked out the door, using the power to seal it behind him, he wouldnt be back for a couple weeks. After hearing his tasks he had descided he needed to get to know the area better, and had asked for a guide to show him around. Now he was walking towards the stables, hoping his note had presceded him there and his horse would be ready when he arived. It was his tird day into the stay and he was happy to be geting out of the place, there where many enough in the Black Tower as well, but the aura there was different, he only regreted he had not had the chanse to see any of the ogier yet.


He arived at the stables, fastening his bags onto the sadle and then grabed the reins. Now to wait, he was early and knew so, but not overly so either, hopefully his guide would soon show up.

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