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What is the current MoT email address?


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I just tried to email to warders.mot [at] gaidin.org and got a Failure Delivery. I suppose that it has to do with the fact that the domain does not anymore.


It would be nice to know what the new email address is as the website still lists the old email address for Trainee requirements.


And while you are at it, please get Sahra raised :P I have been waiting for 8 days now and I am starting to get a tad impatient.



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7-8 A Road of Their Own (a few weeks later)*

In order to complete this requirement you are required to write an essay of at least 200 words stating your in-character reasons for choosing your discipline and your path. Since paths are optional, when you decide not to follow a path you must indicate why you did not choose one. We need to know what your philosophy is on life and your role as a fighter. Also include your philosophy (Void/Spring), primary, secondary and tertiary weapons for record keeping. Please send your essay to warders.mot@gmail.com


Note: Sending to the Division Leader is used in case the Mistress of Trainees is on leave of absence. Always send to both to be on the safe side.


Do remember: You can always ask for help from either the Mistress of Trainees (warders.mot@gaidin.org) or on the different OOC boards for other division members to help you.


* RP must be approved by Mistress of Trainees.

** RP must be approved by Mistress of Trainees and the Division Leader of all other Divisions involved.


Bah, and I am blind. You listed the right address there too but I noticed only  the wrong old one.

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