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In the beginning (Attn: Coran and MoT)


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((Finally!  I've been meaning to get to this for a long time.))


Ranul watched as his little sister was lead off by the Aes Sedai who had healed her.  Don't worry about me, he though wryly, I'll find something to do with all this stuff.  The bags he and Sorna had brought to the White Tower were laying at his feet.  He had been able to put both of them in the cart with his sister but now it looked like he had to carry them.  Where he was supposed to carry them, he didn't know but he picked them up anyway and walked over to a Tower Guard that was, well, guarding.  "Excuse me, sir," he addressed the guard, "Which way should I go to reach wherever the Warders train?"


One corner of the guard's mouth turned up in cynical amusement, "The Warders' Yard?  You a porter or do you think you actually have what it takes to the join the Tower Guard?"


Ranul straightened under his burden and opened his mouth to defend himself but the Guard waved down his protests.  "Calm down, calm down.  Now isn't the time for us to turn away anyone who can so much as hold a sword."  The Guard gave Ranul the brief directions to the Yard and added, "I suggest you develop a thicker skin, kid.  You're going to hear worse."


Ranul didn't even bother to thank the man and lumbered off to the Warders' Yard.


Once he reached his destination, Ranul noticed a young man training by himself.  Walking toward the young man, he stopped nearby and put his bags on the ground.  Temporarily relieved of his burden, he patiently watched man go through his forms.  The fellow appeared to be now older than Ranul, possibly younger but he was doing things with the blade that Ranul didn't know was possible.  Trying not to gape, he glanced around the Yard to see if anyone wasn't busy.  The young man in front of him was the only around so Ranul politely waited to be acknowledged.

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The flow of the forms moved through Coran, though under his direction he let them go where they would. Faster and faster his sword moved in his hand and his legs danced in a small area.


He was a small man with youthful features, but he used his slight body to his advantage, he was hard to strike. His enemies soon found that he had a quickness about him that they did not expect. That is what he was training now.


Shifting from hand to hand the sword continuously moved into and out of the different forms. In the corner of his mind he registered the boy who had come to stand near him, carrying a large load. The sign of a new trainee all about him.


Abruptly the sword rounded in a circle and flew into the sheath at his hip. He looked at the boy as he walked over. He looked like work was not a stranger to him, he carried himself well, though at the moment he looked a little lost…more that just directionally. ~Well, most people find their way here. ~ He thought to himself. ~I certainly did~


“Hello.” He said to the boy. He looked up into the boy’s face. “What can I do to help you? If help you need, of course” He said. He waited for the boy to speak.


OOC: I was wondering where you went to > :)  Welcome!!!

Coran Thalier


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Watching the blade whirl in front of him, Ranul understood that his merchant father had not really taught him anything about swordplay.  This was going to be much tougher than he thought; especially if all boys were expected to be as good as the one in front of him.


"I do need help, I think.  I'm Ranul Ulend," he shifted his packs around and grunted, "I'm here to train but first I'd like to put these bags somewhere," he lifted the one on his right shoulder, "This one's my sister's.  She's off to train with the Aes Sedai.  And this one," he hefted the other bag, "Is mine.  Not much in it aside from clothes and some herbs.  My sister's is full of books and stuff for sewing."


Despite being much stronger than her looked, Ranul was beginning to feel the leather straps force themselves into his shoulders and he looked around for a place to relieve himself of his burdens until someone with authority came around.

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Dude! Totally sorry I have been gone so long! Does heart surgery qualify as a good excuse???



"Hello Ranul. I'm Coran Thalier." He said reeaching out and helping the boy with one of his bags. "Follow me, I'll show you where you can store this and then show you to the mistress of Trainees. She will get you straightened out and paired up with a mentor."


Coran watched the boys posture and walk as they entered the building, he was a strong boy and seemed to have a start on training. His walk spoke of practice already. ~Well He will find how far he really is once he starts~


They walked to the barracks and Coran showed him to a room with four beds and a small writing desk next to each.


"No one is in the last bed over there. You can place your things there until you talk to the Mistress of trainees." They started up to the Mistrsses offices. "Besides following your sister here, why would you want to be a Warder?" Coran asked as they walked down the hall.



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Ranul placed his bag down near the bed.  The fourth bed.  At least he wouldn't have to share one.  And he'd get his own desk.  When Coran mentioned the Mistress of the Trainees, Ranul blinked a bit in surprise but he recovered quickly assuming that the woman likely had administrative duties.  There was probably some warrior around who would be teaching him. 


"That's about it.  It's my job to take care of and protect my sister," he shrugged, "Who can teach me better than Warders?"


And he wanted to aid in the fight along the Blight but he kept that to himself for fear that he'd be laughed at.


OOC:  It's ok as long as you're better.  December and January are always bad months for me so if it takes you a while to post, I won't be upset.  I probably won't be able to do much posting either.

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