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Pet peeves in writing


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Are there some kind of expressions or words that irk you? Do you avoid some kind of expressions?


I can be a bit anal retentive about proper spelling and mispelling of two particular WoT related words always annoys me :P Mainly because it is so very common. The words are Caemlyn instead of Camelyn and Amyrlin instead of Amrylin.


Also I try to stick to historical expressions whenever possible if a viable alternative exists and another expression wouldn't be especially juicy or funny. Like for example it annoys me to see people write "Are you OK?" when they could say instead "Are you alright?" which would be far more true to the setting.


My last one is shortening Aes Sedai to just Sedai. There is an important distinction. Aes Sedai is a servant of all and Sedai is just mere servant and no self-respecting Sister wants to be called that ;)


So what are your pet peeves?

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