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old disc, vs new disc and path


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just out of interest, cause it seems to me the old discs far from forgoten


so is there more like me, i dont know for sure which my disc are now, balance or something, the last was speed and i aint that


every few month i need to check what my path was called


i have no clue if any new members joined my disc or path


i know who was daisho when i started and when we used the old discs...i kept track on the members


when i rp Lii i dont use the names of the new path or disc's, i used daisho, when i do mention doing something with both her blades, i think on the reasons she chose daisho


when i now made a new TG i went and read the old disc's, then went and saw which disc and path was the ones most similar to ren'shai...dont recal what their name was


i know when Hall get raised he'll likely be TotO, no idea which disc and path that suit most with, will figure it out when the day come


i know arie and daemon is ren'shai, andular is TotO, alriand was Cuen


all the persons i interacted with i had some feel for what they where, and when rping with someone new would check which disc they where part of if the rp had any figthing or such in it...i dont check paths and discs other then for finding the names when they are discused here and i need to know the names of which i am in


1.Do you still think of yourself of the old disc, with the new system just being adapted tag on top, chosen cause you had to name something, so you named the one closes to your old disc.


2.Or do you use the new system, old discs? what are you talking about?


reason i ask is maybe i am wrong but it seems to me that the old discs where more loved, used and refered to then the new system...

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Feel free to discuss however we are not changing systems again.  You are free to use the old disciplines but they cannot be used for any warder training except in Create your own RPs.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with our system now.  People are advancing farther and faster than they have in forever. 


And personally to me there is no point to any of it anymore because it's not used for requirements unless you choose to.


If someone wishes to reinstate the old descriptions to the new paths I will consider it since they are the replacements but we will not change systems again...


Disciplines are the ways in which you choose your skill set.  Paths are choices you make to your fighting style.



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nods just curious, i know some quit and some just caved in, and thinking on it i cant say i see much happening around it compared to the old ones...


talked to one today that said some of the same, used the old, just ignoring/not using the new one


however i do disagree, if the case is that most people write around or ignore it, dont use it, then it dont work, you could just as well named the ooc groups it forms for group yellow, green and blue for all it mathers. Because then all it does is sort people into groups that aint used for anything then organisation? My opinion is there was a whole lot more going on around the old disc's. But yes i dont see the old system coming back, because it was quite setled back then that it was going through, and those who didnt like it either left, or just caved in submiting what was closest to whatever they where before and went on without using it...or that at least is the picture i have.


I am just interested in seeing how many use it


I agree that the reqs work, not so sure the paths and disc's where as successfull, thats what i am curious about seeing, and in one way, i dont see how its bad to evealuate the changes. I realise its not going to change, but at the same time i'd think it sad if it turned out the majority is the same as me and we're using a system that dont apeal to people. In which case one migth want to look into how to solve it.

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Ata the only people who use the old stuff is ppl who were here when the old stuff was around.  People like Brenda/Rosheen who grew up with the new system don't even know what you are talking about except for that so and so says something about it.


I personally don't ever mention anything other than the void in any of my posts.  (or the spring) because those are things that are ways of fighting, everything else I do is based on the forms and my character.  The disciplines and paths are exactly what you said ways of categorizing things.  To add names and titles.  For all I care we can drop the whole thing.  They don't add to anything as a division, they are only used for char dev. 


We teach you how to fight, that is all, you develope your own stytles based on your mentors teaching and the way you want your character to be, THAT is the point of the paths and disciplines in the new system.


A discipline is a set of skills in general used.


The Strength discipline is basically your hack and slash and power discipline.  Everything in here suggests strength.


Speed dsicpline is the basis of agility and quickness to beat your opponent.


And Balance is using both strength and speed to accomplish your talents.


These are genearlizations, and why the system was simplified.


The paths are Ways of life, your style have you. 


The way of knowledge is tactics and strategy versus say someone in the path of misdirection who uses their movements, etc to distract and make their oppnenet think they will do something and then they don't it's the element of surprise.


The point of the paths is to pick and choose the attributes YOUR character wants to use.  I'm not saying you can be a god here, but you can choose specific aspects of the paths and make them your own.  That is the point of not having to choose one.


For instance:  Character A is strategy oriented yet they use two swords and have been practicing their fluidity of forms.  These are three key attributes of different paths:  The path of knowledge, the path of the two weapons and the path of water. 


the entire system was suppose to knock down the predefined character concepts so that you can build your own.


I'm not about to take that away.



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Guest Arie Ronshor

I find that the old disciplines are great for RP value and storyline. I can connect the Ren'Shai with how Cairma connects to things, and being how it's old and out dated i can connect with the oldies that are returning, but also understand thay they are no longer viewed otherwise.


If you are that interested in the old disciplines, Maybe use that as a way to connect to other players for subject matter for new RP's.


For example, my Trainee Conor will be going "insert Discipline" ANd i want to know more about it. So-and-so was part of that discipline so i invite so-and-so into an RP. If one of my req's requires a conflict, perhaps a difference of opinion on said discipline causes a fist fight and then it needs to be broken up and dealt with. I just covered not only a Trainee Req, but also gained the knowledge of the discipline (in an odd manner, but eh..)


I honestly believe the old disciplines give a new spin on RP's to help bring in the old and the new together. :) After all, nothing like a little friendly competition between maybe a Ren'Shai and Daisho. :)



(And Ren'Shai is now 'called' Path of the Blade.. although few of us old REn'Shai bother as we like "Ren'Shai" better. strikes more fear.. ! RAWR!!)

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If someone wishes to reinstate the old descriptions to the new paths I will consider it since they are the replacements but we will not change systems again...


i agree with arie, the way they where writen and all made them more valiuable to rp with, it was a way of life, the new you dont conect with the same way


i agree the new reqs work...but maybe tie the paths more up towards the paths, or place them back up as paths, and get the old names back..because yes the old names sounded neater, its something with a name fitting as well.


and as for the new disc's wheter they are scraped or not, i really dont care, if someone use them then let them stay, maybe make them chosable like paths, thus save those not interested from having to go to the trouble of chosing one


but thats my exact point in that people use spring and void...before they also used the disc's...even if the paths reborn of them, they seem no where near as popular..before it was like chosing an ajah, you asked and people was all over recruiting you, it was used ic for rp.. it was made an excuse to rp much more then the paths seems to be


and yeah i miss those rp's, i remember them, maybe i did something when the paths where new i dont recal, i do remember rping with the daisho higher rankings, talking about the disc etc


so they are paths now, or suposed to be but not used as much cause people dont seem to conect the same way to them...thats what i am asking...if that is so...what can we do to make people conect, if i am wrong then nothing need changing though


but so far all i talked give me the impresion that the old disc's where more used, and had a rp value the new paths dont


this got nothing to do with the reqs as i see, they work and should stay as are...it only is about the grouping ic/ooc activety level and such

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The reason they aren't popular is becase we dont' require you to use them.  Changing the names is not going to change that.  Changing the descriptions are not going to change that.  there are no requirements that say you HAVE to use that.  The reason the others were actually used was because that was how you got a higher WS past trainee.


Changing names is not going to do anything for your concerns.  And I don't want to ressurect the old names because then it confuses the old returning people it is far easier to say choose a new one then have to say it's not how you train.


I will not restrict the usage but there is nothing that will make disciplines popular again with our current system.



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actualy then why didnt just the req get changed? i saw them more as an org you joined then a req system, a way of beeing, something that you formed your chars after


which is likely why they are hardly all gone, because the characters themself where built around the disc's


like how do i know Hall would be toto. because he is that calm patient personality, the old descriptions just where better written, more catching. And you could use the conectionpoint ic out of the reqs as well, it was a reason for ic interaction, like seeking advices about stuff from similar minded people.


And somehow people flashed them around more, making it easier to localise people of the same figthing style as yourself, for RPs of other nature then figthing. Corwin is aroundish of and on, Nuitari gone. I got no clue if anyhow else joined the same style or if i where alone, the old names for instance rolled bether of the tounge, and could easily be shortened down to shorter tags like daisho, making it easier to put in a sig. For me the whole two system thing is slightly overkill and making me loose oversight, 1 grouping was enough, and easier to keep track of, either htey where the same as you or not, not 1/2 so, 80% so or such, it was black and white more'ish.


I am just wondering about the reasons if people had an easier time with the old system to be used in RP (i know i did) and so be able to use that info, to maybe posible make the new system work the same. I dont care about old disc's or new one or such, as long its something the chars fit into and that is usable, and its the last i feel that i miss, and is looking for a way to rememdy.


There simply just is to much to match up, disc, path, regiment, void or spring. To much to keep track of, void/spring + one more thing would be plenty enough. Mayhaps something could be done if there is just a need for grouping, based on regiment, maybe the different ones could be of different paths, the whole disc thing i'd not miss cause i find them more confusing then anything else, just like i do spring which is why all my chars is void.


basicaly i am just asking questions and tossing ideas around, cause i dont know the soloution, i know i miss that rp thing where you belonged to something akin with what the AS do with the ajah's. Something to group you down to a minor group of equal people in something. Something that is usable IC

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Guest Arie Ronshor

I think Ata has a point. :)


It's not a matter of Raising requirements, or changing anything that leads up to raising of WS, but RP Value and familiarity via IC interaction.


And no, the old disc won't die... not while someone still puts it in their Siggie. :D

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The reason the paths aren't popular is because they have the collective depth of a baby pool.  The paths weren't even meant to fulfill the function they ended up being used for.  As I recall, the original intention was for them to assist with character creation and the personality of the character, a collection of archetypes.  It was only when people continued to fight on for the old disciplines that the paths were converted to fill their position, which they did badly for the most part.


The current disciplines act roughly like weight classes more than anything else and the paths, after all this time, still don't have nearly as much development as the older set of disciplines.  Add to that your philosophies of Spring and F&V, and Ata has a point.  Is all of that really necessary?


As is, I think I could count the amount of people that have used the current disc/paths to some degree of success (that weren't simply using the old disciplines under the new names) on one hand.

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Baby Pool hehe  I like that James and I have to agree the old ones did give you a set group where if asked you could clame that you trained as Ren'Shai. There was honor and prestige when it came to the old discs. If the paths/disc or the old Discs have nothing to do with Rp reqs then why can it be a personal choice between all of them? Just because the old and new have similarities does not mean that a person could not use them to define part of thier chars personality.


this may have been said but why not leave the choice of path or disc up to the person and have them only for char development since they are not required for advancement.

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