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Hornsounder Robert Jordan Edition - October 2007


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Welcome to this month's edition of the Hornsounder!


Welcome Readers, to a special edition of the Hornsounder.


Special indeed, for we celebrate the man that brought us all together and left us a legacy that will be with us all for years and decades to come and will pass to our children and our children's children. To pass into history, throughout the ages to come and touch the hearts and minds of those not yet among us. And still we are already linked to them through this legacy.


A legacy of hope, courage, strength and determination. Of laughter and enjoyment. Of valor and value in all living things and the force that holds it all together and from which it all comes and one day returns.


This month we celebrate the man who has gone before us to return to the Light and who will await us when our time comes to go home. We pay tribute to the creator of our new found world we call WoT and the messages he has forever installed into our hearts.


Tribute to Sir James Rigney, Jr.


A special Section dedicated to Sir Robert Jordan has been added to the Hornsounder in which you will find a variety of items, each aimed and focussed towards this man that has come to mean so much to all of us, whether we have met him or not. Readers are expressing in their own way their feelings and remembrence of one that will always be with us.


In the spirit of our beloved author, the Hornsounder continues to bring you the news and antics of life in the Band and on DM.


We have heard your message, Sir Jordan. We will go on and stand against whatever life may throw at us. Without fear or favor we will be steadfast in our goals and not let Darkness diminish the Light you have given us.


On behalf of the Hornsounder Team and Readers, thank you.



Editor in Chief




JoTS Winner of the Month


This month's topic was: RJ, The Creator


And the winner: Stef of the Cavalry!


Congratulations, Stef!!  :)


The winning JoTS:


Warrior's Final Rest


Sometimes e’en when you’ve fought your best,

Faced each challenge and passed each test

The warrior still must take his rest

From the dance with Jak o’the Shadows


Safe in the mother’s last embrace

In Paradise lift up your face

Know in our hearts you’ll have a place

To forever dance with Jak O’the Shadows



October's Headlines!


As our regular readers have come to know, the Hornsounder is divided into Sections, each handling a part of the newspaper and housing specific topis. I give you now a summary of what you can find in each Section.

You may find your interested parts quickly by scrolling to the Sections, which are clearly marked by their own Header as the one you see here on top. Subsections within can be recognised by their Blue color and therefore equally easy to recognise. To help you find your field of interest even faster, in the Headlines below you find the page on which each Section is located.


A special Tribute to Robert Jordan Section is added to this month's edition in which various Readers express in their own way how they celebrate, remember and feel towards the Creator of the Wheel of Time. Poems, Prose, Artwork and quotes from the man himself have been the inspiration of the authors and artists.


In the Editorial Section (way at the end of the Hornsounder) you can find out everything about the Hornsounder itself. What it is, how it works, who the slaving mad people are that make sure you get your newspaper full of interesting stuff each month and how YOU can be a part of it all too.


The Band of the Red Hand Section brings you the Word from our Marshal-General, introduces the Band's current Active Members, provides the results of the Band's Lottery . Stefania is bringing us a summary of Banders' Music reviews and you get the opportunity to smooch away on our Banders' birthdays


The Regimental Section will effectively still your hunger for knowing what's been up with the Cavalry and Infantry this month. Check up on the antics of the Recruits while they visited every Regiment, whether a new Knight or Lady has been raised, if the Infantry gained a new Morat or maybe a new Blademaster even. Sadly this month, we are missing the Archers as their resident reporter was called away on some Real Life business. But we have good hopes to hear from them again next month. 


In the Raw Recruits Section, our Executive Officer, La Brain Rummager Extraordinaire herself, Blademaster Taymist will fill you in on the latest updates on our Recruits and present you with the Recruit of the Month.


In the Redarms Section our Redarm Leader fills you in on all the law breaking and spotfining activities that were found in the Band this month. Stay tuned as this month the newest Red Arm of the Term is announced in all it's glory.


The Specials Sections bring you a nice little collection of Columns and stories that will make you sit up and scream for more. The Columns Section this month brings you the next piece of Kristine's Infantry Nights and a new story from Lady StefaniaSedai's Thoughts! One Freelance Reporter has submitted a quite interesting piece this month.


Entertainment is the spice of Life! Or was it variety? Who cares... Get those braincells working and claim those prizes! Join in on the Competitions and see if you too can claim winner status in Corki's Great Hunt or are a wizard at Sudoku! Or maybe you are up for the challenge of the Scavenger Hunt or Word Scramble?


The free standing Games on the other hand, offer a nice warm up for those that need it or a fun way of passing the time in those dead hours between earning points for your promotions.

If you played the ones from last month and want to find out how well (or bad) you did, you'll find the correct answers here too.

Check out the Jokes ! Don't miss the forecast of Bridmorgan's Horoscopes now, for your future may depend on it!


Dragonmount, our home. Find out the latest news that was reported to Hornsounder about your ORG and those ORGs you don't know yet. Though it's been a silent month on the ORG side, we are pleased and excited to be able to offer you another update on the Tinkers and Emperor fills us in on What's up with those Forsaken?? 


Last but most definately not least: Wheel of Time Section! This is our special addition dedicated to our beloved author, Robert Jordan. Read all about the topic of conversation, turmoil, and uproar from DM this month!


So there you have it folks. I hope you will enjoy this month's Edition of your Hornsounder thoroughly and if you have any ideas or suggestions that might make your Hornsounder Experience even more fun, don't hesitate to let us know.


Or maybe you too want to try your hand at being a reporter?

There's room in the Hornsounder for everyone, so don't let those doubting demons get the best of you. Jump right in and contact me through pm with any ideas for articles and/or projects you may have!


Untill next month,



Editor in Chief


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A Tribute To Our Creator


The September 16, 2007, passing of beloved author James Rigney, Jr., known to the fantasy world as Robert Jordan, sent shock waves through the Dragonmount community. Most of us were aware of his ongoing battle with illness thanks to updates on his blog, but we simply were not ready for the black headlines that greeted us when we logged on that fateful day. It is in the aftermath of his tragic departure that we at the Hornsounder, with the help of all those who loved him, undertake to offer a tribute to the man whose art brought us all together. 



*Robert Jordan Art*



(Artwork by cloglord)




Tribute to RJ

(by SinisterDeath)


A photo/video slide of the Creator of the Wheel of Time





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*Robert Jordan Poetry*


In Mourning

(by Allan)



Swiftly carried by wailing wind

Mourning the passing of the dawn

And the dying of the early morning light



Reflections etched within the soul

Portraits of the rays of sun

As the world slips into night


Where are your words to lead the way?

Where is the Dragon that breaks the night?

Where is that herald of the day?

Where are the banners of the light?



A fleeting memory passing by

Withered by winters touch

As the world falls to the blight



A weeping sigh across the breeze

A tribute of remembrance lost

A silent prayer for sweet respite


Where is the master of the hearth?

Where is our herald of delight?

Where lay you now beneath the earth?

A fallen warrior in the fight!




Ahead of Us

(by Arrandion)


there's a light

which shows

the place

for us to be,

ahead of us


you know this light

because you are

already there,

ahead of us


mother's last embrace

is keeping you warm,

when we

down here,

are waiting

for the words

between the tears

to drop

on book's

empty pages,

for the final

battle to come,

ahead of us


sit down

on the Creator's hand

with a smile

on your face,


the battle's outcome


ahead of us,





Jak o'th' Shadows

(by Auld Manriva)


I'd seen the books but did not buy

Then saw a CD and gave em a try

They caught me up and time did fly

Hearing of Jak o' th' Shadows.


I heard of Rand and Mat and Perrin

Moiraine and Lan, Tomas and Verrin

Egwene and Elayne who loves her swearin

While dancin' with Jak o' th' Shadows.


To The Eye of the World and back

They struggled with Shadowspawn's attack

But with stout hearts and lightnings crack

They danced with Jak o' th' Shadows.


This story it did reel me in

Like one who had both gill and fin

Get done with one and the next begin

Through the night with Jak o' th' Shadows


Who was this man who dreamed this tale

Whose words so well did fill my sails

So clear I heard the Dragkar's wail

As they danced with Jak' o' th' Shadows


He was a man of near my age

The image I had was of a sage

Then I heard tell of the war he waged

And his dance with Jak o' th' Shadows.


Now illness has stilled his stout heart

And from this dream he's had to part

But still we have his wondrous art

And we dance with Jak o' th' Shadows.




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*Robert Jordan Prose*


*A Word from the M-G*

(by Corki)


Since this edition of The Hornsounder is a tribute to Robert Jordan, the M-G Recommendation has been changed slightly. For this month only, I am changing the name of my article to "A Word from the M-G" to allow me to ponder over how Robert Jordan has affected me and my life.


It was pure accident that I stumbled over The Eye of the World. It was winter 2003, and I had just recently finished reading David Eddings' Elenium Trilogy, which got me hooked on to the genre of fantasy. I had no books to read, so I went into my local bookshop and browsed the Fantasy section, reading the blurbs on the back of all the books there. And it was The Eye of the World that grabbed my attention most - and I haven't looked back since.


For a period of about a year, I read all of the books that were in print. I spent most of my money on the works of the Wheel of Time, and if I recall correctly, I read books 4,5 and 6 in about a week. Dotted between my Wheel of Time reading, I picked up other fantasy novels, like Sara Douglass and Terry Goodkind, and I have become a real fantasy freak!


It was in February 2004 that I stumbled across DM, while looking for WoT fansites to fuel my hunger for information on the series. I signed up, not knowing what I would eventually get myself into one day! DM has allowed me to make many friends and test out my leadership skills while in charge of the Band of the Red Hand ORG, as well as meeting my current girlfriend. Come December, we'll have been going out for 3 fantastic years. DM has played a large part on my life.


As for Robert Jordan's writings, I thoroughly enjoy them. The early books really captivated me, drawing me into a fantatic world. His detail really allowed you to descend into the world of WoT. As many readers say, myself included, his later works weren't so good, but you have to keep reading them to find out what is going to happen - in other words, get your fix of WoT. Book 11 restored my faith in Robert Jordan and his story telling ability. It was a fantastic book, and it is sad that he was taken away from us before we could enjoy his final enstallment. One of my wishes is that Book 12 will one day be published, so that we can all enjoy the final chapter of one of the greatest worlds ever created.


One thing I regret is never meeting the man who has influenced my life so much and to just say 'thank you' to him for all the opportunities he has given me. Living in Europe made that harder, but I just wish I had the chance to say 'thank you' for his writing, the fanbase he had created, and the fact I met someone truly special to me through his works. Robert Jordan was a real life ta'veren.


I still find it sad and hard that he has gone. Apart from family members, Robert Jordan is the first person of something I really love and enjoy that I have lost. It won't be easy, but there are other people like me who have suffered so through this loss. But now, over a month on, one thought keeps coming back to me. And that thought is this - we, Robert Jordan's fans, must make sure that his name and works live on so that future generations can enjoy them as much as we do. That is our job, and Robert Jordan's works and his suffering will not have been in vain.


*Tribute by a Raw Recruit*

(by RR silver89)


James Rigney Jr. aka Robert Jordan may no longer walk the same world as the rest of us but his presence will be felt for untold ages and by countless people. This is thanks to his best selling and richly detailed Wheel of Time series which contains 11 main books, 1 prequel and 1 encyclopedia.


Mr. Jordan thought at first that this saga could be told ".....in about five books..." and then realised that it couldn't be completed in anything less than "...seven or eight..." and as reader all I can say is thank God that was the case. Anything less would have left the readers with to many questions unanswered.


He was a great author but an even better man and as all good authors he has made sure that every person who has ever heard of WoT will be eagerly awaiting the conclusion to his tale. I know that I am happy to wait 20 years for the final book which just goes to show how good of an author he really was.


All I can say is thank-you for creating this wonderful world, you will be missed. I'll leave you now with some words from the man, the legend that we all know as Robert Jordan.."Cultures clash, worlds change; cope."



*My Tribute*

(by Lady Stefania)


Isn’t it funny how some moments, however inconsequential they may seem at the time, will stick out in your mind for years to come? I can still see it just as plain as if it happened yesterday: I was sitting in Coach Jackson’s science class and I was about 13 years old. A guy sitting two rows over from me had an interesting book on his desk. It was blue and had a man and woman on horseback on the cover. I got his attention and asked when he was supposed to return it to the library and he said that he couldn’t finish it, so would I like to take it back for him? He passed the book over to me, and my fascination began.


That was my first contact with The Wheel of Time, now some 14 years ago. I read avidly to begin with, begging my high school librarians to order the newest novels. At some point I caught up to where Robert Jordan was in his writing and was forced to wait on the new installments, haunting my local bookstores for delivery dates. That’s how I lost contact; I had read all the way up to Path of Daggers when real life took over. While waiting on Winter’s Heart I graduated, moved to college, and got married. The books were left behind. It was only about two years ago that I decided to go back and see what I had missed.


You know, you would think that going, oh, maybe five years without reading the books would have dulled my interest, but it didn’t in the least. I leapt back into the series with fervor. That is the magic of The Wheel of Time. The characters were like old friends I hadn’t seen in a while and I couldn’t wait to see what they had been up to. I became so frustrated at not being able to remember tiny details that after I had finished Knife of Dreams I started the series all over again. This time it took only about six months to read all eleven books, even with the kids and the job that had developed during my absence from Randland.


My revived WoT addiction led me to search out RJ on the web, which in turn led me to Dragonmount. It is there I have met many fascinating people and made several great friends, most especially my brothers and sisters in the Band of the Red Hand. I consider it a gift that I have been allowed the opportunity to immerse myself in the world of Robert Jordan, to discuss elements from the books and speculate at what will happen next. So many talented and creative people have been brought together in this amazing place. And why? Because one man wrote a story.


So thank you, James Oliver Rigney, Jr., for that story. Thank you for teaching us to channel. Thank you for showing us that men are wool-heads and that a woman’s sniff can have a thousand different meanings. Thank you for taking us to meet the Green Man and allowing us to rest beneath the branches of Avendesora. Thank you for trips through redstone doorframes and glass columns, and for reminding us that the Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills. Thank you for crafting the glue that brought us all together. Thank you for making us feel alive. We will never forget you.


Let the Dragon ride again on the winds of time.

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*Robert Jordan Quotes*


"I intend to keep writing until the day I die, and if I can manage to get a computer into the coffin, we'll see what I can work out."


(submitted by Lady Stefania)


"Some stories need to be told in certain genres, and fantasy allows the writer to explore good and evil, right and wrong, honour and duty without having to bow to the mainstream belief that all of these things are merely two sides of a coin. Good and evil exist, so do right and wrong. It is sometimes difficult to tell the difference, just as it can be difficult to know what is the proper thing to do, but it is worth making the effort."

(submitted by Climhazzard)



"I always identify most with the character from whose point of view I am trying to write at that moment. I try to get inside their heads, inside their skins. Sometimes this has disadvantages. I have gone into the house at the end of the day and, before I can say a word, my wife has said to me, 'You were writing Padan Fain today, weren't you?' Inevitably, when she says this, I have indeed been writing some character you would not like to be alone with. But if you mean which character do I think is most like me, well, Lan Mandragoran expresses the ideals I was raised to aspire to, while Perrin is perhaps most like me as a boy and young man. On the other hand, my wife claims I am a perfect Loial!"

(submitted by Climhazzard)


“There are people who want me to teach them how to channel.”

When you created this world for us, you made us believe we could. Thank you Robert Jordan.

(submitted by Climhazzard)


“That's not a guarantee it will be done in three books.”

- When asked how long he intended the series to be

(submitted by demonspawn)


“No, I never feel that it's getting away from me, ... I certainly am telling it in more detail, in which case, I think it's good that I'm telling it in more books than five. Trying to compress it into five would have made it not as readable or enjoyable.”

(submitted by demonspawn)


“In the beginning, I truly thought it was going to be four or five books, ... When I finished 'The Eye of the World,' I thought I had a good chance of doing it in six.”

(submitted by demonspawn)


"You surrender after you're dead.”

(submitted by demonspawn)


“I just wanted to write books I wanted to write, ... There's no writer who has not had enough ego to hope something he or she wrote would be seized on by the public -- that something they write will last beyond them. But hoping and expecting are two different things. Expecting would be beyond ego.” (submitted by Taluka)


“I'm not a guru or a sage. I'm a storyteller. The only times I get disturbed is when I find people who seem to be taking this too seriously.”

(submitted by emperor)


"You can never know everything, and part of what you know is always wrong. Perhaps even the most important part. A portion of wisdom lies in knowing that. A portion of courage lies in going on anyway."

(submitted by emperor)


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*Robert Jordan Quilt Project*

(by Nephitess, Crafters Chapter House Deputy)


Hello All….Nephitess here!


Lady Stefania has asked me to give you all an update on the quilt project we have going. We are making a quilt for Harriet, RJ’s Wife. We thought she could use something soft and comforting.  The quilt will consist of individual crocheted or knitted patches pieced together into one large piece.


We have people who have already sent in their patches. I have about 100 of the needed 300 to make the quilt. The patches that have been sent in look great and I love the colors. I think Harriet will as well. We had many people sign up but unfortuantly as often happens…many have not checked in or made the allotted patches.


I would like to encourage any that know how to knit or crochet to join the effort!! We would love to have you! This is close to what the finished quilt will look like.




If you have a hexagon pattern, please use it. I will be putting the quilt together and can adjust to the different sizes and patterns. It would be great though if the patches are about 3 inches on each side. Please come to this thread…




And sign up and we’ll be there to help and answer any questions you have. I would like to have this done in time for Christmas. Thanks for your time, Peeps!!!



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Word from the M-G



As another month draws to an end, it is again time to welcome our readers back to The Hornsounder, the Band of the Red Hand's newspaper, for the latest edition, which we are publishing as a memorial to Robert Jordan, the creator of the series we love so much, who sadly passed away during September.


For this special edition, on behalf of the Band of the Red Hand ORG and DM, I want to thank every single hard working member of the Band and of the rest of DM for giving up their time to contribute articles for the succesful Hornsounder. As always, special mention goes to Mystica, who gives up a lot of her time to make sure The Hornsounder functions properly, and everything gets done in time. Thank you Myst! It's greatly appreciated.


Now all that is left is for you, the reader, is to grab a pen and paper and to sit down and enjoy The Hornsounder. As a new design feature, we are adding in links in a content's page that will allow you to go to your favourite articles, or click immediately to the puzzles section. We are doing this to make your life much easier as you read The Hornsounder.


Now, a quick summary of activities in the Band during the month of October:


- We've seen a good influx of new people, with 7 Raw Recruits signing up during the month of October


- Nation States is being used for the Regimental Competition. Each Regiment has a nation, and is deciding upon the policies for their nations. Each day, Nation States ranks each nation in our region, and this is being used to work out the Regimental winner. The Cavalry currently lead the Archers and the Infantry, but the competition will filter into November as my life has been a tad hectic of late.


- November's and December's Regimental Competition is a Festival of Games, and this is the last competition before the announcement of the Regiment that has won The Matrim for Best Regiment!


- Auld Manriva won both parts of the internal competition. The new name for the ORG Leader is Car alShen Daes'mar, which means "Chief of the Band's Game". Manny's fantastic artwork the rank icons for the ORG Game can be seen here.


- Two new game threads have been created at the Band's boards at DM, both based on the popular 20 questions game. One focuses on travel, and the other on music. Click here for the travel thread and click here for the music thread to join in the fun!


- November sees the changing of the guard for the leadership of each of the three Regiments. And all three Regiments have new Captain-Generals, taking on the position for the first time ever. So congratulations to Jeannaisais, BridMorgan and Mystica, the new Captain-Generals of the Archers, Cavalry and Infantry respectively.


- The Band joined in the recent DM-wide Hallowe'en theme week. Banders wandered around DM with Mythical Beasts and Creatures in their siggies! Thanks to all Banders who made these sigs!


Why Join the BotRH?


So, having read some of the activities the Band gets up to, you want to know more about the ORG? One of the ORG's focus is music, and the Band's other focus is travel. Banders are regularly writing reviews about any music album they own, whether it be old or new, as well as any gigs and concerts they have been to and various locations around the world they've visited. Responses to these reviews are encouraged, which gives Banders points, and these points allow for promotion through the many ranks in the Band. This is the basis of the ORG.


When you first join up with the Band of the Red Hand, you become a Raw Recruit. During this time, you experience life with each of the three Regiment (Archers, Cavalry, Infantry) and the Band itself as well so you get to know how the ORG works, and you don't get lost in your early days in the Band. After your three weeks of completing various tasks as a Recruit, you then pick the Regiment you wish to join and thus become a fully fledged member of the Band of the Red Hand. Also, once you picked your Regiment, you will be guided to become an Infantry Blademaster or a Knight of the Cavalry or an Assassin within the Archers.


However, the Band is not all about work. We have many fun activities going on within the ORG, ranging from simple word games to our ORG Game, created by Canis Rufus with the help of Mallett. Everything is based on the luck of rolling dice, so build up your stats to give yourself the chance of getting better rolls! Once you've taken the seven easy lessons, you can then challenge any Bander to a duel in the Arena and bring great glories to your name! Look out for Festivals of Games as another way to bring glory to your name! We are the only ORG to gamble as well, so create a Bank Account and join in the Lottery to earn some big winnings just like Mat!


As you can see, the Band is a place with a variety of activities, hopefully catering for everyone's needs. There are various activities for those who want points to go up the ranks, or fun and games for those who want to socialise. The Band is open to everyone, so come and join the fun at the best ORG at DM!


Until next month, happy reading!



Marshal-General BoTRH

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The Band's Lotto Winners - September

(by Bridmorgan)


The month of September saw a different kind of Lottery.  To give all the Banders a chance to see what it was like to play and the excitement of winning, our M-G Corki held the first ever Mega Lottery!  His devious mind had all the members sign up to play the Lottery as a roll call in order to get their Org points!  It was great to see such a large lottery and suprisingly there was not a large amount of winners!  There were six winners in total, with one winning a huge jackpot!  This was the only Lottery game in the month of September but was it a good one!  Here are your Lottery winners for the Mega Lottery!



Mega Lottery Winners:


Demonspawn - 15

Ali - 6

Footy - 6

Kara - 6

Mira - 6

Steel - 6

Talya - 6



Album Reviews

(By Lady Stefania)


October was a musical month for those in the Band of the Red Hand! Arrandion dropped by to tell us all about Depeche Mode's Playing the Angel in the Pop category. Jennaisais provided a great review of TobyMac's latest Portable Sounds over in the Religious sector. Coming out of the Country category we had Lord Horn filling us in on Taylor Swift's self titled album. Kingkatstchei proved himself to be quite the music fan with reviews of Dream Theater's Train of Thought in the Heavy Metal realm, Blues Traveler's Four over in the Blues category, as well as Tower of Power's Soul Vaccination Live.


Heard anything good lately? Yeah? Then tell us all about it! Post your Album Review in the Holiday and Album Review section for a possible 2 ORG points, or stop by and put your two cents in on a recent review for 1 ORG point. So what have you been listening to?



Bander's Birthdays 6.gif

(by Bridmorgan)


We had quite a few Bander's turn another year older this month and don't worry Manny, no matter how hard they try, they'll never catch you! 


So in the words of our illustrious Editor in Chief, Happy Smoochday to all of you and many happy returns!!


hmpparn - 10/2

Justin - 10/3

Battle Bard - 10/7

moose - 10/8

Vanion - 10/9

Seryanne - 10/12

crossbowmantulion - 10/13

BM Ashandarei Dracarys - 10/18

Mattrim_Cauthon - 10/20

BeastMasterJ - 10/21

deathmaster999 -  10/21

kait - 10/21

bsdbovine - 10/22

Lady Stefania - 10/23

marajayde - 10/25

Cumadrin - 10/28

Matriarch Northie - 10/29

A3MON - 10/29

eonlethine - 10/30


Ranking List of the Active Banders

(by Bridmorgan)


The ranks you see are based on the earning of ORG points and are arranged top to bottom. The top 3 positions are what we call our 'Senior Staff' and they are permanent and not linked to any points. The points based positions are divided between 'Commissioned' (= Officers) and 'Enlisted' (= Non-Officers) and can be achieved by any Bander willing to put in the necessary work.


Our newest members, the Raw Recruits, are not in this list as they get a special mention in the Raw Recruits Section further in this paper.


This ranking is based on the last promotion round: 15 October 2007


Marshal-General: Corki


Under-Commander: F Horn of Valere


Executive Officer: Taymist


Commissioned Officers


Banner-CaptainsAuld Manriva, Footman, Mystica, Direwolf Jon, Twinflower




Lieutenant-CaptainsApollo277, BridMorgan, Steel Axe


Senior-LieutenantsKristine, North Star


Lieutenants Froix/Mira, Katiora, Amavia, Chaelca, Jeannaisais, Kara_J


Under-LieutenantsOdette, Dragonlover, Goldeneys, 12th Regiment, Arrandion, Stefania Sedai, Kieran Warwick, Dicetosser1, Son of Battles, JimRaynor/JR




Master SergeantsLazy_Man, Ashandarei, Safia al-Maaz


SergeantsAlishandra, Toy and Minion/DSage, Mr. Soy Boyo, Anigrel Tavadon, demonspawn


Corporals Talya, lewstherin, Zeth Alley, Tigara, Belar, hazlyyn


Privates First ClassJadyn al'Raimon, Feral, beltine2929


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The Org Game Update




The Org Game Update

With your hosts:

Mr. Pink in the studio and out of Rehab at Editor's “request”

Footy on the Scene

And special guest anchor, The Pink Pimp!



Mr. PinkStands up to greet The Pink Pimp with 18.5 minutes of a hand shaking, palm slapping, knuckle tapping, fist smashing, elbow bumping, and shadow puppet display.  dang, that’s some fine shadow puppets you got going on!  How’s it hanging, my man?


Pimp - *Deleted Expletive*, *Deleted Expletive*!  You know how it is?  I’ve got *Deleted Expletive* goin’ on!  Had this one *Deleted Expletive* that wouldn’t shut her *Deleted Expletive* mouth, so, had to *Deleted Expletive* set that *Deleted Expletive* straight!  You know what I mean?  Where the *Deleted Expletive* have you been anyways, *Deleted Expletive*?


Mr. Pink – After that last show I did, the producers thought it would be best if I attended Rehab for my problem.


Pimp – Crack?


Mr. Pink – No, it was-


Pimp – Smack?


Mr. Pink – No, it was-


Pimp – Herb?


Mr. Pink – Booze!  It was booze!!


Pimp - *Deleted Expletive* is that all, *Deleted Expletive*.  You want a *Deleted Expletive* forty?  I got a couple with me.


Mr. PinkSweating at the sight of the brew. No, I’m good.  Really.


Pimp - *Deleted Expletive*!  That just means more for my thirsty *Deleted Expletive*!  You know what I’m saying, you *Deleted Expletive* boozer?!


Mr. Pink – Moving on to the Game update!  Umm… the Org Game…. Ummm… Shuffles papers around a bit.  For the Game Update, we go to our field correspondent, Footy!


Footy – Hiding his forty ounce of Battle Brew.  Right, the update!  I’m here; live on the scene in the midst of a straight arse whuppin!  That’s right ladies and gents!  Sir Riva, that tornado riding, mythical man of yore is putting the hurt on K’Jar.  But have hope those K’Jar cheering spectators!  The fight is just beginning, and there are many a slip between the cup and the lip! 

In other areas of the arena, the Infantry’s own, Kristine, is using her Fists of Fury to unhorse the Battle Riding Froix!  This fight is drawing to a close and is looking fairly one sided as the sun sets on the lone rider, Froix.

Other fights that have been going on since the Crusades are between Northie and Amavia, Northie and Corki, and yours truly against his bonded, Mystica.  Maybe, one day in the distant future, those fights will see an end, but let’s not hold our breath!   

That wraps it up for the field update!  To my colleague in the studio, Mr. Pink, as your Band AA sponsor, I’d like to say keep up the good work, and I’ll see you at the next Bander AA meeting!  To you, Pimp, thanks for the forty, baby!!  Starts chugging his Battle Brew as it cuts back to Mr. Pink.


Mr. Pink – Oh, hey, thanks for the moral support, you *Deleted Expletive* lush!!


Pimp – Watch the *Deleted Expletive* language!  This is a *Deleted Expletive* family show here, for *Deleted Expletive* sake!  Footy, my man!  Enjoy that *Deleted Expletive*!  There’s plenty more of that at my club!  Everybody stop by my Speakeasy and Dancehall for a *Deleted Expletive* great time!  We’ve got *Deleted Expletive* booze, *Deleted Expletive* babes, and *Deleted Expletive* bad *Deleted Expletive* beats!!


Mr. Pink – Well that wraps up the update!  Meet us next month to see Footy continue to try and take my job, another crazy *Deleted Expletive* guest host, and see me fall off the wagon so hard, that it shakes the earth.  Until then, good night and good fight!!


Now, where’s the booze…



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From the Horse’s Mouth~News of the Calvary!

(by Sir Jon the Direwolf)



Greetings from the Yard!!


The Rider’s of the Storm have been very busy this October! There have been some heavy amounts of posting, a couple Raw Recruits about, the entire regiment taking on the monthly competition, and others have been taking part in various other things around the Band’s Camp. 


The Cav welcomed home two new members this month, Silver!!  Silver recently finished his recruit time and did an extraordinary job finishing his tasks!!  The Cav are happy to welcome him as a new member and can’t wait to see him go through his Page time and pass into Squirehood!!  We’re looking forward to having him becoming a Knight and seeing what he can accomplish in his time with the order he chooses.  Good luck to you Silver, on your Page Program tasks!!!  Somewhere soon he will be a Knight in one of the three orders. We also welcomed home Taluka!!  She very recently joined the Cav and she was an amazing Recruit!! Tal was extremely quick at finishing her tasks, she even has what I remember to be the quickest Joust ever, under the current rules!!! We're all looking forward to seeing what she can do during her Page and Squire time.  We want to wish Tal the best of luck and we hope she becomes a Knight really soon!! 



Congratulations go out to Sir Manny!!!  Sir Manny helped the band come up with the name for the new Game Leader, who will now be referred to as, Car alShen Daes’mar.  He also created new icons for the leaders of the Org Game. He was awarded 5 Org Points for his efforts!! Well done Sir Manny!! Keep up the great work and the icons look great!!  His winning name suggestion squeaked past the closest competitor, but hey, a win is a win!  Congrats again Sir Manny on a job well done!!



In other news:


The Cav’s Redarms have been very busy this month.  Sir Steel has given out a six spotfines, including two for his LG and one for his BG.  Guess they didn’t bribe him enough this month. There were no trials set up by any of the Cav Redarms this month.  Finally, the band is starting to see some rule breaking again!    The RAL, Sir Manny still has not had many trials or challenges of spotfines recently. 


The beginning of the month brought one out of the two promotions to the Cav.  Sir K’Jar was promoted from Lieutenant-Captain to Captain.  Congrats to you, K’Jar, on your promotion for the beginning of the month!! The mid-month promotion period brought about no promotions for the Cav.  This has been happening a bit more as our members have started achieving higher ranks and it takes longer to gain the points needed to get promoted.  Keep up the good work Cav!! Here’s to more promotions coming in the next month!!   


Sir DJ has not made an official announcement as of yet but as an exclusive word from….ME, I have decided that at the beginning of November I will be announcing a new Interregimental Joust Competition!!!  The competition will be open to all members of any of the three regiments.  I hope to have a great turnout and I encourage those of you interested in participating to come forth and enter!! There will be a trophy for the winner and who knows, you might actually end up facing our esteemed M-G or the winner from last time, XO Tay!!  Next month there will be more on this as the competition gets underway!!! 


Congratulations go out to Recruits Climhazzard, Silver, and KingKast on receiving their Cavalry Achievement Pins!!


There were two birthdays celebrated in the Cav this past month.  Moose celebrated his birthday on the 8th.  Lady Stef had a birthday kind of late in the month on the 23rd.  The Cav would like to wish the two of you a happy birthday and hope that you both had an incredible day filled with lots presents and cake and brew.  We in the Cav would like to say again, Happy Birthday and many happy returns!!


So there you have it….from the Horse’s Mouth for October!




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Jousting Arena

(by Bridmorgan)


Welcome back to the Jousting Arena ladies and gentlemen!  I have taken over once again since DJ was a bit incapacitated.  Who knew hitting him in the temple with a frying pan would do so much damage.  A special thanks to Kat for the use of her frying pan!  Ok, now on with the excitement!  We have three full jousts for you this month, with a bit of news on an ongoing one.  So sit yourselves down and hold on, cause this is jumping out of your seat excitement!


RR Silver vs. Sir Manny

Our first Joust pits Raw Recruit Silver mounted on Ghost Wind against our RAL and Head of the Templar Order, MannyManny, mounted on his fearsome warhorse Destiny and wearing his ever present Gumbo Pot helm, asks the first question.  Silver was able to answer the Pirates question about Verin Sedai and replied with one of his own about Asha'man.  Quicker than he looks, Manny answered and Silver's lance missed.  Manny then asks Silver about the Throne of Clouds.  With astonishing speed, Silver gives him the answer and asks about Mazrim Taim.  Once again, showing he's an old hat at the game, Manny blocks him and asks his final question about a gateway.  Not to be beat by the veteran, Silver blocks and comes back with his final question for the Knight regarding Selene.  Final score - Tie


RR Climhazzard vs. XO Tay

The second Joust saw Raw Recruit Climhazzard on Tempest Night versus XO Taymist mounted on her sister's horse AragornTay started the joust with a question about the boat Mat and Thom took to Tear and we all winced with the impact as her lance scored on ClimClim's retaliating question was about sword forms taught to Rand.  Blocking the question with ease, Tay replied with her next question about Sul'dams which Clim answered with no problem!  The Joust continued with Clim asking Tay about Asha'man which she again answered with perfect ease.  She then asks him about a city Egwene is viewing in Tel'aran'rhiod.  Clim once again feels the force of Tay's lance as he answers incorrectly.  Ouch!!  That one hurt!  Clim asks his final question about the Dragon Reborn and Tay answers correctly.  Final Score - 2-0 in favor of Tay


RR King Kastchei vs. Lady Stef

Our final completed Joust pitted Raw Recruit King Kastchei on Killraven against the Cav's newest Knight, Stefania on her Warhorse QueenStef came pounding down the lists with a question about the owner of the Nine Rings Inn.  KK answer's correctly and asks her about a ter'angreal that can detect men channeling.  Stef answers with ease and returns with a question about an inn Mat staid at.  Answering easily, KK asks her about pre-Age of Legends artifacts which she once again answers confidently.  Her question to KK was in regards to the Green Ajah which KK answers incorrectly and her lance scores!  KK retaliates with a question about something Nynaeve senses vanity and pride from.  Stef misses and KK scores a blow!  Final score - 1-1 a Tie!


Currently we have a Joust between Raw Recruit Diamondmask riding Magnificat and BG and Joust Master DJ on Storm Dancer!  We'll have the results for you next month!!


Till next time, keep your lances sharp and your minds sharper if you want to win a Cavalry Joust!!!

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Welcome to Infantry Row! ~ October 2007

(by Demonspawn)


Infantry Row


Welcome to this months Infantry Row.We have news aplenty for you this month.




Starting with promotions, first up we saw JR promoted from Master Sergeant to Under Lieutenant at the beginning of the month and then in the mid month promotions, Demonspawn was promoted from Corporal to Sergeant and Kara  was promoted to Lieutenant from Under Lieutenant.


* Cracks open the Guinys and dances a jig! *


Way to go Infants!




We also have had a few advancements in the Mahdi program, with Arrandion, Demonspawn, Talya and Zeth Alley all progressing to level 3, hats off to them for showing true dedication to their duties as Band members! And also showing exemplary courage in the face of adversity in having to endure the dubious, and at times, unwanted attentions of their Morats!




After a veritable feast of Raw Recruits passing through the Barracks, for their weeks stay, we managed to sink our hooks… Ensnare… Bully… Attract! That’s the word! Ahem, we managed to attract three of theses most illustrious recruits, who joined the ranks of the infantry!


We are proud to welcome ApostleofJordan, who was first to join us, and was swiftly followed by Kingsketchup…Err… Kingskajagoogoo…. Kingskastchei!! Who showed an unsurpassed willingness to set to his tasks, with wild abandon!


Last but not least, and scraping into this months edition by the skin of his teeth! We had the pleasure to welcome Climhazzard to our warm embrace. All three of these Recruits have shown they have what it takes to become fine upstanding members of the Infantry!!! WELCOME ONE AND ALL!!!




Two events have stood out this month!


First up there was a most horrid occurrence in Kris’ Kafe… Two Banders, who shall remain nameless to protect the blatantly guilty, were caught talking about… Wait for it… SCENTED BLOODY CANDLES!!! Disaster was averted by the quick thinking heroics of Demonspawn, who quickly smashed their scented candle loving faces together, thus cutting off the possibility of the talk advancing on to embroidery or something equally horrific!!


Then there was a double shock


A double whammy of Brew related crimes. But never fear! The newly returned from LoA Pinkmeister Footy was on hand to dish out justice in his final days as a Red Arm. Retribution was swift and effective, and the evil perpetrators of said heinous crimes against the brew will think twice before mistreating the almighty brew again!!


That’s all for this month folks!

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Infantry with Napoleon and 'King' Arthur

(by Kingkastchei)


Ever wonder what it was like to be in the infantry?  I'm talking in the real world, not here at the Band.  Well, there is a way to experience the mud, grime, and bloody battles of history without ever getting your hands dirty.  All you need is a few hours, a comfortable chair, and a really good imagination.  I'm talking about the novels of Bernard Cornwell, the best author of historical fiction you will ever find. 


There are two series' of novels that I'm going to talk a little bit about here.  The first is a long series of books written about the Napoleonic Wars of the 1800's.  The second deals with a legend everybody is familiar with, but not how it actually came about, the legends of King Arthur.  Now, the thing about Cornwell's books is that he is a meticulous researcher and he instills such a sense of realism and detail that you really feel like you are there, and aside from small personal details, they are very, very accurate historically!


The first series of books are the Sharpe novels.  There is no actual series title to these, but since they are almost all named "Sharpe's *fill in the blank*" they are pretty easy to find.  They tell the story of a common born orphan who joins the British army as a lowly private and fights in every major British encounter from India in the late 18th century all the way through Waterloo and beyond. 


Now, what is remarkable about this character, is that he works his way up through the ranks of the British army to become a Colonel.  This is extremely rare for the British army of the time, because it was thought that Officers were nobly born, rich, and by virtue of those two things better than the enlisted men they lead.  The gap between enlisted and officer was pretty much insurmountable because you had to buy your commission as an officer, and this required a lot of money, which the average soldier just did not have.  It also required an act of extreme bravery to make the jump, which most people just didn't survive.


Promotion amongst the officers was also not based on merit at all, promotions were purchased wherever there was a vacancy.  This allowed for some remarkably foolish people to lead Britain's armys, and lead to the unnecessary deaths of many people.  On the other hand, it also allowed some very talented officers to make their way to positions of power much quicker than would normally be possible. 


Now, back to the books.  This fantastic series follows Sharpe's career mainly through the Napoleonic wars starting with the retreat through Spain and back again into France itself.  Sharpe sees action in almost every major event and battle in this war and slowly works his way up the ranks from Lt all the way up to Major, all the while dealing with the deep seated prejudice against him because he joined the army in the ranks.  Oddly enough, he is far more respected by the Spanish and the French than by his own army.


The second series of books is The Winter King and it tells the (most likely) true tale of Britain's famous hero, King Arthur.  It takes place around the end of the 5th century, and the beginning of the 6th, during the Saxon invasion of Briton.  The story is centered around a young Saxon orphan Dervel who is raised by the Druid Merlin and joins with Arthur as one of his Warlords.  It starts during the latter part of the reign of Uthur Pendragon and continues until Arthur's death. 


Now, most people who are familiar with the Arthurian legends are probably going to be shocked by these books.  These are not the tales that Hollywood has popularized, they only bear a passing resemblance in the names of some of the characters and in a few of the events.  There is no holy grail as such, no sword in the stone, none of that nonsense.  What we have here is life in dark ages as you have never even thought of it!  Britain is most definitely not united, Paganism is in a deadly war with early Christianity, Lancelot is a arrogant cowardly traitor, and Arthur is NEVER a King. 


What's truly fascinating about this series of books, is you can really see how many of the legends of Arthur actually came to be.  It's like finding an ancient manuscript that actually describes what has been retold and changed many times over the years until they are almost unrecognizable. 


Now, you may be wondering why these have anything to do with the infantry.  Well, if you want to get an idea of what being in an ancient army is like, you need to read these.  These stories are told from the point of view of the ground fighters and, especially in the Sharpe series, has an open contempt of the Cavalry!  They very realistically describe being in the thick of combat, the sights, the smells, the sounds.  It is really easy to imagine yourself locking shields with the guy next to you in the shield wall and trying to psych yourself up to charge the drunken, screaming rabble across the field from you.  (Don't worry, they see you the same way!)  Or to stand firm in a long, thin line with nothing but a single shot musket as a massive column of thousands of french men march towards you chanting to the pound of the drums while cannon shot keeps ripping wide holes in your line. 


These books are awesome.  If you get the chance, check them out. 

Start with "The Winter King" by Bernard Cornwell for the Arthurian books, and "Sharpe's Rifles" for the Sharpe series.  Well worth the time and they will give you great insight into the life of an infant!


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Raw Recruits

(by Taymist - XO)


For any future Banders out there, the Raw Recruit Programme is how we initiate all new members to our Org. Each Recruit spends a week with our three regiments in turn, doing fun tasks and getting to know members. At the end of the three weeks they may choose a Regiment to join.


During the month of October we had two Recruits graduate! They were Silver89 and Kingkastchei. King has joined the Infantry and Silver joined the Cavalry. Congratulations to both Regiments.


The Outstanding Recruit of the Month is the Recruit that has stood out to me as being the most motivated and dedicated. The Outstanding Recruit must excel amongst his/her peers and a reward for this prestigious title is the prize of one org point.


The Outstanding Recruit for the month of September is: Silver89


Don’t forget to offer your congratulations the next time you see him!


Of the Recruits choosing Regiments the statistics for the year so far are:


18 - Infantry

14 - Cavalry

7 - Archers


Missing In Action figures aren't too bad with 24 out of 78 Recruits going MIA so far this year and we have 6 new Recruits working their way through their training at the moment. A warm welcome to Climhazzard, Diamondmask and to Emperor, who much to our shock, finally decided to complete his tasks . Maud also returned recently from a prolonged LOA. Welcome back.


Tasks set for Recruits have varied greatly this month with Clim holding a discussion on different types of swords in the Infantry and King taking part in a 20 Questions Challenge at the Cavalry. Archer Recruits have been set various top secret Mystery Tasks but inside sources tell us these have included shooting Steel Axe and stealing M-G Brew.  :o


Taluka is heading for the end of her Recruit time and is busily pampering tired Infants this week whilst Diamond prepares for her Cavalry Joust. Check out the Cavalry section for more news on the latest Joust results. Meanwhile, several of the Recruits have been helping out with the Hornsounder this month by hunting for Robert Jordan quotes. They've all done a grand job.


See you all next month with the latest Round Up and even more fun and games from our wacky Recruits and RLOs.


Current RLO contacts:











Lady Katiora

Anigrel Tavadon

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The Redarm Report

(by Auld Manriva )


Here it is the end of October. Another month down the tubes and closer to Christmas and all the "fun" that entails... Before I get into a rant about that, I must share this report I received from Inspector Steelaxe, Intrepid RA and muck raker extraordinaire. He has been on an extremely difficult and important assignment for months now and just as he was about to make a collar but........ well ... read it for yourself.


Ok this month the Redarms were pretty busy. It may not have looked that way from the outside as all in all, crime and thus spotfining, were down. But unbeknown to the general population the Redarms were on a secret mission. Thats right, it's not all donuts and bribery brew in the squad. Sometimes we take a proactive stance. In this case it was investigating the alleged start of all channeling crimes... Robert Jordan himself. For a while now we had been hearing rumors that all channeling was linked to one man. So being the diligent law enforcers we are we had to investigate. Utilizing countless Redarm strategies such as undercover agents and stakeouts, we began to backtrack known channeling offenders and indeed discovered that they were meeting in secret. Our worst fears were confirmed, an organization of channelers that not only encouraged channeling, but taught younger generations how to channel. As we stalked our way up the ranks of channelers we began to hear more and more about this Robert Jordan character. From the way he was talked about he must be either some kind of god or a cult leader and possibily the source of all channeling. Gathering evidence and calling for backup we prepared to call this great leader of channelers himself to what would be the biggest trial in Redarm history. And finally as we prepared to spring our carefully laid trap, we heard the news, Robert Jordan was dead. Justice would not be served, and Redarms everywhere mourn the loss of their greatest foe. RIP Robert Jordan. May the eternal court of the creator punish you for your channeling ways

(Report by Inspector Steel)


As you can see from his report, Inspector Steel of The Redarm Mounted Police didn't get his man this time. The perpetrator was snatched away from us and is out of our reach. But now he is in the custody of a Power far greater than we. His minions though, dastardly little Moriarty's that they are, still follow his words and works. That is what counts my friends and all those millions of followers will each and every one try to continue in his memory..... Sometimes Thats the Way The Wheel Turns.


We had little spotfine activity this month as Inspector Steel mentioned. With the notable exception of Lady Brid, who outdid herself with TWO...... count em' ..... TWO spotfines in two days! She transformed herself into a Patriots Cheerleader for the fine in one and wrote an ode to our Illustrious M-G in another.. well not an ode, but for her it was just as good as one.


While on the subject. Does anyone besides me think it would be a good idea to spotfine disguised juvenile delinquents who come to my door begging next week? I mean..... whats up with these little "fiddy sents" and five year old femme fatale's coming around after dark? I know their mommies and dad's are out in the street waiting, but dang! What's up with these costumes? Mom! Wear that vampirella costume to the company halloween hootenanny yourself! Don't lay it on your child.. What happened to hobo's, casper and li'l devils? Do these drape apes HAVE to grow up so bleedin fast? I think Im gonna stand out in front of the manse this Wednesday and hand out spotty's to dimwit parents.. Yeah........ Thats It! Hmmm.. maybe not, I don't wanna be totin' around a fine book the size of a telephone directory for Noo Yawk City!


Till Next Time!...Have Fun Kiddies! It's Fantasy Dress Up Time for all you Luke Snotpoppers and Princess Iwannalayu's and Chewintabbaca's.... Oh wait...That convention thing was a couple months ago. I can't imagine the Dweebalisciousness on display there. OH YEAH! I don't have to, there were pictures.



The Redarms would like, at this time, to Honor Sir Steelaxe aka Inspector Steel for his exemplary performance of duty once again this term.... Steely... RA of The Term, once again....


Here's To You For All You Do

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How to get your story in the Hornsounder?


Do you have interesting, funny, weird, general stories that you'd like to share but that don't quite fit in any of the other sections?

Then don't hesitate to contact me by pm to present your idea/topic and next month your story could very well be published in Hornsounder.


In here you could find:

- the full articles of summarized pieces found in the other Sections

- the loose articles from Banders and Non-Banders that are not assigned to any one Section

- independent and Sectionless projects and coverages

- various undetermined pieces of work from both Banders and Non-Banders


The articles and coverages that are posted here can cover any topic, be it about WOT, Band, DM related topics or anything else that might be of interest to share with our readers.


Now without further hesitation, I wish you a lot of reading pleasure with this month’s collection of articles.







*Infantry Nights*

(by Kristine)


Kris leaned back against the soft leather of the chair.  “Master Sakan taught me a lot more than any other Gaidin could.  He taught me about battle, yes, but he also taught me about life and beauty and to never go to the extreme of one at the cost of the other.  He even taught me to play the harp.”  Kris looked over and noticed the shock on Kell’s and Kie’s faces.  She tossed her head back and laughed.  “What?  Did you think I kept that harp in here for decorations only?”


She walked over to the corner of her office and sat down at the large instrument and tilted it back till it rested on her shoulder.  She placed her fingers on the strings and plucked out notes that she had learned so long ago and drifted back again, continuing her story as she played.  It was after being raised to Cadre, another day of training – fighting unseen foes I believe.  We were practicing at night.  Sakan Gaidin was training Wassaba, Daeron and I, but he always spent extra training with me since he had taken me on as his apprentice.




Kris was tired, but she knew that the work out she had received was well worth it. Even now Sakan was waiting for her to finish the last part of her drill that he had put her on. It was the dark of night; the land was shrouded in sleep and silence. Nothing disrupted the song of the crickets, not even the staccato beat of Kris' feet as she ran the small course that Sakan had set up for her.


"Think Kris, you need to 'see' even with out your eyes, or you will not be able to pass the blindfold test."


Kris growled at Sakan under her breath, but kept on with what she was doing. She thought... a mistake on her part, and fell over the last log, rolling into the bushes. Wincing and groaning at the scratches of the thorns on her face and hands, she stood and let a small yelp out.


There before here was a monstrous hulk of a dog, if the beast could actually be called a dog.  The early training of trapping led her mind to think in terms of value and worth of the unique coat the animal possessed.  The animal's coat was a gorgeous color and looked thick, but Kris' main focus was on the sharp teeth that were a scant two paces in front of her face.


As she scurried backwards, the dog followed her, into the New Moon night. Sakan looked at her and then at the animal that was following her. "Kris, either you have made a friend, or an enemy. I wonder what this creature is doing here."


"I am just wondering why it didn't attack, Master Sakan.  By any chance do you know the owner of this dog?”  Kris kept her voice light and casual, matching Sakan’s tone.



“Mar al’Kern.”  A voice from behind the dog spoke.  Kris turned thinking to raise the sword at the man.  Sakan’s was already up and trained on the man that was approaching them.  “An Asha’man and husband of one of your own Aes Sedai… A former Gaidin Trainee as well, I believe.”


“And you would be?”  Sakan’s voice was tight and deadly.  Kris assumed Ko’di as she awaited any command from her master.


“I’m Na’cueran – Dedicated of the Black Tower.  Krynn Sedai and Mar have been captured by White Cloaks.  I need your help to rescue them.  I could go myself, but with a Gaidin at my back, I stand a better chance of getting them both out unharmed.”


Sakan nodded and sheathed his sword.


“I will come too, Sakan Gaidin,” Kris spoke up and stepped up beside him.


He thought quickly. True, he could take her out of Tar Valon, but right into the lion’s den? On the other hand, she was not yet a Gaidi, but she was very skilled. And rescuing Mar and Krynn would not be easy, even with an Asha’man. Anything and everything is a weapon. “When the odds are against you, turn down nothing.” He heard Master Ogelban’s voice in his head, as if he were still alive. Memories were often very useful.


“Ok, you can come with us. But do as I say, this is no FTX.”


A smile broke her face, as she nodded.


Then, to his surprise, Na’cueran opened up a hole in the air right in front of them, and stepped inside, followed closely by Shar Val, the dog.  He pressed close to Kris’ leg as if he had adopted her as a temporary mistress while his owner was away.


“Don’t step off,” Na’cueran warned.


“I’ve Skimmed before, thank you,” Sakan replied, stepping inside boldly. Kris followed, hesitatingly. She had never been in anything made by the male half of the One Power. It was a strange experience, and she had idly wondered if she was standing next to a madman. Sakan must have had the same thought because he subtly placed himself between Kris and Na’cueran, as the hole in the air closed, and the platform on which they were standing began to move.


Then, another hole appeared, in front of them, and a gust of icy wind burst through. Shar Val leapt to his feet, snarling, and walked out, looking around. Kris and Sakan left quickly, before Na’cueran’s feet left the platform.  They were in a corridor.




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*Stef's Random Thoughts*

(by Lady Stefania)


Drops of rain chased each other down the window pane. In the distance, lightening flashed, bathing Stefania in its pale blue glow. It was storming again. Light, but she hated Ebou Dari weather. It always seemed to be raining in this horrid place. Idly, she traced a finger down a raindrop’s path.


A sound from behind her caught her breath and she half turned, going still as the figure in the dark bed shifted. Just turning over, then, she thought to herself and released the sigh she had not been aware she was holding. Not that Tylik was a bad man. She knew that she had nothing to fear from him. But she wanted this night for herself. This was a night for contemplation.


Turning, she resumed her study of the darkened city. Ebou Dar was home for now, or at least until Tylik decided that he had made all the money that he could off of the pearl trade. Then maybe they would head back home to Arad Domon. Well, she assumed that Arad Domon was home. She had no actual remembrances of a family to tie her to the country. It was said she had the coloring, though, and her earliest memories were of roaming the streets of Bandar Eben, dodging between horses hooves and wagon wheels, stealing the odd apple or loaf of bread when the rumble in her stomach grew too loud. Then, no one had paid any attention to the tiny waif with the dirty raven hair. She had been simply another starving urchin on the city’s doorsteps.


And that’s how Mistress Karnlon had found her all those years ago, huddled in the alley bordering up to her inn. Mistress Karnlon had looked into the sunken midnight eyes of a twelve year old child and seen potential, for hers was an inn that offered wealthy merchants more than a warm meal and a bed. Using the weapons you possessed, she called it, and the whole world was a battlefield. And so Stefania was schooled to become one of the famed Domoni seductresses. She was taught to summon a man with a look, to reject him with a gesture, and deliver a message with a touch. Eager for the safety and security of the inn, she excelled at her lessons. Under Mistress Karnlon’s tutelage, her popularity grew and the inn’s business flourished.


Tylik had been one of those wealthy merchants. An older gentleman, graying around the temples and with lines peeking from the corners of his eyes, he would come and sit in the common room of the inn and watch her. Every evening he would take the same corner booth, order the same mutton pie and mug of ale, and then watch as she moved around the room. He never requested private visits, never asked to go upstairs, only watched from his corner. Stefania had paid him little mind; he was just another admirer. Until the day she saw him whispering with Mistress Karnlon and gesturing her direction. She thought for sure he had finally worked up his nerve to request a visit, but then Mistress Karnlon had gone shuffling up the stairs without him and returned carrying Stefania’s own chest. And that’s when she knew. She had been sold.


Even four years later, gazing out the window into the stormy night, that word ate at her soul. Sold. Of course, Tylik had never put it to her that way. He said that he had merely wanted a traveling companion and that Mistress Karnlon had been kind enough to allow her to accompany him, but Stefania knew the truth of it. She was his property as sure as the pair of draft horses in the stable.


Oh, it was not a bad life, certainly not compared to her early beginnings, starving on the streets. And she supposed that compared to her life at the inn, this one posed fewer complaints. She was provided for. She wore the latest fashions and slept in the finest inns, and in return, her duties to him were few. She kept his bed warm and hung on his arm in public settings. An easy life. And yet……sold. Possessed.


Lightening flashed again and thunder rumbled off in the night. Startled, she jumped, and her hands instinctively gripped the front of her silk gown. Silk. Only silk for her; Tylik would have her in no less. Like a doll. A doll that he dressed up and played with and paraded out for others to see. A doll he possessed.


Tears stung her eyes as she spun away from the window into the darkened room. How long since she had had freedom? How long since she had come and gone as she wished? How long since she had been no one else’s possession but her own? Mistress Karnlon had owned her as surely as Tylik now did, whether she had realized it at the time or not.


Her hot gaze fell again upon the sleeping figure. Through her tears she could see the gentle rise and fall of the old man’s chest as he slept. She could just hear the faint whistle of his shallow breath. He was an old man, she reminded herself, and his time surely was growing short. The years had begun to take their toll on him. Everyday his gait grew a little slower, his grasp a little weaker. Maybe one day soon he would not wake at all and then she would have the release she so longed for. But how long must she wait?


Lightening flashed again, and for a split second the bluish light fell across her down pillow, tossed carelessly to the floor upon her rising. That pillow…..


He was old, she told herself, and old men often died in their sleep. No one would question it. It was a peaceful way to go. Unblinking, she stepped toward the pillow.



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Freelance Articles


Ode to the Latrines

(by Hazlyyn)


At the Barracks always stick with your buddy

And brawl till you work up a sheen

And always take ample precautions

Before looking down the latrines!


At the Barracks never walk around barefoot

And never spill brew.  That’s obscene!

And always take ample precaution

Before looking down the latrine!


There once was a recruit that was careless

And curious about the latrine

It was there that he got his first welcome

And was thrown headfirst into the latrine!

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Halloween Week Competitions

(by Bridmorgan)


Hey there all my fellow DMers!  As we all know, DM is having a Halloween Theme Week.  Well the Band has decided to have 2 contests based on that theme, both of which are open to anyone at DM. 


The first contest is a Coloring Contest.  In the Bands section at DM, you can find a thread entitled "Halloween Week Coloring Contest!!"  This is a very simple contest for anyone!  There are links to different coloring pages and all you have to do is choose one (or more) and color it.  That's it you say?  That's it!  Plus, as an added bonus, if you're feeling creative, you can draw your own picture or find one that you would prefer to do.  There will be winners for different catagories.  Some of the categories are: 

Best Use of Primary Colors, Most Salvador Dali like (artist name subject to change), Best Staying Inside the Lines, etc.

You don't need to be an artist to join in the fun!  The contest is being run by Bridmorgan with a panel of judges.  All entries should be PMd to Brid.  So channel your inner artist and get your entries in!


Our second contest is a Scary Story contest.  Also in the Band's section at DM you will find a thread entitled "Halloween Week Scary Story Competition".  This competition is also open to all DM members.  Since the Band has adopted the theme of Mythological Creatures for the Theme week, the story is to be based on any Mythological creature(s) you choose.  Each person can submit up to 2 stories and there is a word limit of 750 words.  (Although I have it from a good source that if it's a bit longer you may be able to submit it).  The competition is being run by Direwolf Jon and all entries should be PM'd to him. If there are enough entries, the top 3 submissions will be chosen and a poll will be started for the best entry.  Now I know there are some very talented writers here at DM so get those pencils sharpened and get your entry in.


Keep an eye on these threads for any changes to deadlines or other information!  Hope to see some of you enter!  Good luck!


September 2007 Competition Winners

(by Bridmorgan)


September was a slow month for the Competitons with the Scavenger Hunt, Word Scramble and Caption Contest not among the challenges, but never fear my gaming friends, they will return!  We had a new Competition entered into the mix from StefaniaDecipher the Text where she gives you some texting phrases and you need to figure out what they mean!  Now on to the weiners...uh I mean winners!




We had one entrant for the Sudoku contest this month.  Guess the competition got scared and didn't want to compete with our winner, who has won almost every Sudoku contest!  The winner of the September Sudoku contest is Taymist!!  Congratulations Tay!  She wins 3 Game Points and the September Sudoku Pin!


Decipher the Text:


Once again, we had one person enter the contest.  The winner and all around champion for the month Taymist!  I'm going to have to take a page out of her own book and rummage her brain to see how she figured them out!  Those were some hard ones!  Congratulations again Tay!!


But wait!!  We have one more!  This time we have 3 winners for the Great Hunt Competition!


The Great Hunt


Returning for one more win this month is Taymist!  She swept the Competitions this month!!  Congrats once more Tay!  Can I borrow some of those points you keep winning?  ;)


Apparently the Redarms I sent looking for him worked their magic!  The return of Arrandion to the Competition winners!  Not so sure if I'm glad to see you back though, now that I've got some more competion.  ;)  Congrats Arra!


Our final winner is Bridmorgan!  Taking a stab in the dark with the Who Am I section, I apparently got it right! Congats to me!  ;D 


So come on all you Hornsounder readers!  Grab a pen or pencil, some paper and get cracking on this month's competitions!  I know I'm certainly looking forward to them!


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October Competitions


The Great Hunt

(by Corki)


The Great Hunt, the latest popular competition that is included in The Hornsounder reaches a third month. The newest addition is two simple games - 'Who Am I?' and 'What Am I?'. Below are the instructions for each game, but first, the rules for entering the competition.



Rules & Winners


- You can ONLY submit one entry for the competition by PMing Corki with your answer(s)

- You can enter either part of the competition

- Those who answered each individual section correctly will be announced every month

- If you enter only one half of the competition, you can only get 1 ORG point if you answer it correctly (and 0 points if you get it wrong)

- If you answer both parts of the competition, you can get a maximum of 2 ORG points - but should you get one answer wrong, you get nothing!


Who Am I


Below are 5 interesting facts about a DMer, and they range from the easy to the difficult. Have a close look and have a good think with using the following facts. So, which DMer is this?

- I'm a member of the Yellow Ajah

- I've been on top of a volcano

- I have this passion for collecting daggers

- Rocks rock!

- I've never been outside of Europe


b]What Am I?[/b]


Below are a series of various facts, ranging from really easy to the ridicously difficult about an item associated with The Wheel of Time books. Have a good look and ponder hard over what this item is.

- You can never find this place twice as it is constantly moving

- It is a great object of the Power

- It was made during the first days of The Breaking

- It was a source of quests amongst young Borderlanders

- It was guarded by the Green Man in his enchanted grove



Good luck!

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Sudoku for October

(by DirewolfJon)




Below you find a Sudoku puzzle level 3. Your job is to fill in the missing numbers using numbers from 1 to 9 only.

If you'd like to practice a bit, you can find an easy and a medium level sudoku puzzle in the Games section, a little further in the Hornsounder.


--> type the numbers per row in the proper order and send your answer to Direwolfjon in a PM before 20 November 2007.




- each number can only appear once in every row, every column ànd every square

- only answers sent in a PM will be valid, any posting of possible answers on the boards will result in immediate disqualification.

- you are only allowed to send in ONE pm, so make sure you double check your answers before sending them in.




- the first 6 correct submissions will determine the winners

--> these will be split between: 3 Banders and 3 Non-banders if enough participants play. If not, it will simply go to the top 6 players.

- in case of a tie, the date and hour of submission will determine the winner.

- the winners will be announced in a ceremony together with the other competitions on the public board of the Band on DM ànd will be mentioned in the next edition of Hornsounder.




- For Band members: 3 Game Points + Sudoku pin!

- For Non-Band members: Sudoku pin!

- For all winners: announcement in the next Hornsounder Edition + Public Ceremony & Party at the public Band boards on DM.



Now get those grey cells cracking!






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October Games


Arrow Words

(by Karaj)






(by Direwolfjon)


Easy Game




Medium Game







Answers to Last Month's Games









Crossword Puzzle



Text Game

1. @TEOTD-At The End of the Day

2. 14AAA41-One For All And All For One

3. DWBH-Don't Worry be Happy

4. MTFBWY-May The Force Be With You

5. NIMY-Never In A Million Years

6. E123-Easy As 1 2 3

7. RUT-Are You There?

8. TTYL-Talk To You Later

9. UG2BK- You've Got To Be Kidding

10. WDALYIC-Who Died and Left You in Charge?


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*Deep Thoughts............*

(By Demonspawn)


If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you.


If man evolved from monkeys and apes, why do we still have monkeys and apes?


Isn't it a bit unnerving that doctors call what they do "practice?"


What do you do when you see an endangered animal eating an endangered plant?


Why do they lock gas station bathrooms? Are they afraid someone will clean them?


If the police arrest a mime, does he still have the right to remain silent?


Do they sterilize the needles for lethal injections?


Why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets?


Light travels faster than sound. That’s why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.


Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.


Jesus loves you, but everyone else thinks you’re a git.


Live every day as if it were your last. Eventually you’ll be right.


The easiest way to find something that’s lost is to buy a replacement.


How come when you open a can of evaporated milk it’s still there?


Why is there only one Monopolies commission?


If a thing is worth doing, it would have been done already.


Guns don't kill people - Husbands who come home early kill people.


Why do you press harder on a remote control when you know the battery is dead?


If it's zero degrees outside today and it's supposed to be twice as cold tomorrow, how cold is it going to be?


Why does your gynaecologist leave the room when you get undressed?


Why is it called Alcoholics Anonymous when the first thing you do is stand up and say, 'My name is Bob, and I am an alcoholic?


Why does mineral water that 'has trickled through mountains for centuries' have a 'use by' date?


Is French kissing in France just called kissing?



*Rough Day Remedy*

(By Demonspawn)


Just in case you've had a rough day, here's a stress management technique recommended in all the latest psychological texts.


The funny thing is that it really works.



1. Picture yourself near a stream.


2. Birds are softly chirping in the cool mountain air.


3. No one but you knows your secret place.


4. You are in total seclusion from the hectic place called "the world."


5. The soothing sound of a gentle waterfall fills the air with a cascade of serenity.


6. The water is crystal clear


7. You can easily make out the face of the politician you're holding underwater.


8. See, you're smiling already.




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*New Virus*

(By Demonspawn)


There is a dangerous virus being passed around electronically, orally,

and by hand.


This virus is called Weary-Overload-Recreational-Killer (WORK).


If you receive WORK from any of your colleagues, your boss, or anyone else via any means DO NOT TOUCH IT.


This virus will wipe out your private life completely.


If you should come into contact with WORK, put your jacket on and take one or two good friends to the nearest grocery store.


Purchase the antidote known as Work-Isolating-Neutralizer-Extract (WINE) or Bothersome-Employer-Elimination-Rebooter (BEER).


Take the antidote repeatedly until WORK has been completely eliminated from your system.



*3 Wishes*

(By Demonspawn)


A Woman was out golfing one day when she hit the ball into the woods.


She went into the woods to look for it and found a frog in a trap.


The frog said to her, "If you release me from this trap, I will grant you three wishes."


The woman freed the frog, and the frog said, "Thank you, but I failed to mention that there was a condition to your wishes.


Whatever you wish for, your husband will get times ten!"


The woman said, "That's okay."


For her first wish, she wanted to be the most beautiful woman in the world.


The frog warned her, "You do realize that this wish will also make your husband the most handsome man in the world, an Adonis whom women will flock to".



The woman replied, "That's okay, because I will be the most beautiful woman and he will have eyes only for me."


So, KAZAM-she's the most beautiful woman in the world!


For her second wish, she wanted to be the richest woman in the world.


The frog said, "That will make your husband the richest man in the world. And he will be ten times richer than you."


The woman said, "That's okay, because what's mine is his and what's his is mine."


So, KAZAM-she's the richest woman in the world!


The frog then inquired about her third wish, and she answered, "I'd like a mild heart attack."



Moral of the story: Women are clever. Don't mess with them.




Attention female readers : This is the end of the joke for you. Stop here and continue feeling good.




Male readers: Please scroll down.

























The man had a heart attack ten times milder than his wife .




Moral of the story: Women are really a bit dim but think they're really smart.


Let them continue to think that way and just enjoy the show.



PS: If you are a woman and are still reading this; it only goes to show that women never listen!!!




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*Bank Drive Up*

(By Demonspawn)


A sign in the Bank Lobby reads: "Please note that this Bank is installing new Drive-through teller machines enabling customers to withdraw cash without leaving their vehicles. Customers using these facilities are requested to use the procedures outlined below when gaining access their accounts. After months of careful research, MALE & FEMALE procedures have been developed. Please follow the appropriate steps for your gender."





1. Drive up to the cash machine.


2. Put down your car window.


3. Insert card into machine and enter PIN.


4. Enter amount of cash required and withdraw.


5. Retrieve card, cash and receipt.


6. Put window up.


7. Drive off.







1. Drive up to cash machine.


2. Reverse and back up the required amount to align car window with the machine.


3. Set parking brake, put the window down.


4. Find handbag, remove all contents on to passenger seat to locate card.


5. Tell person on cell phone you will call them back and hang up


6.Attempt to insert card into machine.


7. Open car door to allow easier access to machine due to its excessive distance from the car.


8. Insert card.


9. Re-insert card the right way.


10. Dig through handbag to find diary with your PIN written on the inside back page.


11. Enter PIN.


12. Press cancel and re-enter correct PIN.


13. Enter amount of cash required.


14. Check makeup in rear view mirror.


15. Retrieve cash and receipt.


16. Empty handbag again to locate wallet and place cash inside.


17. Write debit amount in check register and place receipt in back of checkbook.


18. Re-check makeup.


19. Drive forward 2 feet.


20. Reverse back to cash machine.


21. Retrieve card.


22. Re-empty hand bag, locate card holder, and place card into the slot provided.


23. Give appropriate one-fingered hand signal to irate male driver waiting behind you.


24. Restart stalled engine and pull off.


25. Redial person on cell phone.


26. Drive for 2 to 3 miles.


27. Release Parking Brake




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