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Seeking the grove [Zie]


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ooc : had to do something one of these days siting alone and watching goats, who seemed to descide they didnt need to be active. So wrote a post.


Sheri had taken books with her containing pictures, she was in the grove, the morning she had off, and she bougth food for lunch in Tar Valon on her way here. She had set herself up for hearbgathering in the afternoon, hence she had all the day to spend in this lovely quiet place. The solitude fit her, and in a moment she found her favourite place, a secluded glen where she could be all alone, shuting out the rest of the world.


She sat down crosslegged on her usual stone, thus gaining the heigth to look over the bush some feet infront, that was the only breach in the taller tree's, and allowed her to look down onto the river.


She let her thougths drift backwards in time, to the letter that had arived when she was a novice, the one who had changed so much for her, carrying the mesage of the death to the most important person in her life. Then the package with her inheritance, the one her grandma had set up to send to her on her deathbead, likely without her aunts knowledge. Her hand absentmindly sougth the necklace, fishing it out from bellow her dress, her hand curling around the silver rose with gilded edges. The necklace had passed down in generations to the oldest girl, the one to take on the legacy of the family. Her aunt having no daugthers, she would be the last of the line likely to carry on their legacy, and so her grandma had seen to her geting it.


Sheri always wore the necklace, it had been the last sign of love and fait from her grandmother, and what also had seen her through the arches when the last offer came. She recaled as a kid she had always wondered why the necklace wasnt faded like those other her mother owned, she knew now it was due to keeping, maybe by Evera the original owner, though more likely her mentor who had gifted it to her.


She had found the same to be true to the big old diary book of rescepies, and the one with their ancestry, she knew her aunt would have copies, they never had the books around for normal use. It was the originals who was with her thoug, or at least what they thougth to be so, imposible to know for sure.


Silent tears was runing down her cheek as memories of her grandma flashed through her mind, and all the stories she used to tell. She looked skywards a moment before blinking away a few last tears, then drying her eyes and directing her eyes down to the river again, she tried to see her grandma's face in the water. The memory was fading though as years passed by.


Lost in her own thougths, she didnt recognise the shadow for the sun untill she registrered movement in form of a dim shadow to her left. Saidar was already flowing into her, though she held back on weaving, having learned her lesson to do so before knowing who she was facing, her head snaping around and quickly taking in the person rigth beside her.


Sheri recognised the trainee suit, and frowned, one of the things she had soon learned upon being raised accepted, was to use the rank to be left alone. An abrupt and bruske "yes?" passed over her lips, not making any atempt on hiding her displeasement on being disturbed. Her eyes meanwhile taking in the other bether, keeping her mask to the cold unaproachable mask she had learned to use even as a kid to be left alone.

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Why is it that just when you thought it was safe to take a few minutes by yourself some one had to be in the only place you found peace. There had to be some where in the grounds that did not have some one lounging in it or kissing some one. A shudder passed though Kalush again as she thought about the last place she had walked in to. Blood and Ashes it was not like she caught them doing any thing more than kissing, but the look on her girls face almost made her think more was going on. Her line of thinking came back around to her reason for seeking some place peaceful, Aran. Damn the man why was it that no mater what she did she could not gain control of her temper long enough to get her blasted chore done. She was beginning to think that killing him would be easier than what Shawn had requested of her before he left.


The ogier grove was out side of the training yards but Daemon had told her to go find some place where she could be alone and meditate. She had searched the yard and had no luck finding a quiet place that meant outside of the grounds. The walk did nothing to improve her growing temper; insults were tossed in her direction as well as some man trying to give her a good pinch. Soon she made it to the grove and started walking around it looking for some place to call all her own. Growling and cursing she pushed though a couple trees and came to an instant stop, damn, was there no place sacred.


Apparently not since some girl in white was happily sitting there doing who knew what and in one of the worst areas for sitting. Since it was so close to the river some animal life found it easy to come in to the grove. She was even sitting on a rock to make her a better target, although Kalush had to admit that the view was one of the best of the river that still did not mean it was not a safe place. She was about to turn around and try the other end of the grove when one word in that tone stopped her dead in her tracks. She knew she was suppose to show respect and bow to the wishes of the Sedai, Accepted and have no contact with the Novices, but today was not her day to be in control.




Kalush slowly turned back around and the look on her face was one that could kill, it was not as if she interrupted her on purpose. The only way to find out if some one was at this spot was to walk in to it and look, creator forbid that she caused the girl to stop day dreaming about warders for a second before leaving. She was about to leave with out saying any thing but movement to the girls right caught her attention. Quick as she could she had dagger in hand and it flew though the air, a soft thud was heard before she spoke.


“It is ignorant to think that just because you can channel nothing can harm you.”


She all but hissed that comment before turning and starting to walk away, over her shoulder she tossed out one more bit of advice.


“You need a keeper.”


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