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(Approved RP) Voices in My Head-Signups!


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Place: Tar Valon/White Tower – Alternate Reality




In a "Voices in My Head" RP all of those within a certain radius within the library will be sucked into an alternate reality by tripping a ward that has been laid upon a book. This alternate reality is very similar to the one in which we all live except there is one major and disconcerting difference.  In this reality the taint did not affect the male half of the Source, but the female half.  The Breaking was not caused by male Aes Sedai, but FEMALE Aes Sedai.  Those sucked into this reality will now be the hunted and our sanity will be questionable since in this world the taint starts to affect us.  It will be a race to find our way back to our own time and keep our ability to channel intact without being tamed




Who & How:


The threads will be completely OPEN to any that wish to join. It will be a TIMELINE CONSEQUENCE FREE Rp and 100% up to those that join what time in their characters lives they wish to join (only if you have reached full status, i.e. Aes Sedai/Tower Guard/Warder can you RP as one), be it Aes Sedai, Trainee or a simple Tar Valon wanderer. It is open to ALL divisions and any is welcome to join. You can join with your novice, Accepted, Aes Sedai, warder, trainee OR play your Asha’man as Aes Sedai.  We could also use some NSW male Aes Sedai.




The Voices in My Head RP will run from November 15th thru December 15th.




Be realistic! Don’t kill, maim or hurt anyone without his or her permission. Novices, Accepted, and Trainees should remain Novices, Accepted and Trainees in this RP.  It is preferential that PCs be used as far as who comes from the Tower.  Those characters that are from the alternate reality can be whatever and whomever they want. PM me with NSW bios: One paragraph, physical description and character.




Shaneevae el’Edware – Brown HoA/ Boss woman of said catastrophe!


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