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What would you nominate?


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OK.. so no best drama or best comedy... what off the wall nomination would you put your character's into if you could? 



Couple who fights the PG-13 rating the most:  Jatasha and Carnhain


Couple most likely to hate each other in the end: Aramina and Aran


Nicest bad guy: Demus


Nicest guy with the worst luck with women: Ursana


Character most likely to make it to Project Runway: Caelen (and NO he's not gay :P)



Got any more?  Nominate your own or other peoples :P

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Guest Arie Ronshor

For Mine:


Ultimate Light"fool" - Arie Ronshor  (XD - no surprise.)


Most likely to die a virgin - Maegan Ryanne


Most likely to bond more men than a green - Suzaku Nalemar. (o_O She told me so... )


Worlds most unlikely Mother - Cairma Vishnu


Most likely to sleep with any male (after puberty..) - Korrena.. Her with hormones is going to be.. 'delightful' ...





Randlands Scariest Gaidin/Gaidar - Rosheen


Most likely to be on "The Bachelor" - Ursana


Best Beauty & the Geek Pair - Shaneevae & Cor  (can you guess who is who? I can't. ;))


Most likely to convince the world it's Black and White - Be'lal


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Most likely to break his desk ;): Carnhain


Most likely to die of an STD: Jes


Most dangerous relationship-to-be: Annais & Brent


Longest Promising Ever: Estel & Orion


Ugliest Person in Randland: Isha

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Most unlikely couple to find happiness together: Con & Arette


Most insecure 200+ years old: Arette


Worst dresser of Randland: Iussi


Most tormented lovebirds: Mina & Leon


They actually let you to lead men in battle?! *boggles*: Sahra far far in the future :P In her dreams at least


Most laid back Amyrlin ever: Annais


Could also be 'Most laid Amyrlin ever' *winks at Brent* But alas, I think that some Green Amyrlin holds that record :P




Largest sword, smallest woman: Cairma


The ultimate Mommy & Daddy: Nyssa & Michael (6 biological children + 1 adopted is really something else :P)


or alternatively 'Mother and Father of all Darkfriends'


Oh Woe Is Me Award: Shoar


Most Unexpected Man to Settle Down: Ursana (read and find out ;) )

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  Most inactive and elusive member of Staff: Me


  Most likely to have her bunk moved to the MoN's office: Daenerys ( IF I ever write her, that is )


  The stab and slash award goes to Ghaul


  Daemon gets the Cup of Loyality

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Most Likely to Toast Villagers Because it's Funny: Ayrik Drayven


Evillest Good Guy: Janine


Melodramatic Angst Award: Mehrin


Triumphant Ineptitude: Asmodean




Most Manipulative Evilness: M'bela


Master of the Pointy Sticks: Ghaul


Nymphomaniac: Jesabel


Most Likely to Exceed: Ramza


Most Likely to be Violated by Small Woodland Creatures: the Tinkers

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More others

Minty most likely to actualy be raised : Kopair

Best mentor : Alriand and Andular

Most mischivious AS : Cara


Some of mine

Ugly duckling never turning swan : "Sheri"

Highest mood switcher : Tanitsja reincarnated Cyrain

Most likely to think herself a genious : Cemarillinin

The actualy one most old and wise : Scar

Tomboy most likely to take offence of anything girlish : A.D.

Most Vain : Celerita

The one who will bend at nesecity but never break : M'bela

Pure 110% killer : T'an

The one most likely willing to sacrifise it all for family : Aurore

The one turning out as planed but still bigest surprice : Liitha

Most likely to be adventerous yet carefull of harm to others : Aslan


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sorry Quibs... but I think "evillest good guy" should be passed on to Linten ;)


most tortured character ever/character most likely to die with no body parts remaining: Isha

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Guest Arie Ronshor

You make an excellent point. :)



Most likely to fix the White Tower by making many many mistakes - Annais & Maegan

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