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BotRH Game - 20 Questions --> Music (Round 3 = Corki --> page 3)


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Here is one of two new games for the Band of the Red Hand ORG, based on one of our ORG themes (music) and the simple game, 20 Questions.




Everyone should know the rules for 20 Questions. But if you don't, here they are for this game:


- The aim is to work out the answer that has been thought up through a series of questions and guesses, and aiming to be correct within 20 turns

- Only ONE question/guess can be asked in a post at a time (i.e. no multipal questions and guesses). If people most more than one, I will delete all questions except the first one you asked

- Before you can ask another question, you must wait for one person to ask a question AFTER your turn. I'll be monitoring this! ;)

- The only answers that can be given are YES and NO. I'll be watching out for incorrect answers

- Guesses on the answer count as one question

- If the answer has not been guessed after 20 questions, then the answerer wins and continues with another answer



What can be chosen as an answer?

As the game is music based, you can pick either a song, a group, a singer or  a musician (i.e. someone from a Band, famous cello player, famous violin player etc etc). This will allow us a wide range of answers, and the game should go on for some time!



So let the Game begin! And if you have any questions concerning the game, just ask them, but highlight them somehow for me to answer. Thank you.

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1. Is it a song? No

2. Is it a group? Yes

3. Does the group exist now? Yes

4. Are they from America? No

5. Is it a British band? No

6.  Is the group of the rock genre? No

7. Is the group of the classical genre? No

8.  Is it an Australian band? No


I like recaps :P

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