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New UR GL thingy


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I am not one for flowery speeches, nor am i one for flowers in general. if it is green i remove it from the garden.


But i digress, i am not here to talk all things garden like, instead i come to hail the next person to be elevated from the mire that is the membership of DM and glad hand said person into a world of the strange ::)


Well look it is strange to me ok ;)


*Will you get on with it!!!!*


I would if i knew what "it" was, ok?


"Look you silly Admin you just annouce that bcxanth is the new GL and we can all go down the pub and get rat arsed"



Oh for heavens sake, you just had to let the cat out of

the bag did you not?"


"Do you not mean let the bcxanth out of the bag?




Anyways ladies and germs, without furhter ado please give a resounding welcome to some dude called Ken who will be your boss from now on......good luck mate i have a feeling you are so going to need it ;D


James stop doing that to that sheep....i do not care if it is an adult anyway ;)


Stay Frosty







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