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Halloween Week Coloring Contest!! We Have a Winner!!


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Introducing the 1st ever BotRH coloring contest!  As part of the Halloween Week celebrations, we are holding a DM-wide coloring contest!  There will be different types of winners.  Examples are Best Use of Primary Colors, Scariest Picture, Most like Salvador Dali (or other artist).   I will provide links to coloring pages or you can submit your own.  Just PM me your entries and they will be judged by a panel of your peers.  So channel (no, not that kind of channeling!) your inner Monet and get coloring!!



Haunted House

Cat, Bat and Pumpkin


Witch 2



Pumpkin and Crow


Feel free to change any of them or make your own!!


I'll add more as the days go by!

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Ladies and Gentlemen!  We have a Winner!!  After careful consideration, and hours of deliberation, I have chosen the winner of the Halloween Coloring Contest! 


TAYMIST, the Mistress of Markers, the Princess of Paints, the Countess of Crayons!!!


Congratulations Tay!! 


I would personally like to thank Tay, as she was the only one to enter.  :-\  Thanks for taking the time Sis!!  I know it must have taken you hours!   :P


I will be in touch with  your winnings!


I would also like to thank Ali, Talya and Kara for their help!

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