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Women Poll!!!No men in the section!!!!!

spigots or caudrens  

114 members have voted

  1. 1. spigots or caudrens

    • spigots
    • caudrens
    • pie spoon
    • washer woman. shaped washer.

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Hehe... Well, the choice really depends on what you want to use the guy for. As someone I'd want to be in a relationship with, I'd choose an older Mat or a younger Thom, possibly Logain or Gaul. If it's someone just to bed, I'd choose Taim, Demandred, or Moridin. ^_^

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Given those choices, I'd say Elyas.  I go for the woodsy type. 


Given any choice...well, Loial's a sweetheart.  Shaidar Haran would be hot competition but I maintain that he belongs to Semirhage.  Oh, just gimme a Dragkhar. 

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My vote is on Logain. It would have been Lan, but there's just something about Logain, and the fact that he could heat up anything for me in an flash? Heck yeah! LOL although I suppose that does sound kinda wrong  :-[ haha

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LAN! lan lan lan lan lan 'nuff said...


Mat is fun and lovable, but Lan is the man to take home at the end of the day


"I will hate the man you choose because he is not me, and love him if he makes you smile. No woman deserves the sure knowledge of widow's black as her bride price, you least of all."



I hope he lives through AMoL

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It's only adultery if I'm married to someone else when I do it.  :D


Well, its also adultery if a married man feels lust for you. Not that you have to worry about that or anything.



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Mat! he's always been my favourite character. Mat is also someone who is not too serious, but at the same time he seems extremely smart, and he can be serious when he needs to. he is a person who clearly can enjoy life.

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Why do I have to choose just one ? *scratches head in puzzled fashion* ... surely I could just work my way through the lot of them ?  ???


oh all RIGHT ! If you insist ... bed Demandred, Mat, Lan, ... enslave Demandred, marry Mat.

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It certainly wouldn't be Rand, cause that whole multiple personality deal along with occasional fanatical outbursts would just be too dangerous.

Perrin is just too annoying with the whole “I’m not a hero, I’m a blacksmith” complex.

Mat is not pretty enough based on RJ’s descriptions.

Lan, Thom, Tam and Elyas are just way too old.

Taim and Demandred are pretty, but a little insecure in their blind hate for Rand. Not a turn on.

Moridin sounds very attractive, but having Ishy’s soul inside makes him a little too insane for my taste. 


So I guess the only reasonable choice is Logain, and with that halo that Min keeps on seeing, the future looks promising for him. Great choice in my opinion.


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Lan old? Not that old. And anyway ... who cares? Not me anyway...


Frankly those 20-something-boys are very much too young for my 36-going on 37 years. Please give me a man at 40-50-something. 



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