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Wanna Fight? (Attn: Karissa)


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The day was barely begun when Aramina stepped out onto the Battle grounds.  Her hair was pulled back tightly in a tight braid, held by a dark green strip of leather which matched her clothes.  Tight black pants and a dark green tunic were her choice of clothes for the day with black boots that were well worn in.  She was a familiar face in the Warder's training yards and preferred to work her sword there daily.  She found it helped clear her mind and if she let it, would help her get a feel for the people that chose to guard her Sisters.  Today she was in a different field though, one that she herself had come when she had been newly raised to the Shawl.  Unknown to anyone outside the Green Ajah, once a Sister was raised and joined the Green Ajah, she was not yet a full Sister.  On the outside she had full privledges but in the Ajah, she was a Recruit and had to be taken through the rituals and learn the weaves that only a Green Sister knew.


Years ago, she had been taken by Jaydena Sedai to this very field and had earned her place among her Sisters.  Today, she was here to teach another.  Karissa Sedai, new to the Green Sisterhood and about to begin her first lesson in the art of Battleweaves.


She saw the other joining her on the field and gave a polite smile.  "Good morning, Sister." She said.  "I trust you slept well last night.  You will need your strength today."


Aramina sur Dulciena

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Nervous, was about the only thing you could call Karissa right now.  Today she would begin learning new weaves, ones the Green Ajah called Battle Weaves, ones that were just that meant to kill and disarm their opponents.  She hoped she would never have to learn them in her life  time but she also wanted to be prepared for when she did need them.  It was a mixed emotional bag for Karissa.


Karissa gave Aramina a small polite curtsy, she was an elder Aes Sedai and she was her teacher it was always good to show deference. She was nervous and hoped that it didn't show through.


"I did, Sister, I am ready to begin."



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((OOC: Sorry hon!  Smack me next time :P  I promise the rest will get done much quicker :P  Just post on each section and we'll be ready to move on to the next element.)



Air 1


”Today we’ll be beginning your training with Battle Weaves.  We’ll be working on one element each session, and we will work it for as long as we need to until it becomes second nature to you.  Once that happens, you just might be ready to ask for our Sister’s approval once more.”  It was a bitter pill, to work your way through the weaves and all that came with the second petition to later find out that it had nothing to do with you or your worth, but rather a tradition that had been handed down to harden the newest of the Greens. 


“The first thing we’ll start with are the air weaves.”  She embraced the source and looked at Karissa.  "This weave is a fairly easy weave and could easily be done by most sisters in the tower, in this weave we use Spirit to strengthen it. The higher you are in Air the sharper the weave will be. Now watch closely the weave we are about to do is called the Air Razor. Very effective for slicing off Trolloc heads."


She began weaving with air, then added threads of spirit into it, sharpening the weave with the spirit until it was ready.  She pushed it forward towards one of the straw trollocs that had been set out into the field.  It sliced the head off nicely and Aramina looked back at the Green Recruit.  “This is effective on one or many.  Now, watch again and then it will be your turn.” 


Aramina did the weave again, the same purposeful threads so the young Aes Sedai would be able to repeat it, then sent it spinning at the trolloc. 


”Your turn.”



OOC: Air Razor (Air 2, Skill 7)  Higher strength in Air means blade is harder; higher skill, edge is sharper.




Air 2


When Aramina thought Karissa had practiced for a sufficient amount of time she stepped forward  “Let’s move on now.  Our next weave is an Air Club, the club is a fairly simple weave but yet again deadly to our enemies. Each sister weaves their club differently, some choose to make it wide and short, some long and thin.  Just do whatever looks best for you.  The Air Club is a useful weapon in that it can be used to knock our opponent out if we have no need to kill them. It can however be used as a killing weapon if aimed correctly.”  Weaving an air club slowly so that Karissa could follow the weave, Aramina sent it towards the trolloc, hitting it hard enough to crumple the head.  “This is a good weave if you need to face a single enemy and for whatever reason knock them out, maybe for questioning or to be sentenced. I want you to practice this weave until you have perfected it, when you are done we’ll take a short break before moving on to the next weave in the series.”


Moving away from the field, Aramina watched as Karissa began working the weaves.  Aramina reviewed the way the woman worked, allowing herself to learn more about the young woman that had joined their Ajah.  Unlike others, Battle Sisters had to put their lives into the hands of their sisters fairly often and she preferred to know the woman who she was asking to guard her back.  She watched Karissa working and hoped that some day she would know the full measure of this Sister.    Still, the Green Ajah was not for the weak and she could only hope that the harshness of their recruitment would be enough to see her ready for the years to come. 


Ooc- The club looks like an icecream cone, to qoute Taya Sedai. Air Club (Air 1, Skill 4)


Air 3


Their break consisted of a light lunch that had been provided by the White Tower kitchens.  They ate in relative silence, Aramina answering questions as they came about the weaves, the Ajah, and the Tower itself.  When they had both eaten, Aramina gave a polite smile to the other woman. 


“Are you ready to do the final battle weave of the day?”  Karissa nodded and Aramina got up, walking back over to the training grounds.  “Next we’re going to be learning how to create an Air Shield.  This is the first weave we have learned that is protective and not an attack weave.” 


Aramina took a deep breath and slowly worked the weave so that Karissa could watch the dome that began to build around her.  When she was done she tied it off.  “This is the Air Shield.  Now, I want you to attack it the best that you can, try to undo it, using all the elements.  It will weaken eventually, but I am sure that you will see it is a very sturdy weave. With proper maintenance it can hold through many hours of battle.”


Karissa attacked and Aramina was impressed with the things the young recruit was trying.  She help up a hand so she knew to stop.  The weave was beginning to crumble and Aramina drew Karissa’s attention to it.  “Do you notice how it is crumpling in on itself? This is because I’m not repairing the weave or maintaining it.  I simply tied it off.  Now I want you to make the weave and tie it off, I will begin to attack your weave. When it begins to fall apart I want you to weave it again but this time I want you to maintain and repair it as we practice. I would like you to see the difference it can make it the amount of time your weave will hold. To repair the weave you will need to feed strength into it whenever it begin to fall apart.”  Nodding at her student she instructed her to start weaving the protective weave. She began to attack the weave and waited to see what would happen.



Ooc- Air Shield (Air 4, Skill 4). This one requires less skill than Air Razor, but greater strength with Air than both previous Air weaves we did.


Air Conclussion


Aramina  headed to the Green Ajah tea room after their first day.  Jaydena had taken her there after her training and Aramina thought it was a nice way to end the day off.  Having gone to her rooms and cleaned up, she showed up in the Tea Room with her hair piled in high braids, her dress a soft dark green that whispered softly as she walked.  She smiled politely at Karissa who was already waiting.  She took a seat at one of the high backed chairs and reached for the tea pot.  She poured a cup for herself and then one for the Recruit.  “So tell me how you’re doing right now.” She said, trying to be the sort of mentor that Jaydena had been to her during this time in her life.  “Do you still feel you made the right choice?”



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