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To Surrender (Kass)


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Guest nephitess

IC: Having sent a note to her mentee the evening before, Veria sat in her rooms with a text book and waited her arrival. It was an interesting thing to have such a responsibility. She remembered her mentor. A sister of the Grey ajah, cold and distant. Veria resolved not to be that way.  A knock at the door brought her out of her thoughts. Answering the door, she smiled...


Calling for the person to enter Veria stood. It was her Mentee Kirsa. The Domani girl glided in and curtsied gracefully. Veria welcomed her and asked her to sit.


“how are you today Kirsa? The first few days  and weeks can be hard. Tell me what you have been experiencing.” With a smile Veria sat on her bed with her back against the wall.


She listened to the stories her mentee had to tell her and when she was finished it was time to work.


“do you have the summerys I asked you to do? “ Veria held out her hand for the paper she expected. Kirsa handed her a paper and sat back down. Looking over it quickly, Veria was satisfied.


“good work Kirsa. Thank you.”


Looking at her student she put on a serious face and spoke.


"Kirsa, there is much the tower can teach you, but the most important is this. The power is NOT a toy. I expect that you will remember this." she handed Kirsa a slip of paper she fished out of her pouch." you will memorize the names o this paper. It contains the names of those who have been burnt out because of foolishness. Ahh I see you know what that means, well. You will study these names and find out everything you can about them. When we remember the mistakes of others we can avoid those same mistakes.


so now we get on to the more exciting stuff" Veria said this with a grin" I will teach you how to do a simple exercise to open yourself to the source.  You need to pick out a flower you like and imagine you are that flower. Close you eyes."


Veria waited as the girl got comfortable and close her eyes.


"OK, do you have your flower?' Kirsa nodded. "Good, now listen to my voice.


You are the bud of that flower. The bud is attached to the stem. Feel the tight petals and the stem. Behind you the sun starts to rise. You feel its warmth. You want to invite it's warmth in to you. Your petals start to open in welcome to the light of the sun. The energy starts to infuse you, your petals open......"


They went on like that for about an hour. There were times when Veria thought she saw a flicker of the power about the girl. Trying one last time, Veria went into the recitation again. This time there was success. There was now doubt in her mind that the girl had touched the source. There was a bright shine about her and the expression on her face was memorable.


"Very good my dear. Now please release. Excellent. That was very good for only an hour’s effort. Now we will try another exercise. This exercise will help you control how much you embrace the source. It is called pushing and pulling. Ok, please embrace the source." Veria waited while Jahana closed her eyes and concentrated. A minute later the familiar light sprang up around her charge.


"Very good" Veria smiled "ok now imagine there is a cloud in the sky, it is slowly coming in-between you and the sun. Now push it away just a little. Now pull it towards you. That is excellent."


Veria was impressed at the girl’s talent and quick learning.


"Now release and start over again. Go through the push and pull exercise and then release"


After about 15 minutes, Kirsa released the power; she had a disappointed look on her face. Veria could understand. She remembered her first time touching the source, it was a wonderous feeling.


“You have done well but That will be the extent of our lesson for today. Please rest for a few hours and then go to the library and be sure to study those names. Here is a note stating your permission to be on rest for the remainder of the day. Meet me in the accepted’s gardens in two days and we will continue. Have a good day Kirsa."


OOC: Ok Kass, Rp out your chars impressions and feelings. Make sure she does the excersises with Veria. don't make very easy for Kirsa...Embracing the source can be a tricky thing. have fun with it!!

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IC: Kirsa stood outside the door, nervous butterflies fluttering in her belly. It was not that she wasn't excited; it was that she was scared as well. She didn't know what to expect, and she hated it. She liked her mentor, but the other girls had giggled and told her she would probably introduce to the source today. Yeah, she was excited; she just had heard enough stories, even though her mother sold to the Aes Sadei, to frighten her. She had also heard of those that had been burnt out and almost shivered at their fates. They had been fools and deserved their fate, the more logical side of herself told her, the one she listened to most.


She took a deep breath and knock on the door. She heard Veria's voice through the door, and with one last sigh entered with her usual grace. She glided over to Veria and curtsied gracefully, perfect to the dot. She took a seat at Veria's motion and gazed at her mentor calmly, not an ounce of her earlier worry could be seen in her eyes.


"What I have done these past days? Well, for the most part I have been losing my self more times than I can count. Though I must admit it has come in handy in the long run. For example, I found the library by getting lost several days before, and having to help an Accepted shelve several books. That knowledge has helped allot over the past several days. My room mate and I are getting along very well, and from what I have seen on the other novices, they all seen very kind," she said really not knowing what to say, but saying it all with a teasing smile.


She quickly handed over the paper when asked to. When Veria turned back to her with a serious smile, Kirsa turned her expression into an attentive one. She listened with a streak of fear as Veria told her of those burnt out and handed her the paper. Her expression stayed attentive as Veria told her that she would learn how to open herself to the source. She felt a thrill of excitement that she quickly killed at the memory of those that had burnt themselves out.


She made herself close her eyes and relax. She pictured a small red flower she had seen once at home. She opened her mind to what Veria was telling her. She felt the heat on her back the urge to turn to them. The day had been just like that when Amil had shown her the flower under their favorite tree. Her mind wandered happily into this train of thought until she remembered what he had done last. Her mind completely flinched away from the thought, causing her to loose her concentration over and over again. She became frustrated and barred the memory every once in a while, allowing her petals to open almost completely, but then the darkness of memory would come and close her off. She fought hard and was able to control her memory far enough to open completely and nothing could touch her there.


When this finally happened, joy finally suffused Kirsa, as much from the release from bad memory that it gave her as the feeling of happiness the source itself gave her. It was wonderful. She felt free for once in the past weeks. She let go of it reluctantly, but the memory didn’t bother her again, to her great relief. Caution once again took hold of her as she opened herself to the source once more. It took her a long moment of concentration before she could touch the source once more, but Veria seemed pleased.


She followed Veria’s instruction. She imagined herself as the flower once more and tried to draw a cloud over. At first it was a struggle, and then instead of a cloud she imagined the memory coming to haunt her. It worked beautifully. It was harder to push back though. She tried, imagining as if she fought it off. Finally it worked. She tried it several more times until it became smooth. She released the source reluctantly, feeling open to attack from memory, but Veria didn’t seem to realize just what it was from. Kirsa once again remembered those burnt out and nearly shivered, she was more tired than she thought for coming as close to going against habit to allow it to become that near a chance of expressing emotions she did not wish to appear.


She felt relief and yes a bit of disappointment when Veria sent her away for rest. She had always liked learning and the lesson had provided her with relief from thought in areas she did not wish to ponder. She knew she would have to someday. But that day would not be today she thought to herself as she curtsied to Veria perfectly and exited from the Accepted’s room with her usual gliding walk. No one would have guessed just how tired she was from how she carried herself.

When she reached her room Kirsa felt like collapsing in bed and crying from the memory that had surfaced during the lesson. She didn’t allow her self that luxury though. She could control her emotion. She knew it and there for could conquer it. She set herself to tidying the room before collapsing in the bed at last in pure exhaustion.


OOC: Sorry for taking a while to reply. I had a very busy weekend. :-[

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Guest nephitess

IC: Sitting in the gardens with a book, Veria was engrossed in the history of Andor when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She jumped and looked up. Blushing a crimson red she saw her mentee. Kirsa was on time, Veria could tell by the placement of the sun. How embarrassing to be caught of guard like that!!


  'Note to self' she thought ruefully 'do no get so lost in thought you don't notice your mentee when she arrives for lessons"


With a small laugh she welcomed her mentee. Motioning to the spot on the bench, she invited Kirsa to sit.


"Today we will learn some basic weaves, but before we learn to do any working with the power I must mention something very important.  You are never to pick apart your weaves. It is a disastrous exercise. You may not understand what I mean by picking apart your weaves but you will soon I promise. Just let them dissipate and dissolve on their own. Now for today's lesson. There are five elements to the power. Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Spirit. Please meditate for a moment and embrace the source." she waited a moment. Seeing the light of saidar around her mentee she continued.


"I am going the show you threads of each power so you can know what they feel and look like."


Veria showed Kirsa each thread. The light brown for earth, green for water, light blue for water, blazing red for fire and a shining pearl thread for spirit. Encouraging Jahana to feel the threads she could see the look of amusement on her face. It was always an interesting thing to experience something for the first time.


"OK, now we will move on to a weave. We are going to create water, or more accurately, pull water from the air.


Placing a bowl in between them on the bench, Veria embraced the source; Veria used her funnel like weave of water threads to pull the water from the air. Making the threads thick and forming them into a spinning funnel she touched the "eye" of the funnel to the bowl. The bowl filled up half way. Suppressing a giggle at Kirsa's eyes she let her weave go.


"Do you think you can do that? Ok try!"


Waiting for her mentee to try out the weave she watched. Jahana tried a few times and then managed to get her funnel going.  One time Kirsa lost control and got them both wet. At that time Zeveria thought it might be a good time to move on.


"Try the weave a few more time until you get it. Then I will show you the weave for drying."


After a couple of more minutes Kirsa got the weave and managed to fill the bowl with water.


"Very good. Now we will learn dry. It is a very good weave to learn, if you can learn to weave it around your self you can dry your self off when you get wet.  Watch close. "


Using air and water threads Veria wove the weave around her and dried off her dress. She then moved the weave over to Kirsa. Drying the other woman's dress she added some heat to pres out the wrinkles of each other their dresses.


Dunking a hanky she pulled out from her sleeve Veria handed it to Jahana.


"Now it is your turn. Dry out this hanky."


OOC: ok you know what to do. Have fun.


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OOC: Sorry for taking so long, I just couldn't get my self inspired enough to do one that was even worth reading. :-[


IC: Kirsa entered the gardens, nervous of what was to come, remembering her last experience with weaving. She found her mentor sitting alone and reading. Kirsa looked up at the sky and guessed she was on time. She gently tapped her mentor on the shoulder, and caused Veria to jump. Kirsa blushed a little for disturbing her mentor before falling into a perfect curtsy and murmuring, "Good morning Accepted Veria."


Kirsa sat down when motioned to and arranged her skirts in the way her mother had taught her before looking back up at her mentor with a dazzling smile. She listened intently with her head cocked to the side. She felt a flicker of fear shoot through her as she was told to embrace the source. She pictured the little red flower and struggled for only a moment before a moderate amount of power entered her. She looked upon the threads in wonder and delight at the different feels of each thread. Her eyes were especially enjoying the colors.


Kirsa watched in rapt attention and awe as her mentor pulled, as there wasn't a better word that she could think of to describe it, water from air into the bowl. She felt surprise, fear, and yes, excitement when Veria told her she was going to try it. She opened herself and tried to weave the threads together like a carpet but it quickly dissipated before she got close to completing it. She reviewed what she had seen when Veria had done the weave and realized her mistake. You cannot 'weave' a funnel you create it.


Kirsa started to form a whirlpool in her mind and tossed elements she wanted in the right place. Many times she would toss one in and it would go to the wrong place and she would have to begin from the beginning. Kirsa slowly built up the finesse at putting each thread in the correct place. Her brows were draws together in concentration. Finally she reached the point where she almost had it, one more thread she thought to herself. With the sentence memory came crashing of a day when she was fixing a dress after having torn it. Amil sat next to her and said those exact words," One more thread." Kirsa nearly lost hold of Saidir, but grabbed it by a fingernail. Of course she lost the weave and to her shock found not only herself, but Veria soaked in water.


Kirsa's face went a delicate shade of pink with her blush and made her look even prettier, even though her hair hung around her wetly, sticking to her face and dress. She had to try several more times before her fear of such a thing happening again hit her. She finally got it, and when the bowl finally filled a large smile of accomplishment lit up her face.


Kirsa's smile disappeared as her expression returned to one of concentration as she paid close attention to the weave that Veria displayed and used before her. When Kirsa felt dry a sigh of relief left her mouth before she could stop herself. No matter how hard she tried Kirsa's mothers teaching would stick to her and looking great at every minute of the day was one such teaching. Being soaking wet was not her mother's idea of looking fantastic.


She now had to try and repeat the drying weave. Kirsa felt exhausted mentally, physically, and emotionally. She didn't want to do it, but she would try her best either way. She tried it the same way she had done the funnel but it broke before her useless. She stopped before trying again and closed her eyes to better think. It is not a funnel but a carpet weave doesn’t work either. A small smile touched her face as she began once more to work. Now instead of a funnel or a straight square she tried a ball of threads in different weaves.


Slowly she began to build it, her skills higher than when she began earlier but still she fumbled. As earlier she slowly accustomed herself to the new thread and how to out them together. Slowly and over many tries she finally built her finesse to the level she needed it to be. She misplaced the last thread the second to last time and felt a rod of irritation shoot through her mind but she quickly pushed it away. The last time she gave herself a bit more time, not allowing impatience to get in the way. She finally got it, and the rag became dry in her hands.

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Guest nephitess

IC: Zeveria Sedai sat dressed in a green silk dress with her hair brush.  Pulling it through her hair she tied it up into spirals and coils she let the back half flow free.  Today she had a surprise for her mentee. They were going to go someplace special.


  A knock at the door announced the arrival Kirsa. Opening the door Veria saw the girl in a light cloak and sturdy shoes. Good, the girl had received her message. 


  "Welcome Kirsa, please sit and I'll be ready in a moment." Gathering her bag and cloak Veria smoothed her skirts and nodded to Kirsa to follow her.


Walking down the halls of the tower, Veria spoke to Kirsa about her time in the tower. The girl had only been around a short while, 6 months.  It was a pleasure to teach  Kirsa, she was a fast learner. The only thing that bothered Veria bout the child in anyway was her reluctance to let her looks go in anyway. The child nearly had a heart attack when she got wet.


After a brisk walk through the gardens, Veria led Kirsa towards a half hidden gate. The gate was low and ornate. The vines that crawled over the metal looked like they were life long friends. The bright green and white of the leaves looked cheerful. Placing her delicate hand on the gate latch she turned to Jahana. 


"Tell me child, how would you like to leave the grounds for a few hours?" Veria kept her face straight but inside she was smiling slyly. 


Seeing the excitement on the girls face Veria let her smile come through. Deftly undoing the latch she stepped onto the green grass.  Waving to Kirsa to follow her, she let the girl close the gate behind them. Leading them along a worn path, Veria found a quiet spot. The area was covered in soft grass and was circled by trees.  In the center was a mossy log waiting for them.


As Veria stepped over to the log she channelled a thread of air to lift a piece of wood from it's pile. She placed the wood in the fire pit next to the log seat. After both women were seated, Veria started the lesson.


"Kirsa, today we will talk about lifting smaller objects and lighting and snuffing small fires. lets start with lifting. Watch close as I lift that smaller log."


Pointing to the log on top of the pile in the fire pit, Veria opened herself tithe source once more. Moving her threads and weaving slowly, Veria twined her bluish thread around the log. Lifting it above the height of their heads, she let it drop in to the pit with a loud thud.  Smiling she motioned for Kirsa to try.  When Kirsa embraced the power Veria could see the surprise in her eyes. Even after these months the power was still a wonder to the girl. well that was not unusual, even after years some sisters still felt the awe and glory that was the driving force of the universe. Watching Kirsa try to lift the log, she looked close at her weaving.

Veria could see the problem….


"Try to secure the ends of your threads a bit better and you will have more luck."


With a nod Kirsa tried again. This time she had success.  Doing it a few more times she mastered the technique. 


'Time to move on' thought Veria


"Now we will work on something different. For the last while we have been working with air and water weaves. Now is the time for throwing in some new threads. We will look at fire threads."


Picking up a splinter she wove a thin thread of fire around the tip of the object. A small tendril of smoke rose from the end of the wood. A fire bloomed and flickered on the tip of the splinter and made it look like a candle wick.


"Now use a thread of air and pick up a splinter of wood. After you do that, use a thread of fire and do as I did. You will be successful when you have the tip of your splinter burning like a candle."


Kirsa wove expertly her weave of air and lifted a small piece of wood to her hand. Kirsa smiled triumphantly and winked at Veria. Nodding and smiling, Veria silently encouraged her mentee to continue. Watching closely to make sure Kirsa didn't inadvertaly set fire to herself or anything else.  The girl looked a little unsteady as she pulled a thread of fire to her. Wrapping the thread around the wood, she girls eyes widened as she saw the smoke rise from the splinter.  All of a sudden the wood burst into flame. Throwing the ball of fire on the ground with a yell, Kirsa looked at Veria with startled eyes.


With a small laugh Veria snuffed the embers with a small dome of air. Smiling Veria gave a hint...


"Try again but this time touch the fire thread to the tip of the wood only. This will help."


A few tries later and Kirsa saw success. It was a good feeling for Veria to see the improvement in her mentee. the girl was learning fast and was quite intelligent. Catching the look of the sky, Veria realized what time it was. 


  "It is time to go. I hope you will practice these weaves, but only with supervision mind. Let me know how you do. "


As they left, Kirsa made sure that the gate was locked behind them. They walked along the halls and finally came to the library. Before she left her charge Veria felt she needed to say something to say.


"Kirsa, If you need to talk about anything  you can come to me. My door is always open. I hope you have a good day!"


With a hug for her mentee, Veria left and went to her studies and library duties.



OOC: sorry again for leaving you like that!! *hugs*

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