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The winds of Time

[Tribute] A poem of memory

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to all the readers of the wheel of time, I wish to hear you as I write this poem in memory of the dragon, whos ashes of memory fall upon us all. I cant pick a title so help me if you can.




Of the winds of old he did soar,

onto the minds all the eye did shine,

where once he dremt his great dreams,

lie nowhere on this reality,


Upon the wings of words and tales did he carry,

A burden all to real for most to take,

as the eye of the world opened,

so did the minds eye of wonder,


Upon great forests of the mind did he hunt the great hunt,

as the dragons works were yet reborn,

for even as the shadow was rising,

the fires of heaven had dispelled doubts aplenty,


As once the lord of chaos once stood,

wearing the crown of swords to draw once more the hearts of many,

even as he walked the path of daggers,

he cut into winters very heart,


and at the crossroads of twilight,

did the knife of dreams did plunge,

forever more to seal the fate of the dragon,

to awake from the dream as we all must do,


The dice forever stopped by time,

the wolves howl in sorrow,

the temperd heart is broken,

and he once again rides the winds of time.


in the memory of Robert Jordan, Author, Friend to afew, and guiding light to many as we should ever count.


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Nice poem, the winds of Time!


I have what could be called a "sister-poem" to yours (in style and gist) which I wrote as a tribute to the Wheel of Time in 1999/2000 or so when I was much active RPing and doing ooc-work for the Warders here at Dragonmount. Some oldtimers here may perhaps recall it.. Anyways, it will now be my personal tribute to the late Robert Jordan, to the Dragon.


Thank you for the magic you created, RJ. You will never be forgotten.

I takknemlighet.





Float on the Winds of Time , my Love

Pass through the Ages of Battles , that were Fought

Soar through the Skies of War , high Above

Find the Time of the Dragon , that you Sought


Fire danced across the Skies , in those Days

War unending with the Shadow , for a Start

Sanity lost in the World , and in the Ways

Darkness descending in Soul , and in Heart


Aes Sedai , how could Glory drive you So ?

To equal the Creator , both in thought and in Deed ?

Destroying the Land , both your loved ones and your Foe

Lost in the Madness through pride and through Greed


Lews Therin Thelamon , Betrayer of the Light ?

You judged the Forsaken , but were evil as Well ?

How can you Say , you were fighting the Night

When chaos you Brought , with noone left to Tell


Ishamael , so proud , Betrayer of Hope

To Darkness you Ran , Forever to Live

For Power and Might , you clung to a Rope

That lead to the Shadow , and Soul there to Give


And Amyrlin so Great , how your tears came to Naught

Despair made you Flee , from the madness Around

Feeling pain for the Men , but in horror you Fought

For all that was Left , a new world to Abound


The People cried in Fear , for the world had gone Mad

For oceans flattened Hills , and mountains rose to Sky

All ties were Broken , and families were Sad

As many died in Vain , and noone could tell Why


The turning of the Wheel breeds heroes and All

As Ages go Past , the truth is often Lost

To fight against Fate is useless , you will Fall

For tears and Blood , and for nothing , what a Cost!


Forwards in Time to a new Age with Hope

Where Beauty and Laughter and Peace are in Strength

In Shadows , however , the evil can Cope

For Seals they do weaken , as Time measures Length


And soft as an Echo on a Summerday-Pond

Like Whispers among Leaves in a forest mild in Hue

Prophecy Awaits , a Rebirth , a new Bond

To - a new World , a new Land to Subdue


Born on the Slopes of Dragonmount , in Light

Rises the Dragon , Reborn to his Fate

Saviour of the World , with the Shadow to Fight

Bound to the Wheel , eternally to Wait


Lord of the Morning , gather Forces on your Way

Destiny`s Child , with Allegiances to Mend

Walk the Path Foreordained , come what May

The Last Battle , it Awaits , in the End

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